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Top 10 Best Elliptical For Small Spaces 2024 – Improve Your Fitness

Elliptical For Small Spaces

Since COVID-19 changed people’s lives, they started to plan their routines accordingly. Many people started buying the best ellipticals for small spaces, so they can fit it in their houses.

Other similar sports equipment was also placed first in the top searches of people, once the gyms closed.

As we slowly go back to normal, many of us realized how many benefits at-home equipment can have, especially when they are easy to store and affordable.

This article presents a list of the best ellipticals on the market, as well as a few tips on how to pick the most appropriate one for yourself.


What Is The Best Elliptical For Small Spaces?

The Elliptical from Sunny Health & Fitness Store, Model SF-E905, might be the best elliptical for small spaces.

It combines the exact attributes a buyer would expect from a small product of this kind – it’s lightweight, yet sturdy; it’s easy to use, yet challenging when it comes to workouts.

This elliptical balances out all elements you would have to consider before making a purchase, so you shouldn’t have any second thoughts about buying it.

Why Sunny Health & Fitness Store is The Best Brand of Elliptical For Small Spaces?

Sunny Health & Fitness Store comes up with great fitness products. In regard to elliptical machines, they manage to create light, small products which also deliver plenty of workout features, thus checking all the boxes on the list of the user.

Their prices are also affordable, and they reflect the quality of their products. Those who look for the best elliptical for small spaces will surely find at least one suitable model in Sunny Health’s collection.

List of Best Elliptical For Small Spaces Reviews 2024

01. Sunny Health & Fitness Store, Model SF-E902 – Best Quality Elliptical For Small Spaces


Highlighted Features

  • Non-slip pedals that can simulate both walking and running
  • Maximum weight capacity of 220 lbs.
  • Foldable for saving space – ½ the length when folded
  • Included LCD monitor, showing useful information
  • Adjustable abdominal pad for additional support

This elliptical must definitely be taken into account if you never used such a machine before. It brings together all the features one would need from such a product.

First of all, it comes with a considerable weight capacity of no less than 220 lbs. The size of the machine coupled with its foldable design transforms it into a great candidate for the best elliptical for small spaces contest.

The product adds even more convenient aspects to the table – ergonomic handlebars, an abdominal cushion with an adjustable system for extra support, non-slip pedals, and more.

One downside would be that the counter is not very complex in terms of the information shown. Also, one should pay careful attention to using this machine as the welding is not very strong.

Sunny Health & Fitness Store, Model SF-E902

  • Extended stride for complete workouts
  • Fits well in small spaces
  • Ergonomic handlebars for an included hand workout
  • Supports correct posture through the abdominal cushion
  • Welding is not as strong as on other products
  • Low life span

02. Stamina Portable Elliptical, Model 55-1602 – Best Small Spaces Elliptical Machine


Highlighted Features

  • Portable mini strider
  • Lightweight and quiet
  • Tension can be adjusted manually
  • Display monitor incorporated
  • Can be used both sitting and standing

You should have absolutely no doubt that this portable mini strider from Stamina is a good choice for small spaces.

If you were worried that you can’t fit in a full elliptical machine in your living room or bedroom, this is the perfect solution.

It offers a similar workout intensity while occupying less than half the space.

You can use it both while standing up like a normal elliptical or while sitting down at your desk for some extra physical movement during office hours.

One downside would be that the stride is definitely not as large as you’d see on a normal elliptical machine.

Even so, the user can select from a variety of moves and paces, as the strider functions both forward and in reverse.

One thing is certain though – it has the potential to be the best elliptical for small spaces because of its sizes and features.

Stamina Portable Elliptical, Model 55-1602

  • Very convenient for small spaces
  • Low attention span required when exercising
  • Can be used while at the office
  • Variety in movement (backward and forward)
  • Doesn’t have a large stride – might not be suitable for everyone
  • Can start producing squeaking sounds in time

03. Elliptical from Sunny Health & Fitness Store, Model SF-E905


Highlighted Features

  • 8 levels of magnetic resistance for diverse workouts
  • Digital monitor included – can track pulse
  • Anti-slip footpads and handlebars
  • Included stabilizers for perfect floor alignment
  • Compact for small spaces

Sunny Health & Fitness Store surprises us again with yet another impressive elliptical model. The SF-E905 series comes with an unexpected 8-level adjustable resistance.

