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Top 11 Best Treadmill For Fat Person/Heavy Person 2024 – Best Home Gym Equipment

Treadmill for fat person

Exercising is definitely one of the best ways to lose weight and improve overall health, especially when paired with a healthy and balanced diet.

However, many overweight people feel insecure or uncomfortable about exercising in public places like a gym.

In this case, investing in equipment suitable to be used at home can be a good choice.

Out of all home gym equipment on the market, the treadmill is probably the best choice because it can suit the needs of beginners and advanced users alike.

Below you will find the answer regarding how to choose a treadmill if you’re overweight and how such a choice can help you restore your state of health and wellbeing.


11 Best Treadmill For Fat Person Reviews

01. ProForm 505 CST Treadmill 2016 model – Best Quality Treadmill For Heavy person

ProForm 505 CST Treadmill 2016 model


  • Generous lit display that shows all the details of your workout;
  • Cushioned deck for joint protection while exercising;
  • Foldable design that makes it easy to store;
  • Equipped with transport wheels that help with storage after it has been folded;
  • Provides iFit virtual coaching for a paid membership, although it is not mandatory to use it;

This treadmill is a sturdy, yet foldable treadmill that can serve heavy people well and help them get back their fitness effectively.

However, there should be another person helping you with the assembly of the treadmill, because it is a heavy piece of machinery.

Or you could check to see if the “Expert Assembly” service is available where you live, which will provide the aid of professionals in terms of assembling the treadmill.

Apart from this, it is a great treadmill to use and enjoy, comparable to the equipment available in gyms.

  • Suitable for users weighing up to 325 lbs.;
  • Easy to fold and put away;
  • Room for smartphone, water bottle, and face-cloth;
  • You have to hold the “iFit” button for 30 seconds to be able to use the treadmill without creating an iFit account, which is information that is not mentioned anywhere in the user’s manual;

02. Exerpeutic TF1000 Ultra High Capacity Walk to Fitness Electric – Best Treadmill For Fat Person

Exerpeutic TF1000 Ultra High Capacity Walk to Fitness Electric


  • A strong, high-torque motor capable of developing 1.5 horsepower;
  • The speed is adjustable in small and convenient increments;
  • The safety handles are extra-long, measuring 18 inches;
  • The maximum weight supported by the treadmill is 400 pounds;
  • LCD that shows workout performances;

Treadmills aren’t good just for running. Simply getting up and enjoying a good walk can do wonders for your health and fitness.

As an overweighed person, it may be hard to start jogging all of a sudden. This is why this treadmill can represent such a great choice.

It was made with walkers in mind, an aspect reflected by the small increments available for speed adjustments, which can increase the speed by only 0.1 mph per increment.

This will make walking a convenient yet effective activity for the beginning of your weight loss program.

As you begin losing weight and increasing your fitness, of course, you will be able to run on it as well.

Exerpeutic TF1000

  • Foldable model, with transport wheels, which makes storage easy;
  • The treadmill belt is wider than usual;
  • Heart and pulse pads on the handles;
  • The speed controls are not the best, as it will take a bit to have the speed adjusted as desired;

03. Sole Fitness F80 Folding Treadmill – Best Heavy-Duty Treadmill For Heavy Person

Sole Fitness F80 Folding Treadmill


  • The deck is designed to reduce the impact on joints, compared to jogging on asphalt;
  • It offers monitoring for pulse and heart rate during workouts;
  • It provides 6 standard programs and 2 custom programs, as well as 2 heart programs;
  • It is equipped with a sound system compatible with Mp3 files and cooling fans;
  • It offers a large, 7.5-inch LCD screen;

When looking for treadmills suitable for large users, this is certainly the kind of product worthy of consideration.

It is a resilient product, capable of withstanding a lot of weight during an extended period.

The price-quality ratio is a very good one, the user getting a great treadmill for workouts even if his or her weight is well above average.

As a recommendation, the treadmill should be oiled periodically, to avoid squeaking of the platform.

A comfortable piece of equipment to use, the handles and buttons of the treadmills are designed ergonomically.

