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3 Easy Tips of How To Get a Bigger Waist & How to Increase Waist Size

Getting a bigger waist is not on the goal list of many people, especially when it comes to fitness goals.

Many of us are trying to get slimmer waists or hips, so this kind of thought can seem rather awkward.

However, by building more muscles in the hip area it is possible to enjoy a better hip-waist ratio.

More precisely, if you grow the muscles in the hips, the waist will look slimmer. Not to mention that many women would enjoy bigger bottoms, which can be increased with the help of muscle growth in the area.

Then there’s a category of people that have smaller waist and hips naturally, who might benefit from info about how to get a bigger waist, as presented below.


Why get a bigger waist?

Considering that so many people are trying to slim down, wanting to get a bigger waist may sound counterproductive.

Also, growing a bigger waist can happen very fast when eating junk food and drinking sugar-loaded beverages, since fat tends to appear quite rapidly around the hips.

However, in this article, we will talk about growing the waist and hips in a healthy manner, by increasing muscle growth in the area.

This will lead to better proportions for your body and will take you closer to that much-desired hourglass shape.

So, is it worth getting a bigger waist? The answer is yes if you want to improve your hip-waist ratio if you want to get a bigger and better shape bottom and improve the overall shape of your body.

Just like you do with any other part of the body you want to develop, there will be the need to adopt an adequate diet and include specific exercises in your workout routine.

Understanding what you can do and can’t do

What you can do to improve the looks of your bottom, waist, and hips is to add more muscle mass in the area.

What you can’t do is change the structure of your bones. Yes, the hip bones are the main culprit of how our hips are looking and they are triggered by genetic factors.

More precisely, the shape of the hips you have is inherited from your family.

So, if you want to change the aspect of your hips and waist, the only thing you can do is to work the muscles in the area until they reach a better shape.

If the women in your family have wide hips, then that’s the explanation for why you have them too.

The same goes for women that have narrower hips. When we reach maturity from an anatomic point of view, then the shape of our hips becomes definitive as well.

Also, it was proven by several studies that girls who are more active during childhood have bigger chances to have wider hips as adults, with a heart-shaped structure most commonly met among men.

In general, women who have wider hips tend to have a rounder-shaped structure, instead of the heart shape mentioned earlier.

Steps of How To Get a Bigger Waist

How To Get a Bigger Waist

The whole purpose of this journey is to get bigger hips and bottom while maintaining the waistline narrow.

This will significantly improve the aspect of your body, by allowing you to enjoy a better waist-hip ratio.

If you have an ectomorph body shape, also known as a “banana” body shape, you may want to add more muscles in the hip and bottom area, to add more curves to your looks.

01. Focus on adding weight one step at a time

Miracles don’t happen overnight and you won’t see your body transform significantly.

The idea is to add more weight in the desired areas, by promoting muscle growth, in a gradual manner.

This means to start working out moderately, and not intensely, to help muscles grow one step at a time.

What do moderate exercises mean? It means sticking between 8 to 12 reps per exercise.

Doing so will also save you from soreness and will avoid injuries, by allowing you to build more strength in your core area before increasing the difficulty of the training.

To keep your muscles challenged and push them to grow even bigger, it is recommended to add more weights every couple of weeks or increase the intensity of the exercise.

Of course, don’t forget to give muscles the chance to rest in between training sessions, 48 hours being the ideal resting period after an intense workout.

02. Keep an eye on what you’re eating

Bear in mind that you need to grow muscles and avoid gaining any fat. This means you’ll need a proper protein intake and stir away from foods that might add weight through fat deposits.

So, to get a bigger waist the proper way, do not consume processed foods and foods rich in sugar.

Get high-quality proteins from lean meat, like poultry and fish, or from legumes, like beans, chickpeas, and lentils.

You can also find a good source of protein in tofu and plain Greek yogurt, as long as it is fat-free.

Make sure to include healthy fats in your diet as well, by consuming olive oil, avocado, and raw nuts and seeds.