For such a small product that fits in any space, this machine can offer users a complete workout routine that goes from low resistance to high resistance gradually, just as needed.

Users can also track their progress easily with the included digital monitor. Despite being a light product, it adheres very well to the ground thanks to its included floor stabilizers.

The 11 inches stride length ensures a step-like motion, so this machine might not be suitable for those who want a more dynamic workout.

On the other hand, because of the shorter stride length, it occupies less space and can easily fit small bedrooms.

It comes with transportation wheels that included avoiding heavy lifting when moving it from place to place.

Overall, it has the potential to become the best elliptical for small spaces but has to face tough competition.

Sunny Health & Fitness SF-E905 Elliptical

  • Very comfortable to use
  • Doesn’t have a negative impact on knee joints
  • Anti-slip components for better stability
  • Micro-tension controller for a better flow
  • Not suitable for high-level exercising
  • The stride length is quite short


04. Schwinn Elliptical Machine, Model 470


Highlighted Features

  • Comes with Bluetooth connectivity for devices and tracking tools
  • Workouts can be mapped
  • Motorized incline control
  • Complex LCD display with 29 workout programs
  • 20 inches stride precision foot motion technology

Compared to other products listed on this top, this machine from Schwinn is definitely bulkier and bigger in size.

Even so, it’s still suitable for working out in an apartment and can be stored away when not in use.

The price is quite spicy, but this elliptical gives back just as much as you’d expect for the amount.

First of all, it’s compatible with a fitness app developed by the supplier that lets the user choose between 27 routes and challenge people all over the world in real-time.

Besides this, the elliptical comes with 29 workout programs included, 12 profiles to choose from, 4 custom slots to fill them in with a preferred workout, 2 fitness tests, and a quick start option.

The bike has 25 levels of resistance for higher-intensity workouts. As an extra feature, it comes with in-console speakers with an MP3 input port, an USB media charging port, and an adjustable fan.

Overall, it’s a top-notch product that’s worthy of attention. It might be a great elliptical, but not necessarily the best choice for small spaces though.

Schwinn Elliptical Machine, Model 470

  • The extremely varied array of programs
  • Included speakers with the MP3 input port
  • 25 levels of resistance
  • Fan included
  • Would be recommended to use with a mat underneath to avoid scratching the floor
  • Not suitable for shorter people

05. Cubii Mini Elliptical Machine, Model JR1


Highlighted Features

  • Compact strider machine
  • Ergonomic design for standing and sitting usage
  • 8 resistance levels
  • LCD monitor for tracking progress
  • Fully portable

Cubii came up with a product that is truly ideal for the topic of this editorial – fitting into small spaces. It can go directly under your desk and you can work it out while sitting down.

Isn’t that convenient? For a mini elliptical machine, the JR1 model from Cubii also features 8 resistance levels, which is quite impressive for a product of its size.

You can use these levels to set up the intensity of each workout. When used standing up, the resistance should go higher for a more efficient workout.

When used standing down, consider reducing the resistance for ease of use. Moreover, the stride length for this product is very comfortable, considering that it’s a mini version of the classic elliptical.

One downside that was pointed out by previous users is that the machine can become quite noisy in time, after more usage. Despite this small inconvenience, it deserves a spot for the best elliptical for small spaces title.

  • Small in size
  • Comfortable stride length for moderate workouts
  • Various resistance levels for diverse workouts
  • Can be used while sitting at a desk
  • Quite heavy
  • Might scratch the flooring

06. Body Rider Store, Model BRD2000


Highlighted Features

  • Convertible, 2 in 1 product – elliptical and exercise bike
  • Fan blades for smooth movements
  • Adjustable tension knob for various workout intensities
  • Adjustable seat for comfortable workouts
  • Electronic console with plenty of useful information

This product finds itself somewhere in the middle in terms of occupying space. It would be worth taking into consideration because it balances out workout features, comfort, and a slim design for easy placement.