  • Extremely solid, suitable for being used by large people;
  • Can be folded and rolled away for easy storage;
  • Easy installation, although it will require two people;
  • The on-board fans may not be enough to keep the air cool during workouts, so an additional, stand-alone fan may be needed;


04. Nautilus Treadmill Series

Nautilus Treadmill Series


  • It can be used with fitness apps via Bluetooth connection;
  • Can support up to 300 lbs. of user weight;
  • Its computer provides 26 different programs to suit various training needs;
  • The treadmill is equipped with a cushioning zone, which makes training safe and comfortable;
  • A foldable model that can be easily stored away;

Those looking for a sturdy treadmill that is capable of offering the benefits of using technology at the same time might enjoy this particular product.

With the help of a tablet and Bluetooth connection, you can enjoy various live tracks during your training sessions and even get in touch with other users in the process.

The global routes with different destinations and lengths make the training time fun and interesting, as you can feel like exploring the world while working out.

This feature can be a motivation booster if you need something to keep you going every day of the week.

  • Strong 3.0 CHP motor that is reliable and highly responsive;
  • Storing the treadmill is easy with the SoftDrop folding system;
  • It offers its own Nautilus Trainer 2 App for mobile devices;
  • The assembly of the treadmill can be a difficult task, if you’re alone and not used to assembling machines or furniture, so you may need an additional service for this part;

05. NordicTrack T Series 6.5S Treadmill

NordicTrack T Series 6.5S Treadmill


  • It can support 300 pounds of body weight, while the frame is covered by a 10-year warranty;
  • It can be easily folded for convenient storage after use;
  • The motor features a smart-response feature for effective interval and endurance training and speed adjustment;
  • OneTouch control option for 10 mph speed adjusting or 10% incline control;
  • The product provides a 90-day return window;

If you choose to buy this treadmill, it will provide a sturdy frame for extended training sessions, as long as your body weight is under 300 lbs.

The best part about this treadmill is that it allows live interactive training sessions with professional trainers if this is what you need.

This is possible due to the iFit app, which can provide personalized training sessions for a paid membership.

However, it is worth mentioning that the treadmill can be used without the app, so it’s possible to skip the part in which you’re required to create an iFit account and pay for it.

Thus, this treadmill can be used as a regular treadmill without problems.

  • A sturdy treadmill that is not shaking during training;
  • Easy assembly, especially if you get additional help;
  • Good deal for a good quality treadmill;
  • The on-board speakers on the panel are not that great, so you might need to use headphones or a stereo for higher quality sounds;

06. Sunny Health & Fitness T7643 Heavy Duty Walking Treadmill

Sunny Health & Fitness T7643 Heavy Duty Walking Treadmill


  • A foldable treadmill with a generous walking surface, large handles, and large buttons;
  • It can hold up to 350 lbs. of body weight;
  • Easy training with large quick speed buttons that are easy to spot;
  • A folding model that is easy to fold and store due to a soft-drop system;
  • It features cup and tablet holders, for a fun and convenient workout;

When looking for a heavy-duty treadmill, this model was made with this thought in mind, being able to serve overweight people effectively.

It can be easily used within a couple or family, as it has no problems being used daily, due to a resilient and steady frame and strong motor.

It provides a digital monitor but also a special place for a table, where you can observe details regarding your training and other videos.

Folding it and putting the treadmill away is an easy task, despite its sturdiness, due to a soft-drop system and transport wheels.

The risk of injury is diminished considerably due to these features.

  • The treadmill is equipped with an emergency stop clip;
  • A highly sturdy piece of equipment;
  • Resilient and capable of withstanding daily training sessions;
  • The treadmill doesn’t offer incline options;

07. LifeSpan TR1200i Folding Treadmill

LifeSpan TR1200i Folding Treadmill

This foldable treadmill from LifeSpan offers a good number of features and a level of quality for the price tag.

The manufacturer is so confident in the product that it offers a lifetime warranty for the motor and frame.

Of course, it is recommended to follow the instructions for the correct use of the treadmill, so you can hold onto the warranty.

The frame is welded by robots for increased sturdiness and the deck is equipped with six shock absorbers, keeping your joints safe during workouts, regardless if you enjoy walking or jogging.

It is easy to reach the desired fitness goal with this machine, as it offers 21 different programs meant to help users lose weight, improve fitness, and maintain good overall health.

