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10 Best Elliptical For Short Person 2024 – Perfect Choice For Home Use

Short Person Elliptical

Misconceptions about the best elliptical for short people can be an issue sometimes.

Many people think that ellipticals are designed only for taller persons. That’s not entirely correct.

Manufacturers of these ellipticals know the importance of height and length of strides in fitness units.

Therefore, they also make provisions for persons of shorter size.

That’s what this product description guide contains. We will carefully review our top 10 best ellipticals for a short person because the legs and arms must correctly match the positioning of the pedals and handlebars.

Let’s get started!


Our Top 10 Best Elliptical For Short-Person Reviews

01. Sunny Health & Fitness SF-E905 – Best Cross Trainer Elliptical

Sunny Health & Fitness SF-E905

Highlighted Features

  • 220 Pounds Weight Capacity
  • Anti-Slip Footpads
  • Convenient Tension Knob
  • Multipurpose Digital Monitor

With a compact 37.8 by 26.6 by 60 inches dimension, this elliptical by the Sunny Health & Fitness group is the perfect cardiovascular workout equipment that fits anywhere in your home.

It does not require much space, and it’s easily adjustable to serve your desired resistance levels.

Aside from its compact size, the manufacturers have also designed it to accommodate those just starting.

It’s understood that different exercise activities demand varying resistance levels.

That explains the convenient tension knob on this machine with 8 magnetic resistance levels.

Besides, the fear of slipping or struggling to get balance by starters is completely avoided via the anti-slip handles and safety footpads.

There are also stabilizers to help attain similar exercise patterns and smooth movement.

The inbuilt digital monitor of this elliptical is another feature that will awe you. With the digital system, you can easily keep track of your workout progress.

This includes readings for time, calories lost, speed, and distance covered. More importantly, it also gives you your heart rate readings while working out.

  • It does not require much setup space
  • It can be adjusted to different resistance levels
  • It is not best for expert-level trainers


02. Schwinn 411 – Best Adjustable Resistance Elliptical

Schwinn 411

Highlighted Features

  • 18″ Path Stride
  • 16 Resistance Levels
  • Heart Rate Sensors
  • Media Rack and Bottle Holder

Those looking for a very cost-effective elliptical should consider going for this Schwinn 411 machine. Its features are fantastic and provide the best monetary value when compared to other ellipticals.

It is made from steel and lasts longer than any other similar product. It is also compact and has very accommodating features to suit your specific fitness needs.

Some of these include the 16 resistance levels option, which means you can easily vary the type of workout challenge you give yourself.

You get to raise the bar when challenging yourself and lower your workout routine’s intensity as much as you want.

Compared to other ellipticals, the durability of this machine is excellent.

The body is made of steel and quality parts that do not fail even under regular usage.

Furthermore, users’ review shows that it lasts just as long as the more expensive ellipticals.

Besides, setting up the machine is straightforward. The many parts that come with it are all well-labeled with proper instructions on how to assemble.

The components include a water bottle holder and media rack installed for utmost comfort.

It’s as comfy as that! You can even follow up with your favorite TV shows while working out.

  • It has a wide resistance range
  • Provides maximum comfort while working out
  • Easy install and it’s very durable
  • The lowest resistance levels are high for many beginners


03. Exerpeutic 1302/4318 Model – Best Magnetic Ellipticals with Bluetooth Option

Exerpeutic 1302/4318 Model

Highlighted Features

  • 300lbs Weight Support
  • 8 Level Resistance Tension Knob
  • Digital LCD Display
  • 13″ Precision Footpads
  • Transportation Wheels

Next on our list of the best elliptical for short person is this elliptical with optional Bluetooth support.

Manufactured by Exerpeutic, it is suitable for busy individuals who find it difficult to follow their gym schedules.

Using this equipment, such people can now quickly set up a workout club right inside their homes.

If you do not like the initial location, there are transportation wheels to change the position of the elliptical.

Besides, the machine does not take up much space, and the 13″ precision stride length is just adequate for short persons.

So come and experience zero-stress exercises that do not strain your ankles, hips, and joints. You will also enjoy the added upper-body workout support.

Safety while training your muscles is also guaranteed via the oversized foot pedals.

The pedals have a ripped design that allows for better foot grip and reduces the chances of slipping off.

