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10 Best Exercise Bike For Tall Person 2024 – Top Home Gym Equipment

Exercise Bike For Tall Person

Are you taller than average and it’s hard for you to find an adequate and best exercise bike for tall person? Being taller than the rest is certainly not an excuse to skip physical exercises, especially since you can find adjustable machines.

In this article, you will find out all about exercise bikes and how to find the best exercise bike for a tall person that will suit your needs.

There are certain aspects you need to consider and some details to look for when shopping for an exercise bike.

Besides comprehensible information, this article will also provide useful product reviews to come to your aid.


10 Best Upright and Recumbent Exercise Bike For Tall Person Reviews

01. Cyclace Exercise Bike Stationary – Best Spin Bikes For Tall People

Highlighted features

  • Cycling is comfortable and quiet;
  • Adjustable handlebar and seat;
  • The machine can be customized;
  • An LCD monitor will track performances;
  • A steady and easy-to-use indoor exercise bike;

An indoor bike is one of the best ways to exercise in an accessible and comfortable manner. This product from Cyclace is fully adjustable, giving users the chance to modify the machine according to their needs.

The seat support, in particular, can be adjusted to suit the needs of people with heights between 5.1 and 6.5 feet. So, it is possible to say that this bike can be adequate for all members of the family.

It is also an extremely stable machine, so exercising will be safe at all times. Are you worried that you’ll disturb the other members of the family with your workout?

You don’t have to be because it will run smoothly, without any noise, no matter how long you choose to pedal. Regarding extended training sessions, there’s a bottle and iPad holder available for increased convenience.

Also, an LCD monitor will provide details regarding your performances, such as distance, speed, time, and burnt calories.

Cyclace Exercise Bike Stationary

  • The ride is very smooth;
  • Extendable seat support, ideal for tall people;
  • Training resistance is adjustable;
  • The weight limit may not be very accurate;


02. Exerpeutic Folding Magnetic – Best Upright Exercise Bike For Tall People

Highlighted features

  • Can be easily folded to save space;
  • Transportation wheels make moving it easy;
  • The tension can be adjusted to 8 different levels;
  • An LCD displays performance indicators;
  • Features hand sensors to measuring the pulse;

When some people look for an indoor best exercise bike for tall person, they may be intimidated by the size of the machine.

It may be quite inconvenient to have it lying around when you’re not using it, especially when there’s a lack of space.

Luckily, there are items that can be folded and stored away with ease. This model from Exerpeutic can be folded, which will make it half of its initial size. Also, with the help of its wheels, there won’t be any issues moving it to the desired spot.

It is a great exercise bike for tall persons because it provides a generous cushion on the seat, plus the ability to adjust the height of the seat’s support. The tension is also customizable, users enjoying no less than 8 different levels.

It will need to be installed once it arrives, but the setup is an easy process that will take 30 minutes at most. Available online videos will make this task a convenient one.

Exerpeutic Folding Magnetic

  • Foldable and convenient to store;
  • Adjustable seat with a generous cushion;
  • Customizable tension
  • The large seat may not be that great for intense training sessions;


03. Original As Seen On TV Slim Cycle Stationary Bike

Highlighted features

  • Special arm resistance bands to tone the arms;
  • A bike for intense training and effective calorie burning;
  • Provides low-impact exercising as well;
  • The intensity of the workout can be adjusted;
  • 10 online classes free of charge;

Versatile exercising machines are always a good thing. If you want to improve your fitness, burn calories effectively, and even enjoy strength training, this product may be the solution.

At the same time, this bike can help you train in a comfortable manner, without having any negative impact on your joints. This is possible because the bike can be used both as an upright bike and a recumbent bike.

This way, users can utilize the machine according to their needs, preferences, and fitness goals. Speaking of fitness goals, the digital display of the machine will help the user keep track of his or her training indicators.

Unlike most bikes, this product provides resistance bands for the arms, for exercising and toning these parts of the body as well.

And when training is done, the bike can be folded completely and stored conveniently. This makes it more than suitable for small apartments and rooms as well.