The highlight of this elliptical machine is that it makes use of the patented elliptical motion design technology developed by the Body Rider Store.

This patented design allows this machine to be a 2 in 1 solution – exercise bike and elliptical in one.

This is possible because it has an adjustable seat attached.

You can either use it as a regular elliptical or as an exercise bike, thus having a lot of options in terms of cardio workouts.

It’s a low-cost solution if you are an active person that had to move all workouts inside.

  • Cost-effective solution for extensive workouts
  • The seat can be adjusted both vertically and horizontally
  • Computer covers distance, calories, and speed
  • Suitable for different body types and heights
  • Quite noisy when used
  • Stride might not be suitable for very short people

07. Schwinn Fitness, Model 411


Highlighted Features

  • Can be connected to a global app
  • Free courses included on the app
  • Compact design with a large stride
  • Console showing diverse information
  • Contact grip handlebars for pulse tracking

Schwinn produces good ellipticals, the 411 models being the best to showcase from the company.

This is a widely appreciated product that combines the convenient size of a small elliptical with the benefits of a professional elliptical.

You can connect the machine to the global “Explore the World” app, which lets you discover different route types, track your workout and even map your workout to share the results with other people present on the app.

It’s a nice-to-have function, but what’s more important is the sturdiness and convenience of this product.

The stride length is comfortable enough for people of all heights.

One downside that previous users pointed out is the bad posture while using this machine which is caused by the handlebar positioning.

It’s important to note that the posture while using an elliptical is highly influenced by the user’s stature though.

Overall, considering this product’s price, it is definitely one to try for those who want to save on space while not compromising hugely on features.

Schwinn Fitness, Model 411

  • Has a built-in media rack
  • Has a convenient water bottle holder included
  • Tracker can display time, speed, distance, calories, and heart rate
  • Doesn’t occupy much space
  • Resistance levels are not very well calibrated
  • Handlebars are placed quite far


08. Magnetic Elliptical Machine from Sunny Health & Fitness


Highlighted Features

  • Digital tracker that calculates different variables
  • Magnetic resistance with 8 levels
  • Very compact size – can be used under a desk
  • Includes transportation handles for easy carrying
  • Low maintenance and quiet functioning

Sunny Health & Fitness strikes again with the smallest yet most efficient mini strider you’ll find on the market.

This tiny product can fit underneath any desk, thus facilitating workouts whenever sitting down for long periods of time.

It can also be used to stand up for a more intense workout. This elliptical machine comes with an adjustable resistance knob with 8 different levels available.

The workout intensity can be increased in time, and the digital monitor can track the exercising progress. It is portable thanks to its low profile and compact design.

It is lightweight and comes with transportation handles, making it very easy to include it in a small house. Also includes other details like non-slip pedals.

It’s important to note that the stride on such mini elliptical machines is not as large as it may be on normal elliptical machines. This is why some people might find the device difficult to use.

Magnetic Elliptical Machine from Sunny Health & Fitness

  • Textured foot pedals to prevent slippage
  • 7-inch stride length
  • Integrated wheels
  • Low profile, fully assembled product
  • Stride might not be suitable for taller people
  • The monitor requires batteries to function

09. Elliptical Machine from Sole Fitness, Model E35


Highlighted Features

  • Data tracking computer included
  • 20-22 inches maximum stride length
  • Adjustable pedals
  • Chest strap heart rate monitoring
  • Sound system and water bottle holder included

If you’re looking for a high-quality product that can give you the gym experience while also not occupying your entire living room, this is it.

The E35 elliptical from Sole will impress you through its features, looks, and performance.

Sole is a company with an exquisite reputation in producing exercising machines and their engineers came up with a design that’s convenient from all points of view.

This elliptical was engineered with a 2-degree inward cant to reduce the strain placed on ankles and knees.

The stride length was carefully thought so that it fits people of all heights and weights.

The elliptical comes with a quiet drive system that fosters a natural motion, both forward and reverses.

The flywheel is a heavy-weight one, 29-pounds, for a smooth operation.

Users can vary between challenging cardio workouts and beginner workouts, also having a power incline system to try as their endurance goes up.

