How To Get A Thicker Neck Safely

It’s well said that you lack something if you cannot unlock the real potential of your body and physique. People spend hours in the gym with heavy workout sessions and a well-regulated diet. This diet would allow them to increase their protein intake, making it easier for the muscles to increase.

But they forget to train their necks which might look thin while they pose, so they plan to work on their neck muscles too. So in this article, let us discuss neck muscles and ways to make your neck thick.


Various Muscles In The Neck

The neck is the most sensitive part of the body as it acts as the main link between the brain and lower body, and muscles in this region are susceptible. It is mainly composed of four muscles listed and discussed below in detail, along with their role in various vital processes.


This muscle is your lower back and is responsible for extending the lower back of your neck so it looks big and thick. This muscle is flat in shape that resembles a triangle to some extent. The primary function of this muscle is to ensure proper neck motion in both horizontal and lateral directions.


These muscles allow the head’s motion in either direction, which is all possible due to their two-headed structure. These muscles have two heads, each connecting to either side of the head. They follow a unilateral motion accompanied by a slight head movement in that direction.


Three muscles are three-headed muscles placed on the lower bottom of your neck and connect your neck with the tubercle and the rib. Vital processes like breathing are accompanied by using their muscles. The movement of these muscles makes it easier for people to breathe without getting worried about neck extension.

Levator Scapulae

These muscles occupy the top layer of the neck, are the longest muscle in the neck, and provide the most relaxation and flexibility. These are further connected to the shoulders, making it easier for people to extend their shoulders and even relax their necks.

The symmetric movement of these muscles makes it easier for you to move your head in and stretch it for ease. These four muscles are the vital muscles of your neck and are responsible for breathing, peristaltic movement, and stretching of the upper rib. So some exercises would allow you to extend these muscles and make your neck, and such exercises are listed below.

Various Neck Exercises

There are a series of neck exercises that would relieve you of your neck pain and issues like constant headaches. These exercises make it easier to expand your muscles and maintain blood flow in your neck. You should perform intense neck exercises once a week, whereas others could be done as warm-up exercises. Some of these exercises are listed below.

Neck Flexion

This is the essential exercise in which the neck’s flexibility and movement are trained by moving it in an up-and-down position. This exercise can be done by following the steps listed below.

  • Stand up straight and maintain a rigid posture.
  • Now with ease, try to bend your head downward.
  • Once done with this process, focus on the muscle joining the neck and ribs and move your chin to touch your chest.
  • Now move your head outward and relax. Now perform this exercise 5-10 times.

Note: Keep your mouth closed as it might cause uneasiness while performing the exercise.

Neck Lateral Flexion

This advanced and intensive training method is implemented to ensure that your neck is trained carefully. In this exercise, a prop is used, increasing the resistance and neck movement and enhancing the muscle memory of muscles in the neck.

Stand up straight and maintain a rigid posture.

Now with ease, try to bend your head first towards the right and then towards the left.

Once done with this process, focus on the muscle joining the neck and ribs and keep your shoulders straight.

Now move your head outward and relax. Now perform this exercise 5-10 times.

Neck Rotation

Neck rotation is the simple exercise used to keep the motion in the neck, and in this type of exercise, the neck is moved in all directions creating an imaginary O with your head. This exercise makes it easier for you to ease the pain in the bottom muscles of your neck. You can perform this exercise for warmup as it extends blood flow to the lower muscles.

Dumbbell Shrugs

Dumbbell Shrugs

Shrugs are a type of exercise in which traps are trained, and as those muscles are attached to the neck, the neck and traps get trained. Follow the steps listed below to perform dumbbell shrugs.

  • Stand straight and let your hands reach into your pockets.
  • Now hold dumbbells in your hand and bring your hands forward.
  • Now lift the weight while keeping your hands straight with the movement of your shoulders.
  • You would have tension in your neck and trap region.

How Do Exercises Expand Your Neck Size?

There is a common misconception in people that when they exercise, then there is soreness in their muscles which results in extreme pain. So people quit exercising and think their body type isn’t compatible with exercising. The first thing you need to work upon is knowledge; once you have the requisite knowledge of how your muscles work, you can devise a reliable workout plan for yourself.

When a person goes to the gym and performs a workout, their weight and tension are more than the regular weight lifted by the person. So muscles must apply extra strength to lift them, which are made of solid muscle fibers.

When these muscles cross their threshold, these muscle fibers rupture, leading to soreness in particular parts of the body. These muscle fibers require protein to heal themselves, and this is the primary reason it is stated that you must take a proper diet once you start your workout routine.

Now overnight proteins would heal the muscle fibers, and muscles have a fantastic ability to expand and muscle memory. Muscle memory can be thought of as an ability where the threshold of the muscle fiber keeps on swapping with the previous highest lifted weight.

So in this manner, with a daily workout routine, your muscles will develop muscle memory and be able to lift that weight quickly and expand, increasing the size of a particular body part.

Benefits Of Neck Exercises

These neck exercises not only increase your neck size but also provide various other benefits. When even one part of the body is trained that it provides some effect on other parts of the body; if someone trains their biceps, then it would depict its effect on the shoulders and forearms. So when people train their necks, they will observe that there would be a considerable effect on the shoulders and shape of your back. Some other benefits are discussed below.

Enhances Breathing

Breathing is a necessary process of human survival. It brings oxygen into the body and removes the processed carbon from the body; this process and exchange of gasses occur through the windpipe. Various muscles in the neck ease the process and allow the muscles to expand when a person breathes.

Works On Neck Rigidness

Various people face the issue of rigid neck formulation of lactic acid in their neck due to less movement, so when neck movement takes place, this lactic acid production is reduced to considerable lengths. Exercising daily reduces such chances and allows the muscles to expand and keep their neck in motion, solving issues like cervical cancer.

Turns Out To Be Useful In Other Exercises

When neck muscles are trained, they can support other base exercises like deadlifts. The deadlift is an exercise for training your back in which the person bows and picks the bar in the correct posture. Some tension is transferred to traps and shoulders, so if you have a well-trained neck, your traps would be ready to lift the weight.

Reduces Injury Impact

There are various instances in games when players collide during a game, and when they do, then they get serious harm to their neck and other parts of the body. So, having a well-trained neck reduces the overall impact the neck bone faces. A thick neck can handle a high-impact hit on the neck and ensures that the person is least hurt.


The neck is a sensitive part of the port and comprises flexible muscles, so overtraining this muscle might result in various issues like inflammation and muscle pain. So do not follow an intense workout which might result in excess tension in the neck or other significant injuries.


The neck is a sensitive and vital part of your body that comprises muscles that make it easier for you to move your neck in various directions. But some people face constant neck pains and issues of neck rigidity. So in this article, we discussed the primary muscles in the human neck and later discussed the benefits of training the neck along with various exercises to display an immediate effect on the neck muscles.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I get a thicker neck?

Yes, you can expand your neck muscles easily with proper exercises and care.

Is a thick neck attractive?

A thick neck enhances your personality and symbolizes power and strength.

How fast do necks grow?

It takes a couple of months for necks to get thicker. It can be near about six months.


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