Original As Seen On TV Slim Cycle Stationary Bike

  • Great for high-intensity and low-impact exercises;
  • Provides the opportunity to tone the arms;
  • Adjustable resistance and bike features;
  • Burns calories and encourages strength training;
  • Some users say the machine is wobble and insecure;


04. Marcy Recumbent Exercise Bike with Resistance ME-709 – Best Recumbent Bike For Tall Person

Highlighted features

  • An exercise bike for light to medium intensity training;
  • Gentle on joints due to easy mounting and unmounting;
  • Comfortable seat and armrests;
  • Adjustable seat and resistance level;
  • Pedals with adjustable foot straps;

Many people are looking to exercise, but without having to go through intense and challenging training sessions.

Some may not even have the possibility to train hard, due to fragile joints. In this case, a bike that can offer light to medium-intensity training sessions is ideal.

This particular recumbent exercise bike from Marcy is great for people that are not too used to physical activity. It is also recommended for those with low mobility levels, as it offers easy mounting and demounting.

Besides this, the seat is made to provide support for the back during training and arm handles are designed for increased comfort. With this bike, the user can paddle safely and comfortably.

Cardiovascular endurance can, therefore, improve according to each one’s rhythm and possibilities. During every training session, an LCD monitor will let you know about the distance, speed, and burnt calories.

The bike provides 8 different resistance levels as well, so you can adjust it once you got comfortable with a certain level.

  • Low-impact training for fragile joints;
  • Comfortable and secure mounting and unmounting;
  • The seat offers support for the back, not just a padded cushion;
  • May be very difficult to adjust for two riders;


05. Sunny Health & Fitness Indoor Cycling Bike

Highlighted features

  • Solid flywheel for consistent and safe training;
  • Easy increase and decrease of resistance;
  • The handlebar is adjustable to fit multiple riding styles;
  • The seat can be adjusted in four different ways;
  • Levelers keep the bike steady during use;

It is not that difficult to exercise at home, with the right kind of equipment. As a tall person, you need to make sure that a bike is adequate for the length of your feet.

That’s why a machine that provides the right level of adjustment is highly recommended. This product from Sunny offers a 4-way adjustable seat, which is extremely convenient in your case.

Also, it is worth mentioning that the handle is adjustable as well, in two different ways. This means that you can easily set the bike to suit your needs.

Plus, by simply using a knob, you can set the resistance of the bike as you please. This way, your training sessions will be up to your expectations each time.

Not to mention that both the frame and flywheel are designed to provide a smooth and steady ride, no matter how long or intense you train.

Sunny Health & Fitness Indoor Cycling Bike

  • The seat is highly adjustable, for tall people as well;
  • With a knob you can adjust the resistance;
  • The handlebars are also adjustable;
  • Some say it is noisy and vibrates a lot;


06. JOROTO Belt Drive Indoor Cycling Bike

Highlighted features

  • A fully adjustable indoor exercising bike;
  • Four adjustment knobs keep it safe on all floors;
  • A discreet and silent exercising machine;
  • 4-way adjustable seat and handle;
  • Features a brake for an emergency stop;

When someone lives alone, working out as pleased is not an issue. But when you have a roommate, family, or even a small child, the noises made by a training machine can be bothering others.

This is why it’s worth considering a magnetic resistance best exercise bike for tall person. Due to the force generated by magnets alone, the machine will operate in a silent manner, as magnets don’t create any friction and, therefore, no sounds.

The manufacturer even claims that it can’t wake up a baby. The bike won’t be completely silent, but the sounds made by its functioning won’t be bothering either.

Another great advantage of this product is that it is entirely adjustable. As a tall person, you will easily adjust the machine to enjoy an effective yet comfortable training session.

Also, with a solid build and emergency brake, exercising with this bike will be safe and sound.