Another thing to enjoy is how quiet the elliptical operates. So it does not disturb your neighbors, neither will it interfere with your music.

The big LCD digital window is the next talking point. The display is clear and gives readings for calories burned, distance covered, and the heart pulse rate.

The results help follow up with the effectiveness of the workout routine.

  • It has wheels for easy movement of the elliptical
  • It also provides support for exercising the upper body
  • Quiet operating mode
  • The installation is quite difficult


04. Schwinn A40 – Best Heavy-Duty Elliptical

Schwinn A40

Highlighted Features

  • 5″ Foot Stride
  • 8 Level Resistance
  • Minimal Noise Workouts
  • 7 Preset Sessions
  • Media Rack and Speakers
  • Large LCD Screen

If adequately assembled after purchase, the Schwinn A40 is another exercise equipment worth its value for money.

It has 7 preset sessions that include 6 profiles and 1 fast start that helps meet different workout expectations.

Also, this machine is quality, and the heavy-duty parts are proof of that.

However, some users sometimes complain that they experienced little noise or vibration while the device is working.

It’s best to lubricate the joints of the moving parts regularly to avoid such.

The 17.5″ footpad stride is incredible and uses the precision path innovation.

Short persons are bound to enjoy the stride as it allows for better movements when running on the elliptical.

Fixed and movable handlebars are also available for balance, while they also provide accurate pulse readings when adequately gripped.

In addition, there is a large digital LCD screen that displays the readings.

  • Compared to some ellipticals, the heart rate sensors are accurate
  • The 7-preset exercise programs help achieve workout goals
  • You can change the workout intensity through the 8 resistance levels
  • It can be a bit noisy sometimes
  • The LCD screen is large but has no backlight for seeing in the dark


05. Sunny Health & Fitness SF E320002/E3912/E320001 – Best Advanced Electromagnetic Elliptical

Sunny Health & Fitness SF E320002

Highlighted Features

  • 285lb User Weight Capacity
  • 24 Built-In Exercise Modes
  • 16 Electromagnetic Resistance Levels
  • Transportation Wheels
  • Device/Bottle Holders

Designed with a maximum user weight capacity of 285lb, this high-performance Sunny Health & Fitness advanced elliptical is the next on our list of the best elliptical for short person.

The machine is programmed with 24 training modes that give you the chance to try different movements.

The pace of the machine is easily adjustable and has 16 resistance levels. That’s 16 different intensity levels controlled by a simple push-button.

Besides, the foot pedals are anti-slip and help you maintain stability while exercising. There are also floor stabilizers to guarantee extra safety, especially on rough floorings.

Another notable feature is the transportation wheels. They are very instrumental when it comes to changing the location of your ellipticals.

All it takes is to push the elliptical to the desired point rather than straining your back with the load.

Other exciting parts of the elliptical are the big digital performance screen, device/bottle holder, and arm workout support.

The device holder is applicable when trying to follow a recorded workout routine with relative ease.

  • It has multi-resistance levels support
  • Provides utmost comfort through the stable footpads and device holder
  • It tends to lose its quiet mode of operation with continuous use


06. EFITMENT Magnetic Trainer – Best Elliptical with Pulse Rate Grips

EFITMENT Magnetic Trainer

Highlighted Features

  • 220lbs Weight Capacity
  • 11″ Stride Length
  • 8 Resistance Levels
  • LCD Digital Monitor
  • Phone & Tablet Holder

Efitment Magnetic Elliptical is best for people who want to enjoy all the advantages of running but don’t have the time for it or prefer a safer way to work out.

The 11″ stride length is adequate if you are not that tall and designed with anti-slip footplates.

They are oversized and will firmly keep your feet in place, regardless of how vigorous your workout.

There are also leg stabilizers to further prevent you from tripping due to uneven floor surfaces.

Besides, this elliptical unit has front wheels that you can utilize, changing the location if the need arises.

One other thing a lot of users love about this machine is the quiet mode of operation.

You can use the device at any time of the day without fear of disturbing people around.

Vital exercise metrics like the time used, running speed, calories burned, and the pulse rate is also displayed on the equipment’s digital monitor.

It has hand pulse sensors incorporated in the stationary handlebars for monitoring endurance levels and heart rate.

