Fit Body Boot Camp Price and Membership Cost 2024

Fit body boot Camp price

Want to join Fit Body Boot Camp? But before, you might be looking for the Fit Body Boot camp Price. So this post is what you need to read to know about the membership cost, benefits, and much more.

Fit Body Boot Camp is a fitness club that specializes in HIIT workouts and offers high-energy group workouts. The sessions last about 30 minutes and are led by trainers.

Fit body boot Camp price

The Fit Body Boot Camp operates in the United States, Australia, Canada, and the United Kingdom. The company’s headquarters are in Canada and the United States, with 58 branches in Canada and 44 in the United States.


Fit Body Boot Camp Price / Membership Costs

Single Monthly

Initiation Fee$99.49
Monthly Fee$197.49
Cancellation Fee$49.99

Two Adults

Initiation Fee$199.99
Monthly Fee$235.99
Cancellation Fee$99.99

Single Annually

Initiation Fee$99.49
Yearly Fee$2364.99
Cancellation Fee$49.99

Two Adults Annually

Initiation Fee$99.49
Yearly Fee$2825.99
Cancellation Fee$99.99

Payments for training are made at any of the FBBC gyms. They may also be availed of by purchasing group discounts coupons online. Membership fees allow people to use the club’s facilities, get training, and participate in monthly sessions for free.

Only the gym’s payment method is available. Members can only use a member’s membership at an FBBC gym there. Memberships would have to be cancelled and a new one acquired at their new gym if they relocate.

History of Fit Body Boot Camp

In 2009, Bedros Keuilian began Fit Body Boot Camp. He initially worked as a personal trainer before eventually investing in the creation of a gym. Fit Body Boot Camp was founded in California, according to Bedros Keuilian.

Fit Body Boot Camp owners are responsible for their success because they continue to upgrade their coaching skills by attending conferences. This led to them being recognized at the 2013 World Conference Success Awards.

Fit Body Boot Camp is located in the United States and Canada. California is FBBC’s primary headquarters in the United States. Depending on their activities, Fit Body Boot Camp has a typical weekday schedule of 5:00 AM to 9:00 AM and 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM.

Benefits of Joining Fit Body Boot Camp

Most gyms are set up with rows upon rows of cardio machines. Fit Body Boot Camp has a communal aspect that is uncommon for other gyms. Trainers are more likely to have one-on-one contact with their clients, which can be more challenging and dynamic.

The training quality is still comparable to individualized coached sessions. Members are challenged and motivated to do more than merely achieve fitness in only 30 minutes.

Personal Trainer Policy at Fit Body Boot Camp

Fit Body Boot Camp does not provide individual sessions, but the trainers do give tailored programs. They create regimens to match certain physical limitations, whether as a group or one person’s performance.

The fee of hiring a personal trainer at FBBC is dependent on membership status and ranges from about $200/month. Trainers must also have completed an FBBC training certification program.

Fit Body Boot Camp Review 

Shower and locker rooms are available at Fit Body Boot Camps. These spaces aren’t big, but they’re sufficient and clean enough for post-workout showering.

Some FBBC programs have specialized kids-only training sessions that are tailored to the physical abilities of children. Both men and women can attend a Fit Body Boot Camp, but the Tulsa FBBC is only accessible to women.

Group training is also available at the Fit Body Boot Camp Fitness Center. The various types of cardio equipment are arranged in a circular pattern around the center to enable a smooth flow during the 30-minute workout session.

The number of individuals who join the FBBC training sessions varies. Still, slots are kept to prevent gyms from becoming overcrowded. You can visit the gym at any time of day during business hours, even if it’s early in the morning or late in the afternoon.

Fit Body Boot Camps is dedicated to providing a fun and challenging experience for children and adults of all ages and physical abilities, with lower prices making the program more accessible. Coaches are attentive to the needs of all members and ensure that everyone gets the attention they need.

Fit Body Boot Camp Guest Pass

Fit Body Boot Camp does not provide a guest pass, but it is possible to try out workouts. Each individual who visits will be treated equally as a member through their intensive training program.

Boot Camps typically provide free trial memberships that last from a few days to a week. Interested parties can join up through the gyms’ websites and take advantage of the trial at those locations.

Amenities / Facilities

The facility at Fit Body Boot Camps includes several types of exercise equipment and an open area to allow the group session. There are showers and changing rooms available for members and guests at boot camps.

You may use exercise balls, boxes, bands, bars, and ropes at these Boot Camps to work out. The equipment is designed to help people gain muscle bulk through callisthenics and cardio training.

The FBBC offers high-quality group training programs. Coaches are responsible for training groups, but they will also concentrate on individual growth. Gyms also offer members access to a variety of equipment for use in the gym.

Monthly or annual membership fees give individuals free access to classes. Interval training in 30 minutes consists of high-intensity interval training intended to burn fat.

For more information on Fit Body Boot Camp Price and membership, visit the official site.


I want to inform you that the Fit Body Boot camp price mentioned was accurate (as mentioned on their official website) during writing this post. But always make sure to visit the nearest club or their official website to get up to date Price and Membership cost information.

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