LifeSpan TR1200i


  • A foldable and easy-to-store model;
  • It offers a wide walking belt;
  • The incline of the treadmill can be adjusted in 15 different levels;
  • Its computer provides 21 programs for training, based on goals and needs;
  • The weight limit of the machine is 300 pounds;
  • Lifetime warranty for the motor and frame;
  • Training performances can be saved on a USB stick;
  • The training programs were created by exercise physiologists;
  • For measuring the heart rate, it works with LifeSpan hear monitors only;

08. ProForm Pro 2000 Treadmill

ProForm Pro 2000 Treadmill


  • Easy Lift Assist and rear rollers make folding and storing an easy task;
  • ProShox cushioning keeps joints safe during workouts;
  • A large 7-inch display provides all the details connected to training and programs;
  • A strong commercial motor of 3.5 CHP;
  • It provides a quick decline control that reduces the incline degree by 3%;

The manufacturer brags that this model came out as a result of 30 years of experience in the field of fitness.

We tend to believe it, since it provides probably the most powerful motor of this entire category, of 3.5 CHP.

The materials from which it is made are also of high quality, giving users the feeling of safety and reliability during training sessions.

It can be easily used by people with higher body weight as well, as this treadmill can support up to 350 lbs. of body weight.

The deck is cushioned, of course, to prevent injuries to joints.

It also provides a large digital display and support meant to hold a tablet, if needed.

The machine is also compatible with the iFit application if the user wishes to utilize it.

ProForm Pro 2000 Treadmill

  • Easy selection of speed values, with one button only;
  • Sturdy materials, with a special cover of the motor for reduced risk of injury;
  • The possibility to incline and decline the deck;
  • It does not show a “minute per mile average” on the display, for those appreciating this feature;

09. ANCHEER Treadmill, Folding Treadmill for Home with Automatic Incline

ANCHEER Treadmill


  • It provides an Automatic Incline feature, which adjusts the incline by 15% with one press of a button;
  • Embedded Bluetooth speakers that can connect to a mobile device;
  • Features a suspended platform with a 25 mm elastic buffer space, for shock absorption;
  • Sturdy stainless-steel frame that can support up to 300 lbs. of body weight;
  • Powerful 3.25 CHP that can reach speeds of up to 14 km/h;

When you’re looking for a good quality treadmill, with lots of features, without having to spend a small fortune on it, this product may be just the right choice.

It feels like an expensive machine, just like the one that can be found in gyms, but with the possibility to use it in your home.

The running belt is extra wide, measuring 43 centimeters in width, ideal for people who need more space.

It can show the recorded data regarding your training session, giving you the chance to keep track of your evolution.

And when the treadmill is not in use, it can be folded easily and put on the side.

  • Easy installation due to being preinstalled in a proportion of 90%;
  • It runs quietly and smoothly;
  • Great value for the price tag;
  • The “On” button is located in the bottom part of the machine;

10. LifeSpan TR1200-DT5 Treadmill Desk

LifeSpan TR1200-DT5 Treadmill Desk


  • A combination between a treadmill and standing desk;
  • It provides a large desktop area and adjustable desk height;
  • Equipped with a silent motor and wide walking area;
  • Features a console that provides data about your activity on the treadmill;
  • It offers a Bluetooth feature, for easy connectivity with a mobile device;

Many of us spend way too many hours sitting down at a desk.

Although it is recommended to stand up and do a few steps, many people disregard this advice, getting lost in the work that must be covered.

Thus, this is a good compromise between having a spacious desk for work and a treadmill that allows you to walk casually meanwhile.

This way, it is possible to have an active lifestyle and good health, even if working at a desk takes most of your time.

  • Extremely easy and quick to assembly;
  • Intuitive controls at the front of the desk;
  • The desk is large enough to accommodate a computer and everything needed for work;
  • If the emergency stop is used, all the data regarding the training are erased;

11. Weslo Cadence G 5.9i Cadence Folding Treadmill

Weslo Cadence G 5.9i Cadence Folding Treadmill


  • It does not have a high-end display, but provides support for a tablet;
  • The model is foldable, so it can be easily stored;
  • The maximum weight limit for this treadmill is 275 lbs.;
  • It can be used with the iFit app as well;

This product from Weslo falls into the simple-to-use and store machines category.