Workout levels can also be swiftly changed to any of the 8 resistance levels.

  • The elliptical operates at zero nose level
  • Readable LCD monitor
  • Portable and does not take up much space
  • Depending on the user, the footpads might not be so comfortable
  • Tall persons are likely to have problems with the position of the handlebars


07. HUPA Body Rider – Best Portable At-Home Elliptical

HUPA Body Rider

Highlighted Features

  • Video Workout Tutorial
  • Resistance Level Knob
  • Dual-Action
  • Smart Exercise Tracker

What this Hupa elliptical machine does is provide you with the perfect workout experience right from the comfort of your home.

Thus, you can save money that would have been spent on gym sessions. It is compact, sturdy, and user-friendly as well. Its operation is easy, and anyone can make use of it

Besides, there is a video workout plan that comes along with the purchase. Compared to most ellipticals, this is beneficial as it helps get started on the personal fitness journey.

The instructional video also means you can work out at flexible schedules and without a personal trainer.

Also, the core workout metrics indicate the progress you are making easily accessible on the intelligent workout tracker.

There is a digital computer that measures and displays these readings. Another feature of this unit is the tension control knob for adjusting the pace of your activities.

  • It’s budget-friendly if you’re looking to get fit
  • The video workout ensures you get off to a great start
  • Highly portable and can be moved around
  • Not suitable for different exercise workout programs
  • Does not have a device/water bottle holder


08. SNODE E20 – Best Fitness Elliptical for Home Workout


Highlighted Features

  • 265lbs Maximum User Weight Capacity
  • 8 Magnetic Resistance Levels
  • Pulse Rate Sensors
  • Digital LCD Monitor
  • Transportation Wheels

Providing high-quality and top-notch fitness products is the goal of the elliptical manufacturers, and that’s just what it does.

It does not take up much floor space, and it even has transportation wheels for easy movement.

That means you can decide to use the elliptical anywhere you want in your home. It’s that simple!

The mode of operation is another exciting feature of this unit since it works smoothly without noise.

The foot pedals are broad with a ridged design that reduces the possibility of slipping during fast workouts.

Besides, there is an adjustable tension knob that helps to alter the intensity of your exercise. It supports 8 magnetic resistance levels.

Like many ellipticals, there is also a digital monitor that measures and displays vital fitness data.

The data includes the track distance covered, pulse rate, and calories burned. In addition, your workout speed is also measured.

Altogether, this elliptical is sure to give you value worth for your money.

  • The broad foot pedals help to maintain stability during workouts
  • The handlebars are also comfortable and have pulse rate sensors
  • There is no water bottle holder


09. Fitness Reality E5500XL – Best Magnetic Fitness Elliptical Trainer

Fitness Reality E5500XL

Highlighted Features

  • 21 Pre-set Programs
  • 24 Resistance levels
  • 18″ Foot Stride
  • Digital LCD Monitor
  • Transportation Wheels
  • Bottle Holder

A broad 24 levels resistance range is the attractive feature of this fitness elliptical.

Together with the comfy 18″ stride, it allows you to alter the intensity of your workouts.

As a result, burn more calories without unduly stressing yourself.

The machine also has programmed workout routines for those that might have challenges in starting.

They are 21 in number and offer flexibility in fitness schedules. With the programs, you do not have to repeat the same set of exercises every day.

The results of each fitness session are also available to keep track of the progress made.

These fitness parameters are the time used, calories burned, distance, speed, and pulse rates.

They are displayed on the elliptical’s LCD monitor. The monitor also has a backlight feature that improves the readability of the results even in the dark.

Furthermore, the foot pedals are designed to avoid slippage while running on the elliptical.

They are designed to provide maximum comfort and promise zero strain on the knees and ankles.

  • It is also suitable for upper-body fitness
  • The pedals are comfortable and stable too
  • The bottle holder could have been placed closer to the standing position


10. FUNMILY Elliptical: Best Pulse Rate Ellipticals

FUNMILY Elliptical

Highlighted Features

  • 350 lbs Maximum User Weight
  • 8 Level resistance
  • 13″ Non-Slip Pedal
  • Digital Monitor
  • Portable Wheels

A daily 5 – 10 minute workout on this elliptical is sure to help keep your 350lbs weight or less in check.

