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Top 10 Best Folding Exercise Bike For Short Person 2024 – Top Indoor Cycles

This editorial will help you pick the best folding exercise bike for a short person! With COVID-19 around, many people reoriented themselves toward indoor physical activities.

With this, there was an evident boom in sales of home sports equipment, including exercise bikes.

Besides the obvious benefits this change brings to the table, there are also some problems to consider: storage and correct use.

This is especially applicable to folding exercise bikes, a very common piece of equipment. What little people know is that exercise bikes must be selected according to height and other physical traits.

This article will comprehensively present the aspects that will guide you to make the right choice.


Comparison Table of Best Folding Exercise Bike For Short Person

Best Folding Exercise Bike For Short-Person Reviews

01. Exerpeutic Model 1200 – Best Quality Folding Exercise Bike For Short Person

Highlighted Features

  • Both assembled and folded dimensions are convenient for storage
  • Highly adjustable – fits users from 5’3’’ to 6’1’’
  • Supports up to 300 lbs
  • Has an incorporated LCD display
  • Hand pulse and heart rate trackers

This product from Exerpeutic is one of the most impressive you’ll find on the market. The price is fair for what it offers, it is definitely one of the best foldable exercise bikes for short people in the market, and it’s super convenient to store.

It does require assembly, but it’s very easy to manage. You can fold it in half to save space, without compromising on either comfort, sturdiness, or the benefits of an incorporated computer.

It is adjustable from multiple points of view, with both height and resistance included. Exerpeutic managed to produce a complete product, and you should definitely give it a close look, as it is a worthy candidate for the top.

  • Has 8 different tension levels
  • Can be moved around easily thanks to the wheels
  • Large seat cushion for increased comfort
  • The flywheel can become noisy in time
  • The console will reset after 999 miles covered


02. XTERRA Model FB150 – Best Foldable Exercise Bike

Highlighted Features

  • Sturdy frame for great support and added durability
  • Large seat for increased comfort
  • Padded handlebars for better support
  • Manual resistance adjustment with a tension knob
  • LCD with all necessary information included

XTERRA came up with a very convenient product. Besides the fact that it’s adjustable and foldable, suiting people of various heights and weights, this bike has an intuitive, easy interface console and a lot of other features that make it attractive.

It has a large, contoured seat for extra comfort during usage, it comes with included transport wheels so you just fold it and push it around for zero effort storage and it has eight levels of resistance, controlled manually with a dial knob.

There’s no need to plug the bike in, as the console operates with AA batteries. Its biggest benefit is how silent it can be.

Overall, it’s a very promising product for its price, and most previous buyers recommend it wholeheartedly.

  • Easily adjustable
  • Little to no sound at all thanks to the precision-balanced flywheel
  • Heart rate pulse grips included
  • Pedals are sensitive to the impact
  • Screws may require tightening after several uses


03. Marcy Foldable – Best Upright Folding Exercise Bike

Highlighted Features

  • Great for tracking cardio progress thanks to the console
  • The sturdy unit, with high-quality materials and easy assembly
  • 14-gauge frame for heavyweight support
  • Padded, comfortable cushion with wide seating contour
  • Suitable for various user heights

Even though it definitely deserves a place on this top, this unit might not be the best folding exercise bike for short person. As long as you’re not shorter than 5’4’’, it will be just perfect, though.

And it brings forth quite a lot of benefits. It has an exact LCD computer that can track your progress to the slightest detail – it can display the calories burnt, the distance you traverse (an included odometer), the speed you’re going at, and so on.

Plus, you can display these intermittently with a scan mode. You can increase and decrease the difficulty level using the adjustable resistance knob.

It is made from high-quality materials, has a strong frame and it’s easy to assemble. Just pay careful attention to the dimensions and limits of this bike, as it might be the one for you.

