Joe Rogan’s Supplements List – Updated for 2024

Joe Rogan’s Supplements and vitamins list

Aside from being a stand-up comedian, MMA commentator, podcast host, and entrepreneur, at 55 years old, Joe Rogan is in fantastic shape that can be measured with people twice as younger. He always looks to increase his performance and stay mentally sharp as well as fit. With that said, today we will take a look at Joe Rogan’s supplements list to see what enhancing substances he uses.

It is no secret that supplements are a huge part of his routine and that he uses them regularly to stay in such amazing shape at his age. Joe does everything at full capacity, and in order to maintain his vigorous routines, he requires specific supplements that work in synergy perfectly. We will cover all these substances and describe their purpose. There is a lot to cover, so let us begin without further delay.


What Supplements Does Joe Rogan Take?

Joe Rogan generally uses supplements such as vitamins, fish oil, pre-workout, probiotics, protein, and many more. The results of his list of supplements speak for themselves, as he remains in shape at 55 years of age, which is very impressive.

He also speaks with various dieticians, nutritionists, and health experts on his podcast and covers a wide range of topics that actually legitimize his choices regarding the enhancing substances he takes. Needless to say, his list does not cover only vitamins and minerals but goes above and beyond that with a focus on both mental and physical health and prowess.

With all that said, you will encounter various enhancing products on this list, but each and every one of them serves an important purpose. There is a lot to cover on this list so let us begin.

1. Omega-3 Fish Oil

Omega-3 Fish Oil

The first entry on our list is one of the simplest, and its main job is to provide you with all Omega-3s you would require throughout the day. These acids are also highly important for heart and joint health and are an absolute must in every diet; Joe certainly confirmed this on multiple occasions.

Quality fish oil can deliver a wide variety of benefits to the human body as it can lower blood pressure, reduce triglycerides, slow the development of plaque in the arteries, reduce the chance of abnormal heart rhythm, reduce the likelihood of heart attack, and lessen the chance of sudden cardiac death in people with heart disease.

2. Onnit Alpha Brain

When it comes to supporting the brain, focus, memory, and overall mental performance, Joe has been relying on Onnit Alpha Brain supplements for over a decade. This is a nootropics supplement that is highly recommended cognitive enhancer by Rogan, and he mentioned it multiple times on his podcasts.

It is a dietary supplement that is stimulant-free, which means you will have less energy and brain crashes after a long and productive day, which is just one of many benefits this enhancing substance brings to the table.

3. TruBrain Nootropic Drinks

TruBrain Nootropic Drinks

If you follow Joe Rogan’s podcast regularly, you probably remember the episode in which he interviewed the creator of TruBrain Nootropic drinks, Dr. Hill. The episode covered a lot about this product’s ability to support your mental capacity and explained the scientific side of it.

This supplement comes in convenient pouches so that you can carry them with you anywhere you go throughout the day. As we already mentioned, it supports your mental capacity and is rich in caffeine, L-Theanine, Centrophenoxine, and Magnesium, among other important vitamins. Joe advises taking these drinks in the morning.

4. Athletic Pure Pack

Athletic Pure Pack is one of the essential supplements on Joe Rogan’s list. It is a dietary supplement from which he gets the majority of his daily vitamins. If you take a glance at the ingredients list of this pack, you will see that practically all minerals and vitamins are provided in amounts that exceed your daily value.

You get nine capsules per pack, and they provide everything an active athlete requires for muscle recovery, immune function, and energy support every day. Joe absolutely loves these capsules and recommends you take them just before you have a meal.

5. Neuro Gum

Neuro Gum

Neuro Gum is another nootropic supplement that Joe Rogan highly praises and recommends. This product was mentioned in one of the episodes of his podcast, where the guest was David Sinclair. These gums are very effective for enhancing brain function and energy.

Each piece of gum is packed with green tea caffeine, vitamin B6, L-theanine, and vitamin B12. When all of these ingredients are combined, the gum promotes an overall feeling of focus and a clear mind, which Rogan repeatedly mentioned and praised.

6. NMN

NMN, or anti-aging molecule, is one of the latest additions to Joe’s rich and colorful list of supplements. This supplement became famous for its anti-aging and longevity effects, and these effects were backed by scientific studies with proof that it does slow down many of the aging effects.