The computer allows you to choose between 6 standard programs or fix your own custom programs.

One downside would be that you need sturdy flooring in order to use this elliptical properly. Otherwise, it might be unstable due to its weight.

  • Various workout programs
  • 27 x 58 x 83 inches – fits small spaces
  • Built-in fan
  • 5 inch LCD console
  • Resistance levels are not well calibrated
  • Not suitable for being used on plywood

10. Elliptical Trainer from NordicTrack, Model SE7i Spacesaver


Highlighted Features

  • Comes with an included training program (iFit)
  • Backlit display showing important metrics
  • 22 digital resistance levels to choose from
  • Adjustable power ramp for diverse incline levels
  • Patented “Spacesaver” design – foldable

For those who have no idea where to start their workouts from, this elliptical from NordicTrack comes with the perfect solution: an integrated training program.

After buying the elliptical, you get a full trial month for iFit, the brand’s official training program.

The program can be linked to the elliptical through Bluetooth and will dictate your workout plan based on your input.

You can join global classes or just follow a customized plan.

It’s a very convenient feature for those who want to closely track their progress. The elliptical will automatically adjust the resistance levels based on your specific workout plan.

It is a very complex device in terms of following workouts, and it brings yet another benefit to the table – foldable design.

The patented design from NordicTrack lets you simply fold the elliptical and store it away when not in use.

Even though the machine itself is quite heavy, so you might find some trouble moving it from one side of the house to another, especially that it doesn’t come with transportation wheels.

The benefits visibly overcome the downsides in its case, so you might want to focus on how many features it has.

  • Workout fan included
  • Adjustable stride for different heights
  • Can support up to 325 pounds
  • Very silent when used
  • Quite heavy – can’t move with ease
  • iFit subscription can be quite expensive

11. Elliptical Machine from Doufit, Model EM-01


Highlighted Features

  • Heavy flywheel for smooth movements
  • Digital monitor with included metrics
  • Pulse sensors for tracking heart rate
  • Adjustable design – can be used by people of different heights
  • Maximum capacity of 250 pounds

This machine from Doufit has the potential to become the best elliptical for small spaces. Its amazing features and compact design make it ideal for use in a small apartment.

Even though it’s not huge nor very heavy, this elliptical is sturdy enough for power workouts. It has two sets of arms holders.

one for a dynamic arm workout and the other for support when you want to focus on the lower part of the body only.

It has an adjustable magnetic resistance knob that can be used manually for setting the intensity of the workout.

The monitor doesn’t include complex programs or interesting challenges, but it shows exactly the metrics you would need for tracking your progress – calories, time, speed, distance, and heart rate.

You can adjust the intensity based on these metrics and you’ll see progress in no time.

Doufit is known for producing silent ellipticals, and this product is no exception. As an extra, it comes with a water bottle holder and textured pedals for extra stability.

Elliptical Machine from Doufit, Model EM-01

  • Heavy-duty steel frame for secure usage
  • Transportation wheels for easy moving
  • The reduced strain placed on the knees
  • Fully adjustable with a recommended height of 5ft to 6ft
  • Might require using grease more often
  • Bolts have to be checked and tightened occasionally


12. Elliptical Machine from Nautilus, Model E618


Highlighted Features

  • 0-10 degree automated incline system
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • 29 programs to choose from
  • 350 pounds maximum capacity
  • Adjustable display for easy tracking

In case you’re interested in products that are rather high-end, this elliptical from Nautilus is what you’d use in a luxurious gym.

Everything about it is great, but it might not be the best elliptical for small spaces because it’s heavier and overall bigger than the rest of the machines presented on this top.

But that’s not necessarily a downside, since it has a greater weight capacity. Everything about this elliptical is automated, making the workouts a pleasure.

You can choose between 10 different degrees of inclining for a more intense workout.

Moreover, you can connect your workout app to the elliptical monitor and follow the routines that are suitable for your current level of endurance.

You can either find support on the static padded handlebars or the moving ones that facilitate the workout of the entire body.

A downside of this elliptical might be that the workout level is quite complex on it, being suitable for people with higher endurance levels rather than beginners.

