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crossfit membership cost

Are you seeking Crossfit Membership Cost? In this post, you are going to get answers to all the questions related to “how much is a crossfit membership” “Crossfit Membership Fee,” “Crossfit Gym membership,” .etc.

CrossFit offers a life-changing fitness experience. They have everything you need for success, from top-of-the-line equipment to professional trainers to lavish facilities. And their prices are affordable when you consider the value they provide in return.

If you’re looking to get in the best shape of your life, you’ve come to the right place.

CrossFit facilities are equipped with all the latest state-of-the-art exercise equipment from Rogue Fitness, including rowers, dumbbells & bumper plates from American Barbell, gymnastic rings, and climbing ropes from OneFitWonder kettlebells from Dragon Door.


How Much is a Crossfit membership


The top 20 CrossFit workouts of the day (WODs) are well-known. In addition to the fitness programs, CrossFit provides one-on-one coaching services that are important for the overall health of consumers.

CrossFit Prices & CrossFit Membership cost by State

Check out below mention State-wise CrossFit Prices.

Rank State Code State Average Membership Price
1 DC District of Columbia $260.00
2 NY New York $203.77
3 RI Rhode Island $183.50
4 WA Washington $181.74
5 HI Hawaii $180.29
6 CA California $179.81
7 VT Vermont $175.00
8 NJ New Jersey $174.39
9 MA Massachusetts $172.07
10 CT Connecticut $171.82
11 MN Minnesota $170.41
12 NH New Hampshire $170.00
13 DE Delaware $166.67
14 AK Alaska $165.00
15 TX Texas $164.87
16 MO Missouri $161.44
17 NV Nevada $161.19
18 MD Maryland $159.81
19 IL Illinois $156.04
20 VA Virginia $155.58
21 NC North Carolina $155.06
22 CO Colorado $151.29
23 OR Oregon $151.05
24 TN Tennessee $150.70
25 WY Wyoming $150.00
26 FL Florida $149.54
27 PA Pennsylvania $148.43
28 AZ Arizona $145.14
29 ND North Dakota $142.50
30 AL Alabama $141.64
31 SC South Carolina $140.62
32 GA Georgia $140.26
33 NE Nebraska $138.33
34 UT Utah $136.15
35 IN Indiana $134.33
36 WI Wisconsin $130.59
37 MI Michigan $129.77
38 OH Ohio $128.22
39 OK Oklahoma $126.67
40 NM New Mexico $125.00
41 KY Kentucky $124.80
42 ID Idaho $123.17
43 LA Louisiana $123.00
44 KS Kansas $122.20
45 WV West Virginia $116.25
46 IA Iowa $116.17
47 ME Maine $113.75
48 MT Montana $108.75
49 MS Mississippi $103.75
50 AR Arkansas $97.50

Now, prices according to membership types.

CrossFit workout

Membership type Average price
Two days/week $66.51
Three days/week $114.03
Four days/week $133.52
Five days/week $180.03
Open Gym $59.75
Unlimited $136.42
Unlimited Couple $194.89
Unlimited Family $222.50
Weightlifting $115.00  

CrossFit Memberships Along With Its Prices

CrossFit offers different membership options for individuals depending on the location, with varying prices. For example, in Mississippi, it is $103.75, while in New York, it is $203.77.

CrossFit’s popularity is undeniable, yet its costlier and should not be ignored; This might explain why CrossFit workouts tend to be more expensive in big cities.

CrossFit Membership Prices Based on Day

You’ll have to pay $ 66.51, $ 114.03, $ 133.52, and $ 180.03 for two days a week, three days a week, four days a week, and five days a week, respectively. If you like weight lifting, for around $115.00 per month, you can get a CrossFit weightlifting program.

CrossFit Membership cost For Unlimited Plan

CrossFit Gyms_training

CrossFit offers several membership alternatives in addition to the premium plan. The CrossFit Open Gym Membership costs $ 59.75 per month, and the unlimited gym Membership plan costs $ 136.42/month.

CrossFit couple Membership Plan

If you and your partner or friend enjoy working out together, the CrossFit Unlimited Couple membership, which costs $ 194.89, is a fantastic alternative. The CrossFit Unlimited Family Membership is $ 222.50 if you have more than two people in your family.

CrossFit Personal Trainer cost

The cost of coaching with a CrossFit Personal Trainer is $75/hour.

FAQs For CrossFit Membership prices

CrossFit Gyms_

1. How much should I pay for CrossFit?

You might have a busy job, family, and other commitments. As a result, it would be better to join CrossFit three days per week for $114.03.

2. Is CrossFit worth the cost?

CrossFit may appear to be pricey compared to a typical gym, but you may easily conclude that CrossFit is well worth it in terms of excellent exercise and services.

3. Why does CrossFit cost so much?

There is a significant distinction between a standard gym and a CrossFit, as CrossFit’s coaches are highly educated and assist the client correctly. Because there are so few participants in each CrossFit session, each participant receives enough attention.

On the other side, CrossFit has carpets, mirrors, and potted ferns as part of its decor. As a result, CrossFit cannot be compared to other standard gyms.

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Disclaimer: We gathered factual CrossFit pricing information from on-site inspections, as well as phone interviews. The prices mentioned on this page are based on one of those sources. The fees mentioned in this blog post may not be up to date and vary by location.

You must contact your local Crossfit gym for current pricing and other details.

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