In case you do opt to buy this supplement for yourself, we recommend you to look for it in the official store, as some studies have confirmed that buying it on other platforms may be risky since some packs contain less than 1 percent of the claimed NMN amount of ingredients. The recommended dosage of this supplement is 1 gram per day.

7. Onnit Spirulina & Chlorella

Onnit Spirulina & Chlorella

Onnit Spirulina & Chlorella is a supplement on the rise in popularity, specifically for being a source of various amino acids for vegetarians and vegans. It is sourced from algae that grow on lakes and is made exclusively using natural ingredients that contribute to the consumer’s well-being.

The algae used in this supplement have been harvested by ancient South American tribes for millennia and used for their health benefits throughout history. It comes in capsules, but you can also open them and sprinkle the powder from the inside on your food or mix it with your smoothies.

8. Vitamin D

It is widely known that vitamin D is one of the most important supplements in almost every diet, and Joe Rogan certainly did not leave it out of his list. Although this vitamin is best to get from the sun, you need to have an alternative for colder months of the year, which is where this supplement comes in.

So many people in the world are deficient in vitamin D, which is what makes this supplement that much more important for overall health and well-being. Dr. Rhonda Patrick was a guest on Joe’s podcast and talked about the importance of vitamin D. The best thing is that it is also a fairly cheap supplement to buy, so whether you want to implement the full list that Joe Rogan provides, you should definitely consider adding it to your nutrition.

9. Onnit Emulsified MCT Oil

Onnit Emulsified MCT Oil

This oil has been mentioned multiple times on Joe’s podcast. It is a non-dairy creamer that is commonly used with coffee and tea and is known for providing a healthy dose of pure brain energy and stimulating cognitive functions.

Onnit Emulsified MCT oil is mostly used by people who are on a ketogenic diet, but it also thrives in providing important vitamins to increase brain power and strength regardless of the diet you are on. Take this, as Joe Rogan calls it, “rocket fuel” first thing in the morning with your coffee and tea to get the best effect.

10. Shroom Tech Support

This is another supplement that comes from Onnit, and as you can gather from its name, it is made using mushroom extracts. To be specific, each bottle of these contains Cordyceps Sinensis mushroom, adaptogens, antioxidants, and methyl B-12.

Shroom Tech Support has been through various trial tests that showed this supplement records significant increases in stamina and power, and strength for athletic prowess when working out in the gym. The best moment to take it is before you start your workout session.

11. Onnit Earth Grown Nutrients

Onnit Earth Grown Nutrients

If you follow Joe Rogan regularly and watch his podcast, you are certainly aware of the fact that he uses every opportunity he gets to praise the so-called superfoods. Although you can always change your diet and adjust your food intake, an easier solution is to find appropriate supplements that will fulfill your nutritional needs.

Each bottle of this product is jam-packed with organic superfoods that deliver a large number of micro-nutrients sourced from plant products. This supplement is also rich in digestion-boosting probiotics that do an incredible job of promoting gut health. It is recommended to take this nutrient with your main meal.

12. 365 Glucosamine Chondroitin & MSM

Joe Rogan puts a lot of importance on this particular supplement. It is no surprise since he has been UFC-style fighting and bodybuilding for a very long time, and such activities put a lot of pressure on joints. For this particular reason, 365 Glucosamine Chondroitin & MSM is a perfect product for relieving such pressure.

Regardless of the activity you are engaging in, your joints are likely to get bruised and battered consistently, which is why you require a suitable supplement to maximize your recovery. This particular product has a specific set of ingredients that will help you in the recovery of cartilage and joints.

13. Kegenix Prime

Kegenix Prime

This particular supplement has been highlighted on Joe Rogan’s social media and podcasts multiple times, and for a good reason at that. It is a great combination of MCT and BHB salts that provides a huge amount of energy and contributes to overall well-being.

Keganix Prime is a particularly great choice for everyone that follows the keto diet. During this diet, your body will tap into fat reserves as fuel and produce ketones, which is a fantastic energy release, and a fantastic source of vitamin power, which as a result, grants much more mental clarity. By taking this supplement, you will achieve some of the ketosis benefits without the need to follow the diet in the first place.