  • Adjustable resistance knob with 8 levels
  • Safety straps for the pedals
  • Transport wheels included
  • Might not be the best option for people less than 5’4’’ in height
  • The resistance levels are not very different in terms of difficulty


04. Ultrasport Folding Exercise Bike, Model 200B with Backrest

Highlighted Features

  • Backrest for a highly comfortable workout
  • Fully collapsible for convenient storage
  • 8 adjustable resistance levels
  • LCD computer with multiple functions
  • Suitable for short people (5’0’’ and above)

You won’t find many folding exercise bikes with comfortable backrests, which makes this unit from Ultrasport to be in the center of attention for people who are looking for such a feature.

In fact, besides the regular features, you’d find in such a product, it comes with great adjustability and a fast assembly process.

It is worthy of the best folding exercise bike for short person title, because the ratio between the seat and the pedals is just right, even for a 5’0’’ person.

One downside would be that – if you ever have to choose one of the parts, for instance, the pedals – you’re going to wait a lot for replacements.

  • The backrest can be removed if needed
  • Little to no noise is produced
  • Fast assembly
  • The components are difficult to replace if needed
  • It is rather suitable for short people than tall people


05. Folding Exercise Bike with Desk Included From Exerpeutic

Highlighted Features

  • 8-level tension knob for adjustable difficulties
  • LCD Computer included
  • Folding for easy storage plus transportation wheels included
  • Cushioned backrest and sear
  • A 3-piece crank system with high torque for smooth pedaling

Since working from home became such an important part of our lives, products like this one from Exerpeutic are now in the top of the lists when it comes to home purchases.

This folding exercise bike has a backrest and a desk included. You can sit on it just as you would at your desk and be productive while doing some physical work as well. Isn’t that convenient?

It would be healthy for your back and it would encourage you to spend more time pedaling while also doing some office work.

It’s a great combo and it comes with all the features you’d expect from a regular exercise bike. And the extra point – it can double as a standing desk.

  • Improves sedentary life
  • Combines the efficiency of an exercise bike with the comfort of a desk
  • Have all elements one would need from an exercise bike
  • Double-check the size of the bike if you are shorter than 5’4’’ – it might not be suitable for you
  • The backrest is not adjustable


06. Foldable Exercise Bike from Xspec

Highlighted Features

  • Made of heavy-duty steel for great resistance
  • Can support up to 265 lbs
  • Ergonomic seat for extra comfort
  • Height range from 4’10’’ to 5’9’’
  • Included LCD with multiple functions

This bike from Xspec does deserve the title of the best foldable exercise bike for short person. In fact, it’s so easy to adjust that it fits a very wide range of heights and weights.

It is made of sturdy, resistant materials and it also features an exceptionally comfortable seat, with wide, ergonomic cushioning.

It has an included LCD computer that shows all metrics you’ll be interested in. The height range it supports is truly surprising – starting from 4’10’’ and going up to almost 6’0’’.

Its 16-level magnetic tension control is what it makes it truly stand out. This unit is one of the best of its kind you’ll find on the market – and all for a convenient price.

  • Counter-weighted pedals for better stability
  • 16-level magnetic tension control
  • Soft handlebars with pulse sensor
  • Can become noisy with time
  • Belt might require often replacement


07. ProGear Folding Exercise Bike, Magnetic Model

Highlighted Features

  • Supports up to 200 lbs.
  • Heart pulse sensors included for heart rate tracking
  • Compact folding, perfect for small rooms
  • 8-level magnetic tension control
  • LCD computer included

ProGear came up with a decent foldable bike for the price they’re asking for. This model has most of the features you’d need from a foldable bike, especially if you’re a short person.

It can be adjusted even if your height is 5’1’’, but it also fits taller people. It has a classic, 8-level magnetic tension control and a basic LCD computer with simple metrics on the likes of distance and time spend on the bike. It’s not the best on the market, but it can definitely do its job and it’s a good deal for the price.