Of course, quantity matters here. Dairy and whole grains should compose a much smaller part of your diet, as a better option for side dishes should come from fresh veggies and fruits.

03. Include targeted exercises in your workout routine

Exercises that target certain groups of muscles are a must if you want to get a bigger waist.

The glutes are, in particular, targeted in this case, and that is all three groups of muscles that compose the glutes family.

Thus, exercises that work out the gluteus maximus, gluteus medius, and gluteus minimus are desired when looking to grow the hips and, especially, to get a bigger bottom.

Good mornings, hyperextensions, incline weighted crunches, weighted side benches, and ab wheel rollouts should be part of your waist-enhancing routine.

This type of exercise gets the right kind of muscles working, which paired with a protein-rich diet and adequate rest will get you sets of bigger and better-shaped muscles.

DIY Strategy for Growing a Bigger Waist

  • Add more quality proteins to your diet and avoid foods that might promote gain of fatty deposits;
  • Perform squats with weights, if possible, such as a barbell or dumbbell.
  • If you don’t have weights or it’s too hard for you to do squats with weights, a hip resistance band is also good;
  • Included deadlifts in your workout routine, especially Romanian deadlifts, as they focus more on training the hip area, and put less tension on the upper back;
  • Glutes bridges are another type of exercise adequate for adding more muscles, and implicit volume, in the hip and waist area.
  • While there’s not much motion happening with glutes bridges, the secret is adding in weights that will make the muscles work harder;
  • Do hip thrusts can be done by using your body’s weight, since using barbells require professional equipment that can be found in gyms or may be too difficult if you’re not that used to exercising;
  • If possible, do your best to include step-ups in the training routine as well, since they are great for making the muscles in the hip and waist area grow bigger.
  • At first, you may feel the need to start with lower steps, increasing the difficulty of the exercise as you gain more resistance and get used to it;

FAQ’s About How to Increase Waist Size

Is it possible to increase the size of my waist?

One can increase the size of her or waist by performing the right kind of exercises and adopting a healthy diet, in accordance with the workout routine.

It is worth knowing that the waist can get bigger or wider when unhealthy foods are part of one’s diet, since the body, especially in the case of women, tends to accumulate fat around the waist.

If you want a healthier growth of your waist size, then you will need to consider an adequate training session, which includes the right kind of exercises, and foods rich in protein.

How can I get rounder buttocks and a thinner waist?

Rounder buttocks, wider hips, and a thinner waist led to a better waist-hip ratio and a more attractive body shape.

Such results can be achieved through exercising, especially if weights are added to the workout routine, a healthy diet, and avoiding foods that can lead to weight gain in the wrong way.

So, controlling what you eat and performing proper exercises can lead to muscle growth in the buttocks, thighs, and hips, toning the body and providing it a sexier and more feminine look.

How often should I exercise for bigger hips?

Even if you are highly determined to get bigger hips, exercising daily is not a good strategy.

You should allow the muscles to rest at least one day between workouts, which means the recommendation is to exercise three times a week.

This will be enough to promote muscle growth if you eat enough proteins and perform the exercises correctly.

Are squats adequate for getting wider hips?

Some say that squats are not that great when looking to get wider hips and larger buttocks.

This is a wrong assumption since squats are great for growing wider hips and adding volume to the buttocks while helping to improve your overall fitness.

Results get even better once you add weights to the exercises and increase the intensity of the training. However, you shouldn’t rely entirely on squats if you want proper results.

There is the need to add a wider range of exercises to your routine for optimal results and fast muscle growth.

A wider variety of exercises will make sure you work out every group of muscles in the hip and bottom area, allowing you to enjoy the desired body shape.


Getting a bigger waist can help obtain a better-shaped body, underlining the curves of the female figure and making the waistline look more defined.

If you want to tone this area of the body and add more volume to it, then it is worth adding exercises that help obtain such results into your workout routine.

Also, paying attention to your diet, avoiding foods that might add fats to the waist area, and consuming more lean proteins and fresh fruits and vegetables, will also make a huge difference in the way your body looks.


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