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12 Best Incline Treadmills 2024 – Work Out at Home

Best Incline Treadmills

This list covers the seven best incline treadmills on the market this year based on customer ratings. Incline treadmills, as opposed to flat runners, help build more muscle in users’ ankles, calves, thighs, and glutes.

Additionally, runners are better able to train for outdoor conditions where the ground is not completely level. Finding the best incline treadmill can be challenging given all the options available each offering their own features to make them stand out.


Top Incline Treadmills Review

5. Goplus Folding Treadmill

Goplus Folding Treadmill


Best for: Individuals that are space and budget-conscious.

Goplus offers the best incline treadmill with a powerful motor for running. The 2.25HP motor adequately powers this treadmill so you can enjoy a comfortable and carefree run.

In addition to selecting the speed you want to run, you can choose from any of the twelve pre-programmed workouts.

Full Overview

  • Incline: yes, two levels
  • Maximum speed: 9 mph
  • Minimum speed: 0.5 mph
  • Speed increments: N/A
  • Running surface: rubber, 47 x 16 in/119.38 x 40.64 cm
  • Product dimensions: 63 X 28.7 X 52.7 in/ 160 x 72.9 x 133.9 cm
  • Product weight: 132 Lbs / 59.9kg

Goplus Folding Treadmill

Top Features

  • One of the best features of this treadmill is its exceptional quality. The steel frame is strong and sturdy and the belt has ample cushion for smooth runs. The LED display is large and easy to use. Having the ability to fold the treadmill allows you to store the treadmill when it is not in use.

4. Adidas T-16 Treadmill

Adidas T-16 Treadmill


Best for: serious joggers and runners.

The T-16 is the best incline treadmill due to its exceptional quality, selection of pre-set programs, and the powerful 2.75HP motor. This treadmill gives you the ability to incline at 15 different levels so you can achieve the intensity you desire quickly.

Full Overview

  • Incline: yes, 15 levels
  • Maximum speed: 11 mph
  • Minimum speed: 1 mph
  • Speed increments: 0.1 mph
  • Running surface: rubber, 60 x 20 inch / 152.4 x 50.8 cm
  • Product dimensions: 74 x 53 x 33 in/ 187.5 x 87.5 x 140 cm
  • Product weight: 188 lb / 85.3 kg

Top Features

  • This treadmill is designed to keep you comfortable with a built-in fan. The heart rate sensor keeps the runner aware of how intense their workout is. There are 24 different pre-set programs, giving users adequate options for exercising.

3. ProForm Pro 2000 Treadmill

ProForm Pro 2000 Treadmill


Best for: larger individuals.

This is the best incline treadmill for walkers and runners up to 350lbs/159kg. This treadmill includes several key features that make operation comfortable for users. The dual-grip heart monitor and Polar wireless chest strap provide real-time insight on how intense the workout is.

Full Overview

  • Incline: yes up to 15 degrees include, -3 degrees decline
  • Maximum speed: 12 mph
  • Minimum speed: 0 mph
  • Speed increments: 0.1 mph
  • Running surface: tread belt, 60 x 20 inch / 152.4 x 50.8 cm
  • Product dimensions: 80 x 40 x 63 in/ 203.2 x 101.6 x 160 cm
  • Product weight: 230 lb / 104.3kg

Top Features

  • The 3.25 HP motor is a high-end option that is more powerful than most other brands. The display is beautiful, easy-to-read, and equipped with Google Maps for a more natural and customizable running experience. This treadmill has an array of excellent pre-programmed workouts to choose from.

2. Reebok Jet Folding Treadmill

Reebok Jet Folding Treadmill


Best for: individuals trying to achieve a light yet consistent workout.

This treadmill packs a 2HP motor that is strong and reliable. There are 24 pre-set programs to choose from, ensuring you will find the level of intensity you desire. Additionally, users have the ability to select speeds between 1 and 10 mph in order to run at their own pace.

The addition of a double water bottle holder ensures you have enough liquid on hand to make it through even the longest and toughest runs.

Full Overview

  • Incline: yes, 12 levels
  • Maximum speed: 10 mph
  • Minimum speed: 0 mph
  • Speed increments: 0.1 mph
  • Running surface: rubber belt, 51 x 17 inches / 130 x 43 cm
  • Product dimensions: 67 x 30.5 x 55 in/ 170.18 x 77.47 x 139.7 cm
  • Product weight: N/A

Top Features

  • This treadmill has an exceptional range of pre-set workouts to choose from. The soft landing belt is great on the joints, providing ample cushion for running. The soft touch handlebars are comfortable to hold while running.

