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12 Best Ellipticals for Runners 2024 – Most Effective Cardio at Home

Best Ellipticals for Runners

This list highlights the best elliptical for runners’ choices on the market today based on customer ratings and reviews.

Ellipticals are effective cardio trainers that combine running and steps into a unique gliding motion that is easier on the knees than most other forms of cardio equipment.

For this reason, runners often use ellipticals to train for distance and endurance instead of treadmills. There are several ellipticals on the market today, each offering its own set of benefits for users.


Top Picks of This Year

5. ProForm 150i Elliptical

Five Best Ellipticals for Runners ProForm 150i Elliptical

The ProForm 150i is an exceptional tool for building up length strength and endurance. The adjustable stride lengths on this elliptical ensure runners are better able to find what feels natural to them, so they can continue regular training. The enhanced flywheel allows for a smoother stride and a stronger resistance.

Full Overview

  • Incline: no
  • Front or rear wheel: front
  • Weight capacity: 250 lb / 113.4 kg
  • Stride options: 17 optional lengths
  • Resistance Levels: 12 levels
  • Product dimensions: 66.75 x 22.5 x 63 in/ 169.5 x 57.15 x 160 cm
  • Product weight: 127 lb / 57.6 kg

Top Features

  • The varying stride options are an excellent feature of this, making it the best elliptical for runners. Runners of different heights can choose stride lengths that best suits their natural run positions.
  • This machine is iFit ready and has a large LCD display that is easy to read. The display allows users to see key information easily as they run. Additionally, they can utilize iFit exercise programs and display maps and information clearly on the screen.
  • The soft grips on the arms help keep users comfortable during their workouts. Having a soft handle to grab ahold of while working out will lessen arm fatigue. Additionally, the grips are non-slip so you will not lose balance while running.

4. AFG Sport 5.5AE Elliptical – Best for Athletes

Five Best Ellipticals for Runners AFG Sport 5.5AE Elliptical

This elliptical is packed with tons of options that runners love. The 5.5AE contains 42 pre-programmed workouts to choose from or users can run at their own pace and resistance.

There are 10 quick-touch keys, allowing users to make quick selections to meet their needs. This is the best elliptical for runners who want to track their progress via the user account system.

Full Overview

  • Incline: no
  • Front or rear wheel: front
  • Weight capacity: 275 lb / 124.7 kg
  • Stride options: 18-inch stride
  • Resistance Levels: 10 levels
  • Product dimensions: 75 x 24 x 66 in/ 190.5 x 60.96 x 167.64 cm
  • Product weight: 203 lb / 92 kg

Top Features

  • The 14.3 lb flywheel is equipped with a precision drive-system that delivers a smooth and quiet workout for users. The higher weight provides more stable resistance as you work out.
  • The built-in fan allows users to stay cool even through the toughest workouts. This helps to keep the body temperature regulated and prevent over-heating during strenuous workouts.
  • The 3 LED display is clear and easy to read, offering an audio plug-in for music. The large buttons make changing speed and resistance easier. The large screen makes it easier to read the details of the workout. The audio plug-in allows users to hook up their favorite devices to listen to music as they go.

3. AFG Sport 5.9AE Elliptical – Best for Serious Workout

Five Best Ellipticals for Runners AFG Sport 5.9AE Elliptical

The high weight limit of this elliptical is rare, yet appreciated by larger athletes. The 20 levels of incline and 16 levels of resistance ensure the runner gets the workout they desire. In addition to free-run settings, there are 43 programs that combine incline with resistance for a more thorough workout.

Full Overview

  • Incline: yes, 20 levels
  • Front or rear wheel: front
  • Weight capacity: 325 lb / 147 kg
  • Stride options: 20 inch
  • Resistance Levels: 16 levels
  • Product dimensions: 76 x 34 x 57 in/cm
  • Product weight: 236 lb / 107 kg

Top Features

  • There is a fan included on this elliptical. Fans are extremely important as they work to regulate body temperatures even in the harshest heat. This one is positioned to cool the head and chest during every run.
  • The USB charge port allows users to charge their devices while they work out, with the option to connect their device via Bluetooth to listen to their favorite tunes. Users are able to workout longer by charging their devices simultaneously to using them.
  • The variety of workouts included ensures users get targeted workouts they can feel. This elliptical has one of the highest numbers of programs included on any elliptical on the market. The variety is a valuable tool for runners as they can get a complete workout easier.

2. Precor EFX 222 Energy Series Elliptical

Five Best Ellipticals for Runners Precor EFX 222 Energy Series Elliptical

The unique inclusion of the adjustable variable stride geometry makes this the best elliptical for runners. Users can freely adjust the footpath height in order to fit their unique style.

Full Overview

  • Incline: yes, up to 25%
  • Front or rear wheel: rear
  • Weight capacity: 275 lb / 125 kg
  • Stride options: three stride lengths
  • Resistance Levels: 16 levels
  • Product dimensions: 75 x 29 x 65 in/ 191 x 74 x 165 cm
  • Product weight: 193 lb / 72 kg

Top Features

  • The resistance of this elliptical is fantastic. The 16 resistance levels are controlled by magnet technology, ensuring you get a smooth and consistent level of resistance.
  • The LCD screen is a high contrast blue-white finish that is easy to read and navigate. Runners need to be able to see their time, speed, resistance level, and other key information as they run and this screen allows them to do so with ease.
  • There are superior quality workout programs included on this elliptical. Each one is designed to target a different area or goal for users. The workouts included are excellent for cross country, cross training, and aerobics.

1. Life Fitness Go Cross Elliptical Trainer – Best for Total Body Workout

Five Best Ellipticals for Runners Life Fitness Go Cross Elliptical Trainer

No matter what your fitness level is, this is the best elliptical for runners hands down. This elliptical offers a total body workout that helps you cut fat, create muscles, and improve your cardiac function immensely. This powerful piece of equipment is the best elliptical for runners as it helps build strength and endurance without harming their knees.

Full Overview

  • Incline: no
  • Front or rear wheel: rear
  • Weight capacity: 400 lb / 182 kg
  • Stride options: 20-inch length
  • Resistance Levels: 20 levels
  • Product dimensions: 82 x 30 x 59 in/ 290 x 77 x 150cm
  • Product weight: 211 lb / 96 kg

Top Features

  • The WhisperStride technology ensures near-silent whispers every time. Users can enjoy their surroundings without a loud swishing or squeaking sound. Even when the machine is pushed to the limit, it does not disturb.
  • The area where users place their feet is strong, reliable, and very well built. The pedals are oversized and non-slip, so users can ride securely without falling.
  • The control panel is extremely convenient and easy to use. It combines a workout zone and an entertainment zone to ensure all the controls are within reach of the users.


Each of these options is the best elliptical for runners who want to improve their overall performance.

The resistance levels allow users to strengthen their legs as they power through their strides. If you have experience using these models, feel free to share how they helped you train.

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