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Top 10 Best Exercise Balls 2024 – Boost Balance and Mobility

Best Exercise Balls

Using machines and doing the workout is all fun but you need something new in your life. Sticking to similar workouts seems boring and exhausting.

Therefore, if you are working on your body for the sake of fitness, you will need fun to stick to it. Using a ball is one of the ways. You can do bouncing squats and many other exercises on it.

Here are some of the best exercise balls for you to choose from;


Best Exercise Balls – Our Top Picks

1. Zelus balance ball

Zelus balance ball

This is an 8 inches high ball, which is suitable for doing various exercises including yoga, cardio and muscles. And this is not all. You can do any other exercise you want.

An interesting thing about this Zelus is its 2 resistant bands. These bands allow you to work on your arms and core to tone them up. You can do arms and core exercises and work on them while keeping your body comfortable.

The top of the ball has a non-slip design. Therefore, you will get stability while working out. In addition to this, you will get waterproof service so that you can work out as long as you want without worrying about slip and trip.

2. Black mountain products

Black mountain products

This is a static strength exercise ball that comes with a pump. So if you need to pump air in the ball, you can do so all by yourself. The ball is made from professional-grade material and has the strength to bear 2000 lbs.

You can work on your core development by doing versatile exercises. This ball enables you to do various exercises and you can work on individual muscles. Likewise, it also allows you to do cross-training and you can work on strengthening your joints, muscles and tendons.

In addition to this, you can get the size you want. It comes with a complete size guide so if you do not know the right size for your body, you can check it out before purchasing. Thus, you will have the right size of the ball in your favorite color.

3. Trideer extra-thick yoga ball

Trideer extra-thick yoga ball

This is a heavy-duty exercise ball, which is suitable to work out even during pregnancy. This is also suitable for stability, balance and working on various poses. You will also get the air pump. So even if the ball loses its air, you can pump it in again. No need to ask someone.

Furthermore, trideer offers different sizes. The small size ball has a 38 to 45 cm diameter. While the large size has a 58 to 65 cm diameter. Therefore, if you know your height and the right size that you need, you can get it easily.

It is made from a latex-free PVC material and thus, has the necessary strength and durability. Furthermore, it offers slow deflation and anti-burst properties. So do all the exercises you want without worrying about the ball getting any damage.

The non-slip material allows you to feel safe while working out. Whether you want to do low-impact exercises or high-impact ones, do it freely.

4. Gaiam essentials balance ball

Gaiam essentials balance ball

This is not a ball but a ball chair. You can use it as a ball for doing exercise and while you are working on a computer, you can use it as a chair. There is a ring to support the ball while acting as a frame. So you can keep the ball in it so that it won’t move while you are sitting on it. The ring is also inflatable so that you can manage it according to your needs.

The material of the ball is robust and tough, which is anti-burst. Furthermore, it also supports 300 lbs weight. So if you are worried about your weight, no need to overthink it.

You will also get the air pump to fill it up when you want. Follow the instructions written on the manual and inflate the ball accordingly.

Buying Guide

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Exercise balls have a versatile use. They are not only limited to exercises only but you can also use them for physical therapy and for rehabilitation.

Furthermore, if you want to get a chair replacement, you can also get a chair ball. This will be the best replacement that can help you tone up your body while you work.

So when you are looking for an exercise ball, pay attention to these features;

What qualities do you get?

Of course, you will get different features in different balls. If you are planning to buy a simple exercise ball, they will be almost the same except for the size. But here are the things that you must look at.


The size of the ball should be according to the weight of the person. Therefore, you can find different sizes in the market. However, you cannot determine the size you want. That is why you will have to ask a professional for it and then get the size.


Of course, your exercise ball should be burst-resistant. You cannot risk your health over it. But no need to worry, usually, exercise balls are tough and resistant to bursts. You can easily confirm it through the tag. If the ball is burst-resistant, there will be a tag on it.

The type of workout

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Ball type varies with the type of user and also the exercise. For example, if you are a beginner, the ball will be different for you. Likewise, it will be different for experts. Advance-level balls are usually more expensive because they are tougher and more durable. Furthermore, the exercise differs for advanced levels.

Your height

Just like your weight, your height also determines the size of the ball. For example, if your height is 5 feet or under, you should use a ball of 45 cm in diameter. Likewise, for people with a height of 6’3” to 6’7”, the ball diameter should be 75 cm.

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