1. ASUNA SpaceFlex Motorized Running Treadmill

ASUNA SpaceFlex Motorized Running Treadmill


Best for: individuals with joint or knee problems that still want to run.

The ASUNA SpaceFlex Motorized Running Treadmill is by far the best incline treadmill on the market today. This treadmill is built with top quality materials, a powerful motor to get you through even the toughest workouts, and six LCD monitors.

Full Overview

  • Incline: yes, 12 levels
  • Maximum speed: 8 mph
  • Minimum speed: 0.6 mph
  • Speed increments: 0.1 mph
  • Running surface: 51 x 19 inch / 129.54 x 48.26 cm
  • Product dimensions: 55.5 x 28 x 48 inches / 140.97 x 17.12 x 121.92 cm
  • Product weight: 127 lbs / 57.6 kg

Top Features

  • The soft drop system provides excellent landing support, creating less impact on your joints. The motor is powerful, yet extremely quiet while operating. The USB connection is extremely convenient, allowing users to charge their phones or tablets while working out.

Things to Consider Before Buying an Incline Treadmill

Choosing the right incline treadmill can be a very challenging endeavor with so many products available in today’s market. In order to help you make the right choice and get the best possible value for your money’s worth, we have put together a brief list of guidelines you should follow when browsing for an incline treadmill.

Belt Length

A treadmill’s belt dimensions are one of the most important considerations to make. Larger strides will require a longer belt length, and this way, your feet will have more room to catch the belt, not the treadmill frame.

If you plan to use this machine only for walking, anywhere between 48 and 50 inches will give you sufficient space. On the other hand, for regular walking, 55 inches in length will provide you with a bigger buffer.


One of the essential things to consider before purchasing an incline treadmill is the space it will occupy. There is a wide variety of choices in today’s market, and while some models are geared toward smaller living spaces, there are the ones that are better suited for larger rooms, so make sure that you make accurate measurements before investing your money.


The size of most treadmills makes them pretty difficult to store. However, some models have smart storage features, such as foldable designs or flat builds that make them easy to tuck in the corner, closet, or under your bed.

Noise Level

Treadmills can be pretty loud, and if you are living in an apartment or in a household with someone sensitive to the noise, you should think about ways to muffle the noise. Adding a treadmill mat will significantly reduce the transmitted noise in these situations.

Workout Programs

Many treadmill users often just use manual programs and do not go into an in-depth setup for their workouts. Luckily, the modern models offer a substantial number of workout programs that will improve your training and keep you engaged throughout the whole exercise session.


Cushioning is another important thing to consider before spending any money. Make sure that the treadmill you want to buy has a high level of shock absorption, as it will reduce the stress and impact on your knees, joints, and back.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What to look for when browsing incline treadmills?

There are multiple things to consider when choosing a treadmill, such as your budget limitations, fitness goals, and how much space you have for it in your household. You should also pay attention to workout programs, speed settings, incline settings, belt size, and storage options.

2. Are treadmills loud?

Noise levels of treadmills vary from model to model, but generally speaking; they are not too loud. In case you have someone in your house or apartment that is sensitive to noise, you can get a treadmill mat which will reduce the sound significantly.

3. Can I burn fat by walking on an incline treadmill?

Absolutely. Walking on an incline treadmill is a highly effective exercise, and it will burn more calories when compared to walking on flat ground.

4. Are incline treadmills better for your joints?

Incline treadmills can cause strain to your joints if the model you possess does not have appropriate shock absorbers. Make sure to check the product’s specifications before you spend any money.

5. What is the most effective incline on a treadmill?

Fitness experts are recommending going for a 10 percent max incline, which is available even on cheaper treadmill models. Some consider that 15 percent is even better, but it all depends on your fitness goals. If you want to burn fat faster and take your training to the next level, you can go even higher.

6. What benefits does the incline treadmill bring to the table?

A high incline treadmill tones your muscles at a much faster pace and improves your quads, hamstrings, glutes, and ankle strength. You also burn fat and calories much quicker, making it an excellent workout machine.

7. How long should I walk on a treadmill in a single workout session?

It is recommended to walk on the treadmill for around 24 minutes at a pace of 3.5 to 5 mph per training session. You should start with an incline of 3.5 percent for the first couple of minutes, then change the incline every two minutes.


This list highlights the best incline treadmill options on the market available right now on the market. This list was compiled based on reviews provided by customers across the country. Have you used any of the treadmills included on this list? Feel free to share your views and opinions on the treadmills in this list as well as others you have used.

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