Asides from personal use, the machine can also be used by a family. The adjustable stride’s length makes it possible for short persons of different heights to use.

Considerations of varying endurance levels for other individuals are also catered for.

There are 8 resistance levels for this machine, which means you can work out at 8 different intensities.

These endurance levels are adjusted via the resistance control knobs. What’s even more interesting is how smoothly the machine operates without making noise.

The large 13″ foot pedal is another feature that makes this elliptical unit awesome.

It is anti-slip and designed to support a maximum weight of 350lbs without causing foot slippage while running.

Vital fitness results like the number of calories burned and the speed of exercise are also measured. The display is on an LCD digital monitor.

After-purchase assembly of parts is also straightforward as there is an attached manual to help out.

However, endeavor not to tighten the bolts too much during assembly. That includes frequent lubrication of moving parts.

The elliptical is also durable and can last longer if properly maintained.

  • It is effortless to assemble
  • Recommended for use by both individuals and families
  • It does not have a bottle/tablet holder


What to Consider Before Buying Best Elliptical For Short Person

elliptical machine buying guide

Purchasing the best elliptical depends entirely on what exactly you’re looking for.

However, some general factors must be considered if you will eventually make the right purchasing decision.

They are more like a general buying guide whether you are buying the best elliptical for short person or not. These factors include:

Length of the Foot Stride

The foot stride is measured as the distance between the front and back foot pedals.

It is also an indication of the length that your legs cover while running on the elliptical.

Hence, getting the best fitness results from your elliptical suggests buying compatible stride lengths based on your height.

Taller people have longer legs and should get longer foot strides than the ones for the short person.

Suitable stride lengths for the short people should be about 13 – 18 inches.

In some cases, 20 inches foot stride lengths can also be managed by short persons as well.

These short strides are like steppers for those that are taller than 5’8″.

It is advised that such persons who are tall should go for 20 inches and more strides.

Number of Resistance Levels

The goal of every workout routine is to burn calories and lose unwanted fat.

Usually, the rigorous exercise helps achieve this goal until a point is reached when the body has fully adapted and no longer feels stressed.

That’s where the need for different resistance levels becomes more crucial.

Many ellipticals have this feature that can be enjoyed through their tension control knobs.

By switching from one resistance level to another, you vary the intensity or speed of the workout.

As a result, the exercises are more challenging, and more calories are burned.

Therefore, the best ellipticals are those that have a wide range of resistances.

A lot of the exercise machines have 8 levels, but elliptical units with more are preferable.

More resistance levels increase the machine’s suitability not only for beginners but also for expert-level fitness trainers.

elliptical machine

Comfortability & Safety

We decided to discuss these two factors together since they go hand-in-hand.

The handlebars of whichever of the best elliptical for short person purchased should be comfortable.

They should provide a better grip and not quickly get wet from sweat.

Oversized foot pedals with anti-slip designs that increase friction should also be used as foot pedals.

Furthermore, comfortability includes providing some extra features that make the workout process less strenuous and exciting.

One of such is the availability of bottle/device holders. Individuals could get stressed and find it distracting to get water.

However, having a water bottle on the elliptical saves them that stress.

Device or tablet holders are also important when you need to follow a workout routine from your phone.

The inclusion of a sound and quality audio system unit is next.

An exercise routine can sometimes be dull unless there is something like good music to spice things up and motivate you to work more.

Fun while exercising helps to develop that desired level of endurance.

Digital Monitor’s Backlight

Not only should your chosen elliptical have a digital monitor for fitness results, but it should also have sufficient lightning to enhance its readability.

That includes a backlight feature that improves visibility when in the dark.

The display font must also be large and legible enough. Finally, an excellent elliptical should have readings that can be read without bending to see what’s displayed.

Besides, try going for the ellipticals that have more fitness sensors.

The more performance data you have, the more effective you are in setting fitness goals for yourself.

Short Person Elliptical machine


Ellipticals are too expensive to make the mistake of purchasing one that quickly gets damaged.

Therefore, it is best to carefully examine the type of construction material employed in the machine’s design.

Heavy-duty parts should be given more priority because they guarantee a better and useful lifetime.

Durability also involves how long your ellipticals would work before developing issues with primary operating conditions.

For example, an excellent elliptical is not expected to reduce noise while being used.

