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10 Best Exercise Bikes Under $200 2024 – Affordable and Quality

Best Exercise Bikes Under $200

The rising pollution levels have exposed all humans to increased physical health risks. Even the individuals that remain inside the house have suffered. Due to reduced physical strain, the muscles and bones in the body have weakened. Many people have resorted to means of exercising like home gyms and yoga.

best budget exercise bike fot your home

It is not easy to get plenty of exercise without equipment, especially if you want to work your legs. To strengthen legs, exercise bikes were launched. They have been in the market for plenty of time. Both gymnasiums and households have purchased them. Their compact nature is what makes them so popular alongside treadmills and dumbbells. Here are the ten best exercise bikes under $200.


List of Top Exercise Bikes under $200

1. Bulbhead Slim Bike

Bulbhead Slim Bike

The Bulbhead slim bike is the first model under $ 200. It is a really comfortable piece of equipment because of the attached cushion. It is a fine pick for almost anybody as it is just inside the range of $ 200. The comfortable seating allows it to be universal. Moreover, the digital display keeps track of multiple key elements so those accurate statistics are known to the user. It can also be folded into a smaller item for storage purposes.

Bulbhead Slim Bike


  • The device is incredibly comfortable because it provides back support and a cushion that ideally allows anybody to get seated.
  • The seats are broad enough to allow everybody to type to be catered to.
  • It has a setting dial that can be used to set the level of resistance demanded by the user. Also, the top handle comes with an impressive resistance training kit that can be used to train arms muscles.
  • There are two available seating modes. The classical one allows the individual to be inclined towards the front with the pressure being on the knees. The other mode is the reclined one. It allows people to cycle without using much of their knees. The intensity is drastically reduced.
  • The dimension of the bike is ‎forty-five seventeen and nine inches, and the weight lies at about forty-four pounds. It is therefore stable enough.
  • The size of the bike is such that it can be stored in a smaller place easily by folding the equipment as designated by the manufacturer.
  • The panel at the top has a digital display that delivers all the statistics to the user about distance, calories, speed, and time.

2. ATIVAFIT Exercise Bike

ATIVAFIT Exercise Bike

The Ativafit exercise bike is a device that is priced well within the limit of two hundred dollars. It is available in multiple color variants, which are priced differently. It also has sensors that can read the pulse rate of the user.

It is present on the handle itself, so there is no need for an additional device to measure the pulse rate. It is priced at hundred and fifty-nine dollars. It can be feasible for many people to buy this product as it is cheaper than the other model and covers the features mostly.

ATIVAFIT Exercise Bike


  • There is a digital monitor attached at the top of the device. It can be used for multiple purposes, like binging on shows or videos while doing the activity. It also displays statistics regarding the activity that is being performed.
  • The seat is available in large and in standard as well. It can hold up some significant amount of weight, making it useful to many individuals.
  • The weight of the product itself is about twenty-seven pounds, while its dimensions are ‎forty-three, fifteen, and seven inches. The bike is, therefore, lighter than the previous product.
  • It contains a control dial that the user may use to adjust the amount of resistance desired.
  • The bike’s size allows for simple equipment folding in order to fit it into a smaller space as specified by the manufacturer.

3. Mini Exercise Bike

Mini Exercise Bike

Many times, it is not possible for an individual to purchase an entire exercise machine due to budget constraints or storage concerns. The mini exercise bike comes in handy. It is not a complete machine and is, therefore, analog by itself. It cannot be connected to the internet as such but has a really useful LCD display that has the ability to count the distance and calories burnt.

The device is not a traditional one but simply has a pedal. It is useful for those who are elderly and need some basic exercise. Besides, it is also seen to be used by therapists for remedies and recoveries. The product is ideal for those that have a small place to store it or do not have a high budget. Meanwhile, it is priced at a meager forty-five dollars.

Mini Exercise Bike


  • It has multiple settings to adjust the tension so that the strength training can be customized for users.
  • It can be used both for the feet and the arms because of its compact nature.
  • It is incredibly compact, so it can even be transported on a two-wheeler.
  • It has an Lcd display that can be used to monitor calories and distance covered.
  • The weight of the product is a meager four kilograms, while its dimensions are ‎forty-three, thirty-two, and twenty centimeters.
  • The product is almost ready to use and does not take much time to set up for repeated use. The pedals are made of a material that prevents any slippage. It will subsequently reduce the chance of an accident due to slipping.

4. Leasbar Machine

Leasbar Machine


The Leasbar exercise machine is similar to the previous product.

However, the pricing is quite different because of the premium segmentation. It is almost priced at a hundred and ten dollars. The prime focus lies in the motion of the device. It can be used while sitting or standing and is therefore quite versatile.