14. Vitamin B Complex

This vitamin is typically connected to boosting energy production, cognitive performance, and neural communication, all of which are necessary for overall health and well-being. Additionally, vitamin B showed great results in reducing stress and supporting a positive mood.

With all that said, it does not come as a surprise that Joe Rogan largely endorses the use of this vitamin, specifically the one that comes from Onnit. It is a product that features 100 percent of the RDA in all of the B vitamin categories. It is a fantastic supplement that does a great job of promoting a healthy body and mind.

15. Creatine

No supplement list for bodybuilding and fitness can be complete without at least a brief mention of creatine, and this one is not any different in that aspect. On Joe Rogan’s list, it is a creatine that comes in powder form and is a great pre-workout supplement.

Creatine is commonly connected to support for muscle gain, strength, endurance, and anaerobic performance. Joe highly praises Onnit Creatine Monohydrate as the supplement he uses in pre-workout and says that it is highly effective at increasing overall strength. You can mix this powder into pretty much any drink.

16. Electrolytes

Hydrating sufficiently is a key to muscle growth and to carrying out everyday functions. Joe knows this, so he often talks about Liquid I.V. Hydration Multiplier and often mentions that it helps him in the prevention of muscle cramps after intense workouts in the gym.

This particular hydration package contains sixteen single-serving sticks that you can easily mix into a glass of water. There are also three different flavors you can choose from – lemon-lime, passion fruit, and acai berry.

17. CBD Oil Tincture

CBD Oil Tincture

Hemp CBD products are known for their great effect against anxiety, chronic pain, and insomnia. Joe Rogan implements many products of this nature, and one of his CBD favorites is definitely cbdMD CBD Oil Tincture, which he usually consumes about 1000 mg on a daily basis.

You can find this tincture in a liquid dropper tool form, which allows you to consume it directly by swallowing it or adding it to any food or drink. The tincture that Joe uses is a broad-spectrum hemp CBD extract mixed with MCT oil. This means that it has various natural compounds and nutrients, excluding THC.

18. Nature’s Plus Super C Complex

As essential and beneficial vitamin C is for the human body, it has one major issue – your body cannot store it. This means that you need to constantly consume enough of it to reap all the benefits that come with it. One of the simplest ways to do so is through pills, and Joe also promotes this type of vitamin C intake.

Nature’s Plus Super C Complex is a healthy option for the slow release of vitamin C to your body. This is important since taking too much of this vitamin daily can cause a lot of it to be wasted. Simply take one pill in the morning with your meal, and you will start feeling the benefits in no time.

19. Onnit Protein Bites

Onnit Protein Bites

If you follow Joe Rogan on Instagram, you likely have a chance to see this product being highlighted frequently. This is a very tasty and nutritive snack that contains seven grams of whey protein and a set of vitamins in each bite.

It is a fantastic post-workout snack when you have a craving for something tasty but want to avoid eating something that will sit heavy on your stomach. These protein bites are available in multiple flavors, including chocolate and vanilla almond. Consider getting this snack and carrying it to the gym after an intense workout.

20. Quercetin

For those unfamiliar with it, Quercetin is an antioxidant that does a fantastic job of supporting a healthy immune system and clearing senescent cells, which helps in the prevention of any age-related diseases from developing. It is a product that is highly endorsed by Joe Rogan and Dr. Rhonda Patrick.

Taking at least 500 mg of this supplement on a daily basis will do wonders for boosting your immune system and overall well-being. These capsules are highly popular since they support cardiometabolic, cellular health, and enzyme activity. They are also non-GMO and free of gluten, sugar, and dairy.

Final Words

It is safe to say that Joe Rogan is an absolute beast of an athlete and that his supplement choices are handpicked to support such specific lifestyle and nutritional requirements. Although it is not a “bulletproof” set of supplements that can suit everybody, you can carefully study this list and figure out which ones will work for you best.

You should start with implementing various fruits, vegetables, and healthy proteins, such as salmon, eggs, and grass-fed beef. Healthy fats are also a big plus in quality diets, so adding avocados and cold-pressed oils are also viable options to implement into your nutritional schedule.

Once you get used to this type of diet and support it with hard workouts, Joe Rogan’s supplement list will certainly come in handy and help you remain healthy both physically and mentally.

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