Instead, they should last long, especially when coupled with good maintenance practices.

Size & Portability

The size of the elliptical often denotes its portability. However, size here relates more to the space that the elliptical would take.

For example, what floor area will it occupy? Do you have much space inside your home?

Those are some of the questions to ask yourself when considering the size factor during a purchase.

Portability, on the other hand, explains the ease of changing the location of the elliptical.

Except the elliptical would be permanently kept in a room, you might want to move it from one room to the other.

Hence, it’s best to check for those with transportation wheels. It’s better to push the machine than to carry it.

There should also be comfortable handles that you can hold on to while moving.

What is The Best Elliptical For Short Person?

Based on our observations and user reviews, the Fitness Reality E5500XL is our best elliptical for short people.

We chose this elliptical because of the overall comfort that comes along with its use. It brings maximum value for money and is very durable as well.

Why Fitness Reality E5500XL is The Best Brand Elliptical For Short People?

The best elliptical brand should possess major elliptical features that users seek, and that’s what the fitness reality E5500XL magnetic elliptical by Paradigm Health &Wellness Inc does.

The fitness machine stands out among other elliptical models with 24 resistance levels, 21 preset workout schedules, a giant foot stride, and portable wheels.

FAQ’s Elliptical For Short Person

What are the common causes of noise in ellipticals?

Incorrect assembly or installation is the first cause of a lot of complaints about noisy ellipticals.

Most of these ellipticals have been carefully built to operate seamlessly, except there is a mistake somewhere.

When such occurs, try to tighten the screws and verify that the correct parts are coupled together. Also, regularly lubricate the moving joints.

Why does the stride length of the elliptical matter so much?

The answer is simple!  All ellipticals do not have the same stride length.

Besides, the stride length is the optimum distance between both ends of the elliptical pedals.

Therefore, it determines the length that your legs cover while working out.

Shorter people will have to buy shorter ones around 13 to 20 inches that won’t be too long for their legs.

However, this might not be long enough for a full stretch by the taller person.

Such short strides will reduce the effectiveness of your workout sessions.

Can I trust the accuracy of the readings on the digital LCD monitor?

While some ellipticals give very accurate readings, it’s best to keep in mind that not all ellipticals are high-quality.

Most ellipticals have poor sensors that were added to increase the appeal of the customers.

However, the prices of ellipticals often denote their quality.

Therefore, the rule is not to expect too much accuracy from the cheaper ones.

When do I start seeing the desired fitness results?

With consistency and total commitment to routine schedules, you should begin seeing results within four weeks of training.

The issue is many people want immediate fitness changes that are so noticeable. It doesn’t work that way.

Endurance levels are the first improvements to expect. Body transformations will then later take place after about 7 weeks.

There should also be slight weight loss of excess fat every week.

Do ellipticals help to reduce belly fat?

Partly Yes. During exercises, you burn a lot of calories and body facts like the ones on the belly.

That’s what ellipticals helps you do, but there is no way to target belly fats alone.

Some trainers also say it is vital to follow a strict diet plan along with workout routines.

Consistency is also necessary. Other activities like walking and running are going to help too.

How long must I use the elliptical every day?

Whether you are following a daily or weekly routine, what matters is that you observe the duration of each workout session.

For the best fitness results, 10-20 miles every week is recommended. So, the intensity of your workout is a determinant as well.

Understand how long it takes you to cover a mile. For example, one mile in 15 minutes pace means you need about 30 to 60 minutes of workout sessions for 5 days every week.

We chose 5 days to avoid the risk of overtraining. Do what fits your body best.

Ellipticals or Treadmills: Which one?

Both are very effective if you’re looking to stay fit without going to the gym.

However, ellipticals are regarded as low-impact fitness machines because they do not affect your knees if adequately used.

Some ellipticals even have adjustable upper body handlebars that exercise your arms along with the legs.

So, except you are preparing for a rigorous activity or racing event, the elliptical is sufficient.

Correct assembly of the machine parts and good workout postures are all you need to achieve the desired results.

Final Words

After going through our list of best ellipticals for short people, the bulk of the decision still lies on you.

This article is just a guide. Not everyone will buy the same elliptical. We recommend you measure your height and weight to see the one that fits you best.

Also, consider the available floor space in your home as regards the fitness machine sizes.

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