Leasbar Machine


  • The product is a pedal-based exercise bike that uses a round range of motion.
  • There is a display that offers details of the activities done. The calories and distance are all shown to ensure that the user knows the results of the effort.
  • The pedals are created in a way that there is little to no noise when the device is put to use.
  • It is a very small object that can be carried at the convenience of an individual.
  • It weighs about thirteen kilograms and has its dimensions of twenty, fourteen, and twelve inches.
  • The product manufacturer offers a full refund if there is any damage or the customer is dissatisfied.

5. Indoor Cycling Bike

Indoor Cycling Bike

The product is similar to the first two products on the list. It is also priced higher than the pedal-based bikes. However, it is the cheapest option for full-fledged bikes. It is made of steel alloy and has magnetic tension. It is priced at hundred and twenty dollars.

Indoor Cycling Bike


  • The product is incredibly stable due to its base.
  • There is a setting to adjust the resistance to eight different levels to suit the intensity of cycling.
  • It allows the user to attach mobile or tablet to the top of it alongside the LCD monitor. It can be used to do everything possible online while working out.
  • The slip-resistant material coating on the equipment makes it safe for users.

Buying Guide

Best Cheap Exercise Bikes


You should never exceed your budgeted spending amount. To assist you in enduring these difficult and inflationary times, you should create a budget. The price of the bike you choose must be a factor in a few of your purchasing decisions. Although the entire list of products mentioned is within the price bracket of two hundred dollars, it is still best to go for the cheapest one possible. It does not mean that you should go for the cheapest one outrightly.

First, look at the needs that the device is fulfilling and then focus on the price. If a slightly costlier item is bringing more utility to you, going for it will not be an issue. Moreover, the easiest way to select the product with the highest value for a price level is to ascertain the benefits it can provide to you specifically.

Digital Or Analog

Using a bike will not change whether it is digital or analog, but the statistical data might be reflected in different ways. A device that is analog might use needles to show data, or it might not have any informational output at all.

A digital display offers multiple details which can help the users to understand their workout and limit better. Moreover, the benefit of having a digital exercise bike is that it can often be connected to wifi. Through the wifi connection, it can sometimes connect to other devices like fitness bands and pedometers, which allow it to consolidate all fitness data.

Some of these bikes are incredibly advanced to have additional features like music. When connected to the internet, it can play your playlist as well. If you wish to go for such features, digital is always a better recommendation. Sticking to the basic function of exercise also works well.

Best Cheap Exercise Bikes


The dimensions of the device you select become extremely vital if it is for a house. Even for a gymnasium, more units can be installed if compact exercise bikes are bought. A small bike with pedals only can be carried along with you. It is also simpler to store. The larger bikes are hard to store, especially in houses. Very few of these machines have the ability to be folded into smaller items so that they can be stored conveniently.


The amount of resistance offered by the bike is what makes it beneficial to the muscle, as the same distance on the bike can feel a lot different when the resistance is changed. Usually, higher resistance emulates steep hills, and lower ones emulate flat roads or downhills.

In the beginning, it is ideal to stick to a particularly low level of tension. Eventually, it can be increased to the point where it is still challenging but not strenuous on the legs, or else muscle tears can occur. Some bikes offer dials to adjust the tension, while some do not. If multiple people are going to use the same machine, it is best to go for one that has multiple settings.


At the end of all the choices, you will be able to pick the best machine. It is still important to stick to the workout routine in the long run. Otherwise, the gains will be so diminished that they will not bring any value to you.

The right exercise bike will not only strengthen your legs but will also improve your cardiovascular health. In these testing times, it is best to have good cardiovascular health. Stress and anxiety can also be reduced by a short but regular workout.

Frequently Asked Questions

best budget exercise bike

Is it possible to burn belly fat using a cycle?

A cycle and an exercise cycle are the same in terms of a workout. A real cycle will allow you to travel from one place to another. The exercise cycle is stationary and will remain fixed to the place where you install it.

However, the number of calories that you can burn by using the cycle repeatedly will not differ as much. Burning calories is possible when you exercise, but the extent to which your belly fat will be affected depends upon your diet and metabolism. Overall, it is possible to lose belly fat by cycling on a machine.

Is a treadmill better than a cycling machine?

A treadmill involves the user’s upper body as well. The amount of effort that one has to put into running is more than what is required for cycling. On the other end, cycling is a lot more intense on the leg muscles. Therefore, it totally depends upon which muscle group you want to focus on before deciding between treadmills and bikes.

Is it possible to use the exercise bike every day?

The entire purpose of a bike is to allow you to work out every day at your own convenience. However, it is necessary that you take sufficient rest days in a week. Too much or too harsh exercises can cause devastating injuries.

Especially in the case of slightly older people, it is advised not to use such devices on a daily basis as they may erode the knee cap and joints. It eventually leads to joint pain and fatigue. Therefore, a proper and balanced approach is necessary.


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