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What Is The Difference Between Stationary Bikes And Spin Bikes? – 2024 Guide

Stationary Bikes vs Spin Bikes

Are you a fitness freak and are looking forward to buying a bike for exercising but confused about which one to buy? Don’t worry, and we have got your back. Today, we discuss the difference between a spin bike vs stationary bike for our readers to make an informed choice. By the end of this article, you will understand which particular option will be the best for you and your specific needs.

The best thing is that if you don’t have enough time to go to the gymnasium and exercise, you can quickly build one within the four walls of your home. The best exercise equipment for your home gym is an exercise bike. These bikes tend to operate the same way as a normal road bike would do; however, they will stay fixed at your home.

Two categories of bikes are very popular, stationary and spin ones. People often find it hard to discriminate between the two available choices, but some significant differences between both sets one apart from another. Below we mention the two features so that you will easily know which one would be the best choice for you.

Let us start by talking about the main differences between the two choices.


Spin Bikes or Stationary Bikes

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Stationary bikes are also known as upright bikes, and whenever you hear people talking about exercising bikes, they usually talk about upright bikes only. Such bikes have padded seats for maximum comfort and make indoor workout sessions enjoyable to a great extent. They are highly popular among people who have gyms at their homes and are budget-friendly options as well. This one proves to be the best choice for your indoor gym.

Spin ones, on the contrary, provide an enhanced movement and feel, just the same one would experience when they ride a road bike. Additionally, the exercising options that one can try on spin bikes are more than the traditional stationary ones. For these bikes, you can use the pedals in standing and sitting positions as well. The pedals of this one support a vast range of cycling options to enable users to have ultimate fun while working out.

Comparison Between Spin Bikes and Stationary Bikes

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Cycling Position:

The spin bikes are designed so that they provide the experience of riding a bike in real life. While riding a spin bike, you will be put in a leaning forward position, and the handlebars will be positioned slightly under the seat. For a more intense experience, you can choose to stand and work out.

On the contrary, the traditional stationary bikes have their handlebars positioned at higher levels, and you will have to lean forward slightly while riding your bike. Also, they don’t allow you to stand while exercising. They have more cushioned and wider seats for maximum comfort, as compared to spin bikes.

Type of Workouts:

The nature of the workout offered by a stationary bike and spin bike is one of the major differences. That said, traditional stationary bikes prove to be an ideal choice for people who wish to exercise at a steady pace. If you are looking for a way to personalize your workout experience, then this bike is the go-to choice for you. Personalization and individuality prove to be the best when it comes to designing a workout plan for your needs.

You can easily design a workout plan for yourself with a stationary bike, and it will help you fulfill your fitness aspirations in your preferred way. On the contrary, we highly recommend buying a spin bike if you like to have intense workout sessions. You can ride a spin one, either by standing on the pedals or sitting on the seat. This bike helps increase stamina by having intense workout sessions.

Moreover, spin bikes provide the experience of riding a real bike, and if looking for an intense workout, you can sit in a leaning position for maximum effort. They are the best choice for your cardio exercises.


As far as the technology of the bikes is considered, spin bikes are really simple, and they also mimic the experience of riding a bike on the road. Spin bikes also have computer consoles; still, they have a simple design compared to the other available options, i.e. stationary bikes. That said, upright bikes have more technicalities, such as apps to track your workout session, computer consoles, you can track your heart rate, the distance covered, calories burned, etc.


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Spin bikes and stationary bikes differ from each other in terms of resistance as well. We are already aware of the fact that spin bikes provide the experience of riding a mountain bike. However, the bike has a flywheel instead of the road wheels. The flywheels help stimulate the feeling of a road bike when pedaling on it.

On the other hand, the traditional stationary bikes available in the market have a magnetic or an electromagnetic system or fan system. This enables the user to adjust the settings on their bike for convenience. They don’t have pedals and have flywheels instead so that the ride feels much lighter than what you may have imagined.

Primary Use:

By looking at the bikes, both may seem similar to you at first glance; however, there are some significantly noticeable differences when it comes to using the bikes. The stationary bikes are an excellent choice for cardiovascular fitness and help enhance fitness levels to a great extent. In addition to it, it helps in easy weight loss and builds muscles.

The spin bikes are the best choice for exercising. They prove to be an excellent choice for professionals, as riding it gives the experience of a real-life bike. When you get out on the road to ride your bike, get on a spin bike, and it will do the job. Additionally, they also prove to be effective in weight loss, building muscles and weight maintenance.

Muscles Worked:

The movement while riding both the choices may seem similar, but in reality, they work the muscles in different ways. The spin bikes work on the muscles present in the shoulders, biceps, back, glutes, triceps, calves, hamstrings, etc. Whereas, when it comes to spin bikes, they work on calves, glutes, quads, and hamstrings. The spin bikes usually work on most of the muscles in our bodies, whereas the upright bikes are proven to only focus on the legs.

Its Usage:

The choice between a spin bike and an upright bike is also influenced by the person who wishes to use the bike for exercise. The exercising bikes work the same as their users. If the users are good enough to exercise and make the most of their bikes, it gives the best return. That said, they give the best possible results. Spin bikes are ideal for all active and sporty users, whereas sporty bikes are suitable for people of all ages.

That said, upright bikes can be used by the elderly and young people who cannot do intense workouts. When buying an exercise bike, if you consider the user of the equipment, you will be able to choose the features of which match the capacity of the user.

Advantages And Disadvantages of Stationary Bikes

  • A great choice for personalized workout sessions.
  • Available in flexible price ranges.
  • Help work out the lower body and the core to a great extent. When you pedal on the upright bike, your upper body stays upright and is more resistant throughout. Your glutes, legs, and quads stay stiffer.
  • The workout can be tiresome for you since it will target the muscles of your lower body more.
  • It does not help workout your entire body; instead, the sessions will be limited to body muscle groups.
  • Will not burn calories as you may expect.


Pros and Cons of Spin Bikes

  • Supports both sitting and standing cycling.
  • If you are not active enough to go out during the winter season, you will get the experience of riding a real bike at your home itself.
  • Works out on all muscles of your body.
  • Enables intense workout sessions.
  • The seats may be uncomfortable for some.
  • Not a suitable choice if you are looking for an option that allows cycling for longer periods.
  • May cause strain on your back.


The Bottom Line

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When it comes to picking an exercise bike for yourself, there are several pointers that you need to take into consideration. The first and foremost thing is to consider your goal. If you are into exercising indoors, you need to choose between a spin bike vs stationary bike.

Read the points mentioned above before deciding on a choice to make sure that you don’t regret your choice. Consider your budget and then browse through the options available to make the most of your purchase. Each option is suitable for different kinds of exercises, and both have their benefits.

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