JOROTO Belt Drive Indoor Cycling Bike


  • A solid and stable exercise bike;
  • The entire bike can be adjusted to fit the rider’s requirements;
  • The machine is silent, due to a 6-magnet system;
  • The pedals were fragile in some cases;


07. Keiser M3i Indoor Cycle Bundle

Highlighted features

  • Versatile bike for riders of all heights;
  • The first exercise bike with a V frame;
  • Interactive Bluetooth riding feature;
  • Sturdy and low-maintenance machine;

It is difficult not to be impressed by this product. With a sleek design and V-shaped frame, capable of mimicking a series of real-life bicycles, this indoor cycle can make training sessions very enjoyable.

It is also a very versatile product, with a high degree of adjustability. Whether your height is 4’10”, 7’, or anything in between, the bike can be adjusted to meet your demands.

Also, the design and build of the bike were made to be low-maintenance. A wheel in the rear part makes cleaning easier. However, cleaning and maintenance are rarely required in this case.

This product was made to last without requesting too much effort from the user. Rides on this machine will be smooth and silent, so there’s no risk to bother others with your training routine.

To make things even better, the bike offers interactive training sessions, operated by Bluetooth. By simply connecting to the Keiser M series app, with a mobile device, you’ll enjoy the benefits of having a personal trainer.

However, one slight disadvantage would be the rather high price tag, compared to other products of the same group.

Keiser M3i Indoor Cycle Bundle

  • Suits riders of various heights;
  • Frame designed to provide real riding experiences;
  • Interactive training apps;
  • More expensive than other similar machines;


08. Sunny Health & Fitness Indoor Exercise

Highlighted features

  • Comfortable and adjustable seat;
  • Easily adjustable resistance;
  • An LCD monitor tracks training performances;
  • A chain-operated mechanism, for smooth rides;
  • Strapped pedals for secure pedaling;

Some exercising bikes that look impressive are also quite large. This can be a problem when you try to fit such a machine in an apartment or small room.

This model provided by Sunny is slimmer, simpler, and easier to transport around the house. This is due to the presence of wheels on one side of the machine.

Just grab a hold onto its handles, lift the opposite side and push the machine on its wheels until the desired spot is reached.

Apart from this, the bike is comfortable to use, due to its adjustable, ergonomic, and padded seat.

The seat can also be adjusted, which is important if the user is taller than the average. It is possible to adjust the resistance of the machine easily as well. A less pleasant aspect is the lack of features.

Apart from an LCD monitor that provides the basics, there isn’t much else to be enjoyed. Still, the price is accessible, so it is easy to explain why this bike is so simple.


  • A comfortable and safe indoor bike;
  • The seat can be adjusted in four different ways;
  • Emergency brake for high-intensity training;
  • It doesn’t offer too many training features;


09. PYHIGH Indoor Cycling Bike

Highlighted features

  • Sturdy and stable indoor bike;
  • Belt-operated system for silent training;
  • Adjustable seat with extra-wide cushion;
  • Non-slip pedals prevent feet from slipping;
  • Comfortable even for long and intense training;

A modern-looking, compact, and resilient bike, this machine can be a great choice when looking to exercise indoors.

Despite its sturdy body, the bike is not a large machine, so it can be fitted in small homes as well.

The embedded wheels make their transportation around the house easy and convenient. Both the seat and handlebar can be adjusted.

This way, even tall users can make this machine suitable for their needs.

The flywheel is operated by a belt, which makes it smooth and silent. When using this bike, other members of the family should not be bothered.

However, if it does squeak, although the chances are low, use some WD40 on the squeaking parts. Apart from this, this machine can represent a good buy considering the features and price tag.

A wide comfortable seat, convenient tension rod, and non-slip pedals should all provide great conditions for working out.

PYHIGH Indoor Cycling Bike

  • Adjustable seat and handlebar;
  • Smooth and silent;
  • Compact and sturdy;
  • Handlebars may wobble or squeak in certain positions;


10. Nautilus Upright Bike Series

Highlighted features

  • Bluetooth connectivity for popular fitness apps;
  • 3 free virtual tracks for training;
  • 29 training programs meant to suit various goals;
  • Interactive and detailed display;

Are you looking for a silent indoor bike that can help you improve your cardio resistance? Despite its simple appearance, this bike can be a very effective training tool. Also, it is extremely silent and produces no vibrations whatsoever.