  • Very comfortable seat, with ergonomic cushion
  • Can be adjusted for people as short as 5’1’’
  • Dual transmission flywheel for considerably difficult resistance
  • Might take a while to assembly
  • Prone to producing noises after a few months of usage


08. PLENY Foldable Exercise Bike, 16-Level Resistance

PLENY Foldable Exercise Bike

Highlighted Features

  • Safety S arc design for easy mounting/dismounting
  • Monitor with all necessary metrics
  • Fit for shorter persons
  • 16-level tension control
  • Easy transportation with built-in wheels

This is one of the best-rated products from PLENY. It has everything you’d need from such a bike: it’s highly adjustable, fitting a wide range of heights and weights.

It has a simple interface for tracking your metrics, it is built from high-quality materials and the list goes on and on.

The strong point of this bike is its 16-level tension control, letting you prepare your workouts the way you want, following your specific goals. It’s an overall good product that surely deserves a place in the top of products of its kind.

  • Heavy-duty materials for durable use
  • Little to no noise produced
  • Bidirectional pedaling
  • Parts might require changing it time
  • Quite heavy


09. ShareVgo Foldable Exercise Bike, Model SXB1000

Highlighted Features

  • Bluetooth feature for syncing with health apps
  • Smart computer with many metrics to follow
  • Magnetic resistance system for quiet pedaling
  • Tablet and water bottle holder included
  • Goals and challenges included in the UI

Now, this is one of the bikes that you would love to use. There are not many alike on the market, at least not for this price range, so don’t lose your chance to get informed about it.

It’s a unit that supports Bluetooth connection and that can be paired with various health apps to track your progress.

Besides the normal technicalities, like the magnetic resistance system, comfortable cushioning, and all aspects you’d find for most foldable exercise bikes.

This product brings forward a series of convenient features such as goals and challenges, a tablet holder, a water holder, and the overall convenience of a smart product. The only downside would be that it’s difficult to mount, so you might want to save some time for that only.

  • A smart device with many programs
  • Quiet usage
  • Comfortable seating and backrest
  • Difficult assembly
  • Heavy unit – can be problematic to transport


10. Doufit Folding Exercise Bike

Highlighted Features

  • 8-level magnetic resistance system for quiet cycling
  • Digital monitor for following metrics
  • 5 adjustable levels for the pedal belt and adjustable seat for various heights
  • Simple folding system for compact storage
  • Maximum capacity of up to 220 lbs.

The one closing the top, this unit from Doufit respects most of the criteria a short person would be interested in when it comes to buying a foldable exercise bike.

It covers a wide range of heights, starting from 4’9’’. It can be folded and moved around very easily, as it’s lightweight and comes with equipped transportation wheels.

It has a comfortable seat, with an additional cushion, and an adjustable magnetic resistance knob with 8 different levels to try. It’s an overall sturdy product that is definitely worth a try, especially by shorter persons who look for something highly adjustable.

  • Pulse sensor included on the handles
  • Wide height range – from 4’9’’ to 5’.9’’
  • Quiet flywheel
  • Parts might have to be replaced in time
  • Straps on the pedals can be uncomfortable at times


Buying Considerations Best Folding Exercise Bike For Short Person

exercise bike

Have you ever considered buying a folding exercise bike for short people? It is quite a niche product, and you might not find as much information about this topic as you’d wish.

Luckily, we’ve gathered the most relevant aspects that you need to consider when buying an exercise bike that’s appropriate for your height.

We also included some tips on how to choose an overall good product for long-term performance. Here’s what you should take into account:

1. Must-Haves

These are a few things you just can’t skip when choosing a product. Regardless of your available budget, you simply can’t compromise on comfort.

You’ll use the exercise bike for long while, meaning that you need to get the best out of the experience without risks of causing medical issues from bad posture or other such aspects.

Pay particular attention to the seating – gel or padded seats are the best ones on the market.

You can also buy additional padding for your bike’s seat, but it would be great to buy one that comes with increased comfort from the very start.