Made to be folded quickly and easily, it can be put out of your way when not in use.

Although the treadmill is quite straightforward, there is one thing to pay attention to.

Once it is turned on, the machine will request the activation of a paid membership.

It is worth mentioning that the treadmill can be used without membership as well.

Just press the “Bluetooth” button and hold it pressed for 25 seconds to skip this part, moving on to using the machine as you please.

  • Features a wide, 50-inch tread belt;
  • The platform is cushioned for joint protection;
  • Easy folding and transportation;
  • The machine can be quite noisy, pretty much like a hairdryer, when in use;

What is The Best Treadmill For Fat Person?

best treadmill for fat person

The best treadmill for a fat person is the treadmill that is sufficiently resilient to support the person’s body weight effectively.

It is very important to buy a treadmill that is suitable for your weight because if not, the motor of the treadmill could be broken by a load larger than the one it was designed for.

And when the motor of a treadmill breaks, it can happen without any previous notice, which can lead to injuries if the treadmill stops abruptly.

Thus, to avoid putting a load larger than the one recommended by the manufacturer on the treadmill, make sure you check the details concerning the product before you purchase it.

Why LifeSpan is The Best Brand For a Treadmill For Overweighed People?

LifeSpan treadmills are great for those looking to lose weight and obtain better fitness because such a treadmill can offer a wide range of exercise programs.

These programs are designed to help you lose weight, unroll cardio workouts, improve your health, or simply maintain good fitness.

LifeSpan also provides foldable treadmills, which can be easily stored, while being suitable for overweighed people.

Thus, in case the room available for a treadmill is limited, this issue can be easily solved with the help of a foldable piece of equipment.

Just make sure to go for the treadmill that is adequate for your body weight.

Buying Considerations of Best Treadmill For Fat Person

Should the treadmill be foldable or not?

Treadmills are great fitness machines, but they do require a good amount of space once they are installed.

If you live in an apartment or small home, you may want to put the treadmill away once you’re done with the workout.

This requires the machine to be foldable and equipped with transportation wheels, which will make this task an easy one. Just make sure, before buying a foldable treadmill that it is sturdy enough to support your body weight.

How large should a treadmill be for your comfort during training?

When we refer to size, we talk in particular about the width of the platform. If you want to just walk on the treadmill, 50 inches in width will be enough.

But, if you plan on running on it, it would be best to invest in a treadmill with a 60-inch platform, especially if you are a large person.

In this case, the size of the treadmill needs to be sufficient for you. Bear in mind that there are handles on each side of the platform and you should fit easily in between them, even when your body is moving.

Thus, always pay attention to the dimensions of the treadmills, including the length and width of the walking platform.

Is the treadmill ergonomic enough for you?

What does “ergonomic” mean when it comes to a treadmill? It means that you can use the machine precisely as you wish, without compromising comfort and safety.

Here we refer to those who wish to jog on the treadmill. In this case, the length of the platform should be long enough to allow sufficient room for your cadence, in a comfortable manner.

This can be problematic if you are a tall person and have a large cadence. It is extremely important, for the success of the workout session, to feel comfortable when walking and running on a treadmill.

So, it may be worth doing some research and measurements as well, before finding a treadmill that is ergonomic enough for you.

best treadmill

What kind of features do you want it to provide?

Because exercising on your own at home requires a good level of motivation, having a treadmill that offers a generous array of features can be helpful in this case.

Of course, be aware that the more features the treadmill will offer, the more expensive it can get. So, in the end, it’s all about how much you’re willing to spend on a treadmill.

What kind of features can be considered more important? For instance, the possibility to choose between various training programs can be very useful.

When you have such an option, boring training sessions are never a problem, as you can juggle among the available programs.

Of course, your fitness goals should dictate the type of program to choose, although it never hurts to try something new, if you can and want.

Also, would you like your heart rate to be monitored? If you are an overweighed person that is not used to physical effort, this feature can come in handy, as it will tell you when to slow down a little.

At the same time, an elevated heart rate means that the exercise is effective and you’re burning fat, due to a boost in the metabolism.