  • Great variety of workouts
  • Smart features like connecting apps
  • Heart rate chest strap included
  • Increased stride length for smooth movements
  • Stride might not be suitable for short people
  • The workout level is intense

Buying Considerations Best Elliptical For Small Spaces

Fans of cardio workouts definitely know some things about using an elliptical machine. Those who don’t fancy treadmills or exercise bikes always choose ellipticals instead.

They seem easy to use and the workout is pleasant, but on the second day the soreness will act as proof of their increased efficiency.

Another big benefit of elliptical machines would be that they can be stored without hassle in any space.

Since the pandemic has started, most of our lives are happening inside, and including exercise in our routine is mandatory for leading a healthy life.

In this sense, here are some tips on purchasing an elliptical and including it in your daily routine:

The Benefits of Elliptical Machines

In case you don’t know already, elliptical machines can have tremendous benefits on one’s body.

While working out on such a machine, you put much less pressure on your joints while burning a lot of calories.

Your cardio capacity will go up in no time, and your whole body will become more toned. If you have problems with maintaining your balance, elliptical machines are a great method to improve it.

In case you suffered physical injuries in the past and you still want a light workout that has quick results, this is definitely a solution you should take into account.

What Types of Ellipticals are there?

There are quite a few types of ellipticals from which you can choose from. The most common type, that’s also conveniently priced and offers the most straightforward workout routine is the front-drive elliptical.

These names are all about the flywheel placement and the movement itself. As you may have seen in gyms or ads for ellipticals, the user must lean slightly forward when using this type of machine.

The workout itself is very similar to climbing stairs, intensely working out the leg muscles.

Another type, recently making its entrance to the market, it’s the center-drive elliptical. You’ll notice the difference in terms of space.

If your apartment is quite small and you want to save space or to avoid kicking stuff off while you work out, this type is ideal because it mimics the jogging movement, occupying visibly less space when used.

Finally, the type of machine that has the flywheel placed farther in the back, rear-drive ellipticals tend to be more expensive.

The reason why these are different is that the movement itself is smoother compared to its other versions.

The pedal motion is circular and elongated just enough to be comfortable for a workout. The position of the user is also rather upright when using rear-drive ellipticals in comparison to front-drive ones.

Note that you might also find ellipticals that come with two or more functions combined, for a complete set of exercises.

Of course, you should expect the price to go up directly proportional to the machine’s versatility.

What Elements to keep an eye on?

When you buy an elliptical, you have to be aware of its components in order to make an informed purchase and not regret your option in the long run. First of all, assess the stride length.

Depending on your age, workout preferences, and even height or weight, you must inform yourself about the machine’s stride length.

This aspect will influence the way your legs move while using the machine, as it represents the distance between movements.

If you’re shorter, it’s best to opt for a short stride length to avoid putting pressure on your muscles or joints.

You should also take into consideration the resistance of the elliptical. This will determine how your workouts increase in difficulty as your endurance gets better in time.

You can either opt for ellipticals with a fully manual resistance system or ellipticals that have incorporated computer and motorized resistance systems.

Other details to keep in mind

It would be best to consider purchasing an elliptical machine that comes with multiple functions. This way, you can adapt your workout based on your progress.

Also, try to keep in mind your height, and weight, but also the space available in your home for using this machine.

An elliptical can waste quite the space if you don’t find one that’s either foldable or tailored to be used in small spaces.

Moreover, choosing an elliptical that fits your stature perfectly will ensure the fact that your workouts will be efficient and safe.

Take your time to assess the size of the machine, as well as the functions that it comes equipped with.

FAQ’s Best Elliptical For Small Spaces

How long should I use an elliptical?

That depends on how often you work out. For a person that is quite sedentary and wants to jump directly into an elliptical machine workout, you will have to consider the intensity of the workout.

You should start with something simple – 10 minutes a day, about three times a week should be sufficient to check out how your muscles react.

If you feel too sore after one workout, take more active rest days and start your activity again when you feel better.

In time, you can work your way up to 30-60 minutes of workouts, depending on your preferred lifestyle.

What happens if I use the elliptical every day?