2. Sizing and Fit

The second aspect you should consider, especially when buying a foldable exercise bike for a short person, is the size of the item. This will also affect how comfortable you feel when using it.

A shorter person might require special attributes for the sports equipment used, and so it’s in the case of an exercise bike. You should buy a bike that’s easily adjustable according to your height and weight.

Check the pedals and see if they are not too wide or too narrow for your feed. Straps over the pedals are a nice add-on for shorter people, to avoid feed from slipping while using the bike.

Anyhow, adjustment is the aspect you should focus on for a perfect fit. Fixed exercise bikes are not an option for shorter people, nor for taller ones.

3. Programs

This tip applies to everyone: choose bikes with lots of programs. Of course, this only works for exercise bikes that do come with a computer included.

If you want to buy one with a computer, make sure that the array of programs offered and tracked by the bike is wide. The wider the pool of options, the easier it will be to adapt the workouts to your needs.

Even though it doesn’t seem like much initially, preset programs can make your experience with an exercise bike much better.

Instead of just pedaling and tracking the time spent on the bike, you’ll actually know how many calories you’ve burnt and how your difficulty resistance increased in time.

4. Storage

Of course, since you’re looking for foldable bikes, storage is an issue for you. Foldable exercise bikes are super convenient from this point of view.

You can just fold it away and place it behind your furniture or in the storage room without it taking much space.

The matter you should pay attention to though is represented by how the bike folds.

There are different types on the market, and some are prone to damage from the constant folding/unfolding.

You should check whether the bike you’re planning to buy has an overall long lifespan if the materials used are sturdy enough to both support your weight and fold easily without damage.

5. Noise Produced

Something that’s not discussed as often as it should be is the noise factor. Exercise bikes can produce a lot of noise if you are not careful what brand you purchase.

Noise can be a very annoying downside of owning an exercise bike, and that’s why you should carefully check reviews of people who previously bought the equipment and see whether they are satisfied or not with how it runs.

Keep in mind that it can also become noisy in time if you don’t apply the proper maintenance measures for a foldable exercise bike.

6. Safety

Because not all foldable bikes are as stable as you’d expect, it is rather common to see accidents happening every now and then.

For your own safety, choose a foldable bike that is built according to the latest requirements, with quality materials, and fit for your own stature.

You’ll be the only one held responsible for how you’re using indoor sports equipment, so it is worth spending some time researching the object you’re planning to buy.

If it meets all safety criteria, you’ll have the peace of mind that you can use it without risking an accident.

You might’ve thought that choosing an exercise bike is easy and shouldn’t take longer than a few minutes.

Well, we just proved the opposite. In order to make a worthy purchase and use the bike years from now on, you need to do your research and see which product would be the best fit for your own specific needs.

If you merge comfort with safety and efficiency in terms of storage, as well as good workout programs and exact tracking, you get a product that’s worth the money for years and years to come.

The only effort you’ll have to put in is getting informed about the products available at the current moment on the market and seeing which one would be suitable for you.

Shorter people might have a narrower variety of options to choose from, but that shouldn’t mean getting less picky.

Track all the aspects mentioned above to make sure you’re buying a good product, regardless of how long the process takes. It will be the healthier, wiser choice for you in the long run.

What is the Best Folding Exercise Bike For Short People?

folding bike for home

The folding exercise bike that will also start our product list for today wins the battle – the Exerpeutic folding exercise bike, model 1200. This bike deserves the title of the best folding exercise bike for short people.

Why? Well, firstly, its size and the capacity to adjust it make it a perfect fit for anyone who’s not average-sized.

Shorter or taller, there’s no problem as long as you get Exerpeutic’s bike.

Why Exerpeutic is the Best Brand of Folding Exercise Bike For Short People?

To start with, Exerpeutic is present in Amazon’s top 3 brands for producing exercise bikes.