So, whether it’s about family members or neighbors, none will be disturbed by the functioning of this machine.

There are 25 different resistance levels to choose from, so upgrading a workout session will never be a problem.

Besides this, the bike’s computer provides no less than 29 different training programs, meant to answer a wide range of goals and requirements.

In other words, it doesn’t matter if you want to lose weight, improve your cardio, or have other goals, as this bike can help you reach them. An interesting fact about this machine is that it provides virtual courses.

With the help of a tablet and app, it will feel like biking around the world, but without leaving your home. This definitely makes training more exciting.

Nautilus Upright Bike Series

  • A wide range of tech features;
  • Virtual rides;
  • Versatility and a high degree of customization;
  • The bike’s computer can be a sensitive part;

Buying Guide

What Is The Best Exercise Bike For Tall Person?

In our research, Marcy Recumbent Bike is the best exercise bike for tall people. Marcy has designed to adjust the height of people according to their needs.

Also, The bike is made of high-quality material and is beneficial if you have any knee problems.

Each of us is different and, therefore, has a different height. This is why it’s important to get an exercise bike that allows the adjustment of the seat and, ideally, of the handlebar as well.

With these two features, you can make an exercise bike become a comfortable machine for each of your training sessions.

So, besides finding an adjustable exercise bike, check to see the range of its adjustments.

So, you need to check them and decide which one suits your needs best. But, since you are a tall person, it is extremely important to opt for an adjustable machine. This will enable you to exercise in a comfortable manner.

Why Marcy is The Best Exercise Bike Brand For Tall People?

Marcy is a brand that offers bikes that are comfortable and easy to use, ideal for those who prefer light to medium exercise levels.

The bike will make sure it suits your needs, especially if you are a person taller than the average.

Besides dealing with joint problems, whether we are talking about a health problem that causes them or an unfortunate injury, it is hard to even consider physical exercises.

However, exercises that have a low impact on your joints will help you improve your physical stamina and fitness, without causing any discomfort.

How To Choose The Best Exercise Bike for Tall Person

How To Choose The Best Exercise Bike for Tall Person

Is The Bike Suitable For Your Height? How Adjustable Is It?

Being a tall person has its advantages, but you also need to take your height into consideration in many instances. For example, you need to make sure there’s sufficient room for your legs when exercising on a bike.

If this is not possible, training will become uncomfortable and unpleasant. So, before you buy an exercise bike, make sure it is adjustable.

Ideally, both the seat and handlebar should be adjustable, so you can make it as comfortable as possible in your case.

This is why you should check if the machine is adjustable and if it can be extended sufficiently to suit your height.

You see, some bikes are indeed adjustable, but they may not suit the length of your legs. Also, investing in an adjustable bike will allow other members of the family to use the machine as well.

Does It Help To Buy a Foldable Machine?

Without a doubt, exercise machines for home need space to be installed and used. Unfortunately, not everybody lives in a large home.

So, the possibility of folding and storing an exercise bike is an advantage when living in an apartment. When space is tight, every inch counts.

Thus, unless you’re willing to give up a corner of your home for the exercise bike, it would be great to be able to fold it and put it away when you don’t need it.

However, a foldable bike means a frame that is less sturdy, as it needs to be light and flexible. If you are a tall person, a lighter bike could feel wobbly when you work out.

So, even if a foldable bike may seem like a practical choice, a bike with a sturdier, non-foldable frame may be a better choice in your case.

These bikes can withstand more weight while feeling stable and reliable. Just make sure to find the ideal spot when the bike can be set up and left around the clock.

Choosing Among The Various Types of Indoor Bikes

When shopping for exercise bikes, you’ll notice that there are several types. You will find recumbent bikes, upright bikes, and spinning bikes.

In the following lines, you’ll understand the differences between each type, so you will make a smart decision in your case.

