Top vegan iron sources

Top Vegan Iron Sources – Keep Your Body Health 2022

Iron deficiency is the most common nutrient deficiency in the world. Why do we need iron? Iron is a mineral that plays an important role in the functioning of the body. It’s an essential component of hemoglobin. Hemoglobin is a protein that is in your red blood cells, they are responsible for the transport of oxygen in your body. If …

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Top vegan protein sources

Protein is an essential part of anyone’s diet. A lot of vegans think they lack protein in their diet. While meat and eggs are the most famous protein sources, there are a lot of vegan options as well that make a great protein source. Why do we need protein? Protein makes up the essential building blocks of our organs, skin, …

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Top 15 fruits lowest in sugar

If there is one thing nutritionists agree upon, it is that fruit is healthy. It is a great source of many important nutrients. Fruit also contains a lot of vitamines, fiber, minerals, various antioxidants and plant compounds. Unfortunately some fruits also contains a lot of sugar (fructose). Overall would that not be a problem if you eat whole fruits. Because …

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