They are everywhere and they distribute multiple types of bikes, all of which are greeted with impressive reviews from people who already tried them.

It’s safe to say that Exerpeutic is the best brand to purchase a folding exercise bike for a short person because their variety of products is extraordinary and they make sure that their range fits everyone’s needs, regardless of how specific they are.

This is why their exercise bikes are highly-adjustable and can be complemented with other accessories after purchase.

FAQs of Folding Exercise Bike For Short Person

Riding exercise bike

Do I need a bike with a computer?

A computer would be an extremely helpful addition for your exercise bike. Of course, it’s not a mandatory aspect. You can work out and track simply the time or increase the resistance gradually.

Even though it would be more convenient for tracking your progress to buy an exercise bike that has a computer, you can consider the ones without if you get bigger benefits in other respects, for instance saving up space or gaining an increased level of comfort.

How can I store an exercise bike?

Fixed exercise bikes can be very difficult to store, especially if you don’t have a lot of space in your living room or wherever you plan to use it.

The most viable storage option for a fixed exercise would be your garage, but it can be a true inconvenience to exercise there.

Opting for foldable exercise bikes is the best option if you don’t have a dedicated space for workout equipment only.

They are very easy to store: you just fold them over and place them beneath or behind your furniture. You can also simply keep it in the hallway or in a small storage room.

It fits in most storage spaces and it can be taken out easily and unfolded for a quick workout, thus being efficient and encouraging constant pedaling.

What exercise bike is the most suitable for shorter people?

All exercise bikes can be used by shorter people, but it is all about comfort and a healthy posture while using them.

This is why it would be recommended to choose a bike that is built to be as adjustable as possible.

The more adjustments you can make to fit your physique’s characteristics, the better it will be for your health and for your progress.

There are many such bikes on the market, so you don’t need to settle for a fixed exercise bike.

Will the exercise bike come fully assembled?

Some bikes come fully assembled, especially foldable ones, but others might require some of your attention. Even so, there’s nothing to worry about.

All sports equipment comes with thorough instructions on how to install and use them in order not to get hurt.

Using an exercise bike correctly is mandatory for progress, and a bad assembly could lead to improper use.

In case your exercise bike comes disassembled, take your time to read the instructions slowly and carefully.

If it comes assembled, make sure all screws are tightened and check the bike’s stability first. Pay extra attention to the surface on which you’re placing the bike.

What maintenance is involved in keeping a folding exercise bike secure?

Like any other sports equipment, the folding exercise bike will require often cleaning. Because you’re working out on it, it is common to get a sweat on the computer, pulse sensors if any or just the handlebars.

The seating cushion itself has to be cleaned often because of the same reason. Wiping the bike overall after each workout will keep it in good condition.

You’ll also have to check and change some parts, when applicable. Parts like seals, belts, screw tightness, and so on, can get damaged in time, so you’ll have to keep a close eye on them and make the necessary replacements once in a while.

Should I worry about weight on folding exercise bikes?

No, folding bikes are just as resistant as fixed exercise bikes. You shouldn’t worry about your weight in the sense that you could break it.

It’s just as powerful and sturdy as a normal exercise bike, but it comes with the great advantage of having the possibility to store it almost anywhere.

You can take it out whenever you need to work out, regardless of the size of your home. It won’t stand in the way, and you’ll gain the same satisfaction from using it.

Can I set different levels of resistance on a folding exercise bike?

Yes, there are folding exercise bikes that come with even more features than usually fixed bikes.

You can get folding bikes with computers that already have pre-set workout programs included or you can set the difficulty of the workout yourself, by adjusting the resistance level.

This all depends on your physical goals. The best part is that it allows you to notice your progress.


We hope that this thorough guide helped you pick the best folding exercise bike for short people.

Regardless of how much research is involved in finding the best product for your own needs, it is worth every bit of time spent doing it.

You’ll buy a product that will last for years and that will be aligned with your physical goals.

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