The recumbent bike is a great choice for people with lower mobility, back problems, and joint issues. You will notice that the seat is also quite low, making the pedals almost align with the line of your torso.

This will make pedaling more comfortable and will apply less pressure on your joints. If you need such a bike, making sure it is adjustable is a must, as tall people may feel cramped and uncomfortable if there isn’t sufficient space for their legs.

The upright bike, on the other hand, provides a workout similar to biking outdoors, on a real bicycle. With its help, you will be able to fuel your passion to ride a bike, but in a safer, more convenient, and comfortable manner.

Again, opting for an adjustable machine will provide sufficient space for your legs, so you won’t risk hitting your chest as you paddle.

Finally, there’s the spin bike, designed for those who appreciate fast biking. This type of exercise bike will give you the sensation of riding fast, due to the fast spinning of the flywheel.

It is mainly appreciated by trainers and advanced users, who feel the need for a bit of challenge when they work out. In the case of this bike, don’t check to see if it suits your height and leg length, but also if it is suitable for your weight.

WH Questions of Best Exercise Bike For Tall Person

What’s the best seat height for an exercise bike?

Thus, the best seat height for an exercise bike is the seat height that allows you to pedal in a comfortable manner, without feeling cramped and without stretching to reach the pedals.

There isn’t a particular exercise bike destined to be used by tall people. There are several products on the market that provide various features.

Are there any weight limits for exercise bikes?

Yes, exercise bikes do have weight limits. This is because some bikes are made to be lighter, in particular foldable ones. So, always check the weight limit of an exercise bike before purchasing it.

If you’re too heavy for the exercise bike, it will feel wobbly and unsteady when you’re exercise. Also, it is not recommended for your safety to use a bike that is not designed to suit your height and weight.

In general, foldable bikes are not that great for tall people, who are usually heavier, because they are too light to provide the required level of support.

It is worth bearing in mind that being close to a bike’s upper weight limit is not that great. Some state an upper weight limit, but in real life, they may not be able to withstand that weight. So, make sure the bike you’re about to purchase is suitable for your height and weight.

Is an upright exercise bike a better choice?

It depends on what you’re looking to obtain when exercising on a bike. If you want a full-body workout, an upright bike can provide just that.

This is because an upright bike targets muscles like legs, glutes, back, arms, and abs. Practically, the same muscles used to operate a real bike in the outdoors will be activated by an upright bike.

The recumbent bike won’t provide a full-body workout, but it is more suitable for people with mobility issues, back problems, and joint problems.

So, if you want to lose weight, burn calories, and build muscles, an upright bike will help you achieve your goals.

Can an exercise bike help me lose weight?

Yes, an exercise bike can help you lose weight. When you exercise, your body burns calories in order to supply the body’s energy needs during training.

An exercise bike can help you improve your cardio resistance and give you the chance to burn more calories. Of course, you will need to pair your workout sessions with a healthy diet and plenty of water intake.

Exercising on a bike doesn’t mean you can eat whatever you want. If you want to lose weight effectively, you will need to eat healthily and introduce regular exercise in your weekly routine.

What features to look for when shopping for an exercise bike?

If you never owned an exercise bike before, you may not know what kind of features to look for when shopping for such a product.

Well, first of all, the bike should provide a padded, comfortable seat.

If you are a tall person, it’s important for this seat to be adjustable to reach the ideal height in your case. Ideally, the bike should have an adjustable handlebar as well.

Then it should have a flywheel with a large diameter. This will enable you to enjoy smooth and silent rides. Another great feature is the availability of various training programs.

This will help you find the program that suits your needs best. Last, but not least, the product should be taken from a reliable provider, which can offer clear instructions and a proper return policy.


An exercise bike can be a great investment if you want to exercise, whether you’re looking to lose weight or simply improve your cardio resistance.

However, if you are a tall person, finding an adequate product can be quite a challenge. It should provide a proper degree of adjustability and customization so that you can exercise comfortably.

Also, it should be sturdy enough, making your training sessions safe and secure.


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