When it comes to budget treadmills, under $1000, chest straps are not available usually, but you will have a heart monitor on the handle’s grip instead.

Other important features may be handrails and footrails, necessary for overweighed people, in case they feel exhausted and need some support.

The handrails will provide extra stability as well, making training safe at all times.

Other features, like mobile apps and mobile connectivity, intuitive controls, motor casing, and other perks can be a plus, if you don’t mind paying for them.

What about the incline degree?

At first, you may not need the platform to incline, as it will be difficult enough to walk or run on a flat surface.

But, in time, as you build more physical resistance, the possibility to incline the platform will take your training to the next level.

An inclining and declining feature can be very useful if you plan to walk on the treadmill, as it can increase the difficulty of your training session and help you obtain better results.

General FAQs of The Best Treadmill For Fat Person/Heavy Person

Are treadmills safe for fat persons?

Yes, working out on treadmills is safe for fat persons and it is even recommended for obese or overweight people to use this machine to lose weight.

A treadmill for home use is a good method to get anyone to exercise if going to a gym is not an option.

It is necessary, however, to make sure the treadmill is adequate for the size and weight of the user.

This may mean providing a wider platform and hand bars resilient enough to provide proper support.

Also, it is recommended to pair exercising on a treadmill with a healthy diet and exercise plan, meant to help you achieve a healthier body weight.

Do treadmills have weight limits?

Yes, treadmills like any other fitness machine, have weight limits, imposed by their make and model.

Thus, if you’re an overweight person, it is worth checking the weight limit of a treadmill before purchasing it.

Buying one that is suitable for your body weight will ensure long-term use of the product. In general, budget treadmills have weight limits ranging between 200 and 300 lbs.

In case you need a treadmill capable of withstanding more weight, you will need to direct your attention toward high-end treadmills, which can hold weights ranging between 300 and 500 lbs.

How to choose an adequate treadmill for my case?

First of all, you need to decide how you will use a treadmill. Will you walk on it? Or will you want to run on it as well? This will help you determine the size and features of the treadmill.

Also, you will need to figure out whether you’ll prefer inclining and declining features. Make sure the size of the deck is suitable for you as well, being wide and long enough to allow a comfortable training session.

best treadmill

The maximum weight and capacity of a treadmill are also crucial when looking to buy such a machine, especially if you’re an overweighed person.

Having some preset programs installed on the treadmill is also extremely helpful, as they will help you use the machine faster and will aid in reaching the desired fitness goals, without the need to be helped by a personal instructor.

You’ll just need the willingness to stick to your weight loss plan.

Will a treadmill help me lose fat?

The treadmill is one of those fitness machines that promote effective fat loss from all over the body.

So, when exercising on a treadmill, you’ll begin losing fat overall, because your entire body moves.

It is even proven that treadmill exercises help lose belly fat, which is one of the most stubborn types of fat deposit.

And the good part is that constant working out on the treadmill will prevent belly fat from returning, considering you embrace a healthy lifestyle and diet.

If you want to lose weight and fat and enjoy a slimmer body, it is worth investing in a good quality treadmill, as it can change your life and the way you look.

How much weight can be lost with a treadmill?

Exercising on a treadmill can help you lose weight steadily and effectively, but it all goes down to the way you use the treadmill and the diet you’re on.

If you walk a mile on a treadmill, at a moderate pace, you will manage to burn 100 calories in 20 minutes. Running on the treadmill will help you burn more calories in the same period.

As an example, a person weighing 160 pounds that chooses to run 5 miles on a treadmill can end up burning 600 calories.

Now, to lose 1 pound of body weight, you will need to burn 3,500 calories.

However, this shouldn’t scare you, since losing 1 to 2 pounds of weight per week is a much more sustainable weight-loss method, than trying to ditch pounds quicker.

So, if you can burn 3,500 calories per week at first, it is a good way to start. Don’t worry, as you’ll be able to burn more calories as you get used to the routine and manage to build some physical resistance.


In the end, a treadmill can be a great training machine for overweighed people, as it can help them lose fat and body weight in the comfort of their own homes.

If you take the time to assess the products available and consider what you need to reach your fitness goals, it won’t be that difficult to find a treadmill that answers your requirements.


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