How Do I Get My Hip Bones to Stick Out?

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Getting your hip bones to stick out like a V line can look very sexy, especially on girls, and contrary to popular belief, it is a body feature that many desire. Today we will answer the question of how do I get my hip bones to stick out and provide you with pieces of advice to reach this fitness goal.

Before we start, it is crucial to determine what it is that you seek to get. If you want to focus on a super thin look that is common with high-end runway models, we strongly advise you to steer away from it, as it is severely unhealthy and not worth the risk. However, if your goal is to get a “V-Taper” look, then we do have some pieces of advice, so read on if you want to find out more.


Should Hip Bones Be Visible?

When a woman has a healthy weight for her body dimensions, her hip bones will be slightly apparent. Generally speaking, the front of where the tummy sticks out should be in line with your hips. However, in case the hip bones extend out past your tummy, it is likely that you are malnourished.

Essentially, if you lead a healthy lifestyle and work out properly, your hip bones will stick out just the right way. Do not push yourself into unrealistic expectations because healthy nutrition and working out will get you the beautiful figure you desire.

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The Structure of the Hip Bones

First things first, it is essential to mention that your hip bone structure is a purely genetic feature. If your goal is to get a V-line look in your waist area, you might want to consider working on building your back muscles more.

This is important because increasing the thickness of your lats will grant you that V-taper looks while also making your waist look smaller. In case you have a bit too much body fat, it is important to follow the appropriate exercise and diet program that will assist you in toning up your abdominals and core muscles.

Too much body fat is one of the most dangerous types of excess weight you can carry on your body since these fatty deposits are often connected with various health ailments. Losing fat in this area will only help you get the desired V-line in your waist, but it will also contribute to your overall health and well-being.

5 Programs and Workouts That Will Help Your Hip Bones Stick Out

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Focusing your workout efforts and lifestyle changes on the area we have mentioned above will help you get the desired effect and achieve your fitness goals. Here are four ways that will assist you in getting the desired “V-Taper.”

1. Nutrition

Regardless of your fitness goals and plans, a healthy diet is something that you must implement, and getting the V-line in your waist area is a goal that is no different in that matter. When it comes to losing excess body fat in your abdominal area, you must pay special attention to your nutrition.

Focus on a diet that eliminates junk food, highly processed foods, and sugar drinks. If it comes out of the box or has more ingredients than you can count, it must be excluded from your diet program.

This means that your nutrition should be focused on eating lots of fresh fruits, vegetables, and lean proteins. You should also drink a lot of water and stay hydrated at all times since water cleanses your system and assists in your muscle growth.

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2. Cardio Workouts

As far as cardio goes, you can implement pretty much anything, from walks that last about 30 minutes five times a week to intense running and treadmill training. These exercises increase your heart rate, and they can be quite powerful, which creates a calorie deficit and help you burn excess fat.

3. Include Yoga Into Your Daily Routine

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In case you did not know, yoga can largely contribute to your overall core strength and assist you in toning up your muscles in the abdominal area, as well as in the entirety of your body. Many yoga moves involve stretching that boosts core strength by bending and holding the position at the waist, which is why it can do wonders for this particular fitness goal.

Aside from being a very good exercise for your body, it is also important for your spirit as well, which is another benefit, as yoga is a proven stress reducer that can help you maintain your focus and calmness throughout the day.

4. Use an Exercise Ball

Ball exercises are known for delivering that extra challenge to workout programs, which is why it would be wise to ask assistance from a friend or a spotter until you can get fully accustomed to all the techniques.

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You do this exercise by taking the plank or pushup position and placing your feet and the lower part of your legs on the ball. When you take the position correctly and get sufficient balance and stability, flex your hips and abdomen to pull the legs toward the right side of your body while giving your best to keep your back as straight as you can.

Alternate with your left side and do between ten and fifteen repetitions per set, and take about a minute of rest between each set. It is essential to breathe evenly and keep control of the ball at all times. Once you master the technique, you will not require a spotter anymore.

5. Get Sufficient Sleep

Once you are done with your daily exercises and routines, it is of utmost importance that you get enough sleep. The exercises we have listed can be quite intense, which is why you need enough rest to let your muscles grow and energy levels recharge.

Final Words

The combination of intense workouts, healthy nutrition, and lifestyle changes will certainly help you reach this particularly difficult fitness goal. Remember that any fitness goal is achievable through discipline and hard work, and getting a beautiful V-line in your waist area is no different.


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