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Are you looking for a gym that is affordable? Snap Fitness has monthly membership plans to suit everyone’s needs. Whether you are in the market for a high-end, luxury gym or simply need to keep up with your workout routine on a budget, there is something at Snap Fitness that will fit your lifestyle and budget. Find out more about what we offer below by reading our blog post!


Snap Fitness Prices and Snap Fitness Membership Cost

Snap Fitness has everything you need for your fitness routine. Whether it’s an affordable monthly membership or top-of-the-line, high-quality equipment with personal trainers that will motivate and inspire – they have what every member needs!

Peter Taunton founded snap Fitness in 2003 and currently has offices in 48 states throughout the United States, as well as Australia, Belgium, Canada, Egypt, Georgia, Hong Kong, the United Kingdom, Indonesia, Ireland Mexico, The Netherlands New Zealand, India, Philippines Spain Taiwan Turkey UAE, etc.

This article was created to provide you with all of the information you need about membership costs at this gym. Take a look at the table below, which includes membership fees for the gym.

Snap Fitness Monthly Memberships Prices

Snap Fitness Prices for Single (One Adult 18 Years or Older)

Initiation Fee (Per Person)$49.95
Access Card Fee (Per Person)$20.00
Monthly Fee (Per Person)$36.95
Cancellation Fee (Per Person)$0.00

Snap Fitness Prices for Joint (Two Adults 18 Years or Older)

Initiation Fee (2 Persons)$49.95
Access Card Fee (2 Persons)$20.00
Monthly Fee (2 Persons)$20.00
Cancellation Fee (2 Persons)$20.00

Snap Fitness Prices for Families (Two Adults 18 Years or Older and Minors)

Initiation Fee (2 Persons and More)$49.95
Access Card Fee (2 Persons and More)$20.00
Monthly Fee (2 Persons and More)$61.95
Cancellation Fee (2 Persons and More)$61.95

Snap Fitness Cost

Snap Fitness has a variety of membership options, whether you are single or in a couple or family. Snap Fitness is affordable for everyone with their different classes and cost per session!

Snap fitness is more than just an average gym. They offer classes that will get your heart rate up while toning muscles with different types of exercises like yoga balancing poses on one hand; kickboxing drills mixed martial arts moves to provide strength training plus cardio workouts all under one roof.

Regardless of the membership you pick, you will get a Global Access Card, Account, and one free coaching session with your membership. Snap Fitness has an Initial fee of $49 for every plan, while there is no Cancelation Fee at Snap Fitness.

Individual Membership cost

For individuals, the prices are quite cheap. You must pay $ 36.95 per month if you do not wish to be there for a longer commitment.

For those who want to pay for six months upfront, the cost is $174.75. That means they can use the gym for free for a month if they pay for six months in advance.

If you pay in advance for a year, two months are free, which adds up to $ 349.50 per year.

So basically it means, for longer commitments, you are in profit.

Snap Fitness Two Adults Membership cost

The price of a Snap Fitness Two Adults Membership is more reasonable if you want to exercise with your partner.

The cost of a month-to-month subscription with Snap Fitness is $59.95 for two adults while paying 6 months ahead costs $299.75, and prepaying for a 12-month period will set you back $599.50.

It includes a account, the worldwide access card, and a free coaching session, just like all other Snap Fitness membership plans.

Snap Fitness Family Prices

Snap Fitness understands that family is the most important thing in the world, thus they introduced the Snap Fitness Family Pack. The Snap Fitness Family Pack includes four members of your family. And, in fact, it’s one of the most cost-effective methods to go.

You can join for $74.95 a month, no strings attached. In this case, buying a 6-month prepayment option will cost you $ 374.75 and upon Purchasing the annual plan costs $749.50.


Snap Fitness Locations

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FAQs For Snap Fitness Cost

1. How much is Snap Fitness monthly?

  • Monthly Fee (Per Person) – $36.95
  • Monthly Fee (2 Persons) – $51.95
  • Monthly Fee (Family Pack) – $61.95

2. How Much Is a Snap Fitness membership UK?

The monthly cost of the Snap Fitness membership is £29.95, plus you’ll need to pay £15 for the access card. So, students may save a total of £15 and £5 by signing up for this plan. This deal is only available to clubs.

3. Does Snap Fitness have a free trial?

Yes, you may try out Snap Fitness for a month without any obligations by requesting a free trial pass from your nearest Snap Fitness gym.

4. Can you bring a guest to Snap Fitness?

Yes, snap fitness is always eager to receive visitors since it is for their safety and insurance concerns that they must communicate with the club’s staff and sign a waiver in order to obtain a guest pass. You will get a visitor pass quickly.

5. Does Snap Fitness have a cancellation fee?

If you have a Snap Fitness membership, it will be renewed automatically after your contract expires. If you want to cancel your Snap Fitness Membership, though, you must give notice according to the terms and pay a cancellation charge. For further information, go to your nearest Snap Fitness Club.

So this post was all about Snap Fitness and Membership costs. Read all the details carefully.

For more detailed information, you can visit their official website ( or for other Gym and Fitness Price lists, You can bookmark our site for future visits.


Snap Fitness prices are subject to fluctuate. This is due to the many sources that were taken into account when searching for Snap Fitness prices, including online, on-site, and over the phone. Prices may vary by location or they may not be current. You can confirm accurate pricing by contacting your local Snap Fitness.

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