You can use the elliptical every day as long as your body allows you to. Forcing yourself won’t lead to good results and you also risk getting injured. It’s all about your current physical level.

As long as you feel comfortable, you can use the elliptical every day and play with incline or resistance. It would be advised to start with a lower workout intensity and build your way up to the desired level.

Whatever option you choose, it would be best to check in with your doctor beforehand and see what’s the most suitable workout plan for yourself.

Is the elliptical bad for you?

Unless you use it correctly and you keep your posture composed at all times, no. The elliptical can be bad for you only if you use it incorrectly or if you go beyond your limits with the workouts.

You need to start slow and see how your body adapts to the machine. Even though it might initially seem very easy to work out on an elliptical, the day after might surprise you with an unbearable soreness.

You need to know your limits and plan your workouts accordingly, as well as inform yourself about the proper usage of this machine.

Are ellipticals better than treadmills?

To some extent, yes. It actually depends on your own preferences and what do you see fit for your physical state.

For instance, treadmills might be a little heavier on your knees, which can lead to pain or discomfort. Ellipticals protect your joints more while working your muscles in a very targeted manner.

The level of physical performance might also affect your choice. Ellipticals are easier to use, having almost the same advantages as a treadmill.

You have to pay much more attention to your posture and pace when using a treadmill, while an elliptical makes the workout very straightforward and efficient from start to finish.

Should I buy a heavy flywheel elliptical?

Heavy flywheel ellipticals are much smoother when it comes to pedaling. You will be able to tell the difference after trying more than one such machine.

If you go to different gyms, you will surely feel the difference in the pedaling motion. This difference is caused by the weight of the flywheel. For an elliptical that easily turns, opts for a heavy flywheel.

Can I do different workouts on an elliptical?

Yes, there are various workout types you can try out on an elliptical. Even though it seems like you don’t have many options, it’s in fact quite easy to variate the workout.

First of all, opt for an elliptical with various degrees of intensity. This way, you can set from the start how intense you’d like your workout to be. Second, you can opt for HIIT workouts while riding your elliptical.

HIIT stands for High-Intensity Interval Training and, as the name says, it involves working out at a high intensity for a set period of time, followed by a recovery time.

As your endurance improves, you can decrease the recovery time and increase the pace during the workout.

Is stride length important when buying an elliptical?

Yes – it might seem irrelevant at first, but stride length can influence your overall experience with the elliptical. You can either buy ellipticals with fixed or variable stride lengths.

Depending on your own workout preferences, as well as on your height, you need to choose the stride length that’s suitable for your specific situation.

Generally, a stride length of at least 18 inches is recommended for a smooth glide. Shorter stride lengths will result in rather jolting, spasmodic movements.

Is the heart rate monitor important for an elliptical?

A heart rate monitor is not mandatory, but it can help you noticeably for tracking your workouts and endurance.

If you are a sedentary person that’s just jumping onto elliptical workouts, the heart rate monitor could help you track the progress of your body resistance.

If you have clear purposes, this aspect will be tremendously advantageous for planning your workouts accordingly.

Is an elliptical easy to store?

If you choose the best elliptical for small spaces, it will be easy to store. Note that not all ellipticals are easy to store, as some of them are fixed and can’t be folded to save space.

Pay lots of attention to the type of machine you’re buying and take into account where you’ll be using it and where you’ll be storing it.

You might also want to pay attention to the weight of the machine for easy transportation or whether it has wheels to be carried around effortlessly.

What does maintenance involve?

Each elliptical comes with its own user manual that features different maintenance methods. Depending on the type of elliptical you selected, the maintenance steps might vary.

What’s important is that most ellipticals don’t really require high maintenance.

Besides checking the parts every now and then and clean the rollers, there’s not much you can do. Pay close attention to how tight the bolts are to avoid possible injuries.


Hopefully, you found this article helpful and informative. Our purpose was to give you as much information as possible about the best elliptical for small spaces.

Because the space at home is oftentimes reduced, finding methods to combine performance physical exercise with the room available for storing equipment is now a must.

Luckily enough, an elliptical won’t occupy much room and the results from using it – even for a short period of time – are very impressive.


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