How Much Does David Barton Gym Membership Cost 2024


David Barton Gym offers a multitude of health and fitness services, making it the premier gym in the area. Whether you’re looking to get back into shape or just want a way to relieve stress, the David Barton Gym facilities will help you achieve your goals – all at an affordable price.

david barton gym prices


David Barton Gym Prices [One Club Access]

Monthly Cost (1 Year Commitment)

Initiation Fee$50.00
Monthly Fee$139.00

Month to Month (No Yearly Contract)

Initiation Fee$50.00
Monthly Fee$147.00

Yearly fees

Initiation Fee$50.00
Yearly Fee$1,390.00

David Barton Gym Prices [All Club Access]

Monthly [ 1 Year Contract]

Initiation Fee$50.00
Monthly Fee$192.00


Initiation Fee$50.00
Yearly Fee$1,920.00

David Barton Gym Hours

David Barton Gym is your go-to for a healthy workout! You can find the perfect time to fit in your exercise routine with our flexible hours. Whether it’s after work or before bed, They are here for you.

They are open Monday through Friday from 5 AM to 11 PM and Saturday and Sunday from 7 AM to 7 PM. You can enjoy a wide variety of amenities at David Barton Gym including access to weight rooms, cardio equipment, daily fitness classes, and much more.

Monday5 AM to 11 PM
Tuesday5 AM to 11 PM
Wednesday5 AM to 11 PM
Thursday5 AM to 11 PM
Friday5 AM to 11 PM
Saturday7 AM to 7 PM
Sunday7 AM to 7 PM

About David Barton Gym

It was founded in 1992 and quickly became a favorite among fitness enthusiasts. The gym’s skilled trainers, high-quality services, and attractive prices have been the springboard to their current popularity among savvy fitness enthusiasts who know this is where they need to go for quality workouts.

When you enter the gym, don’t you want to leave the outside world? The David Barton Gym is different from other gyms because it has multicolored lights, violet walls, stylish furnishings, and live music. This makes you forget about everything and feel a positive energy. With the increase of popularity of the David Barton Gym, industry experts took notice and started coming in.

David barton Gym has made waves in the fitness industry by using innovative design to create a gym unlike anything else. Influenced by the way gyms are traditionally designed, David Barton Gym incorporated modern aesthetics with sleek lines and an artistic sensibility. This unique approach to design set the bar for all other gyms, which have tried to imitate but failed. Today, Davidbarton Gym is synonymous with well-designed fitness facilities that feature the latest equipment and best training programs.

David Barton Gym Membership Price

With a David Barton Gym membership, you’ll have access to amazing facilities and a variety of classes. It’s a gym that is designed with your needs in mind for a healthy lifestyle. Whether you want to get better at Cross Fit or want to train with personal trainers, this is the place for you. Membership prices can vary by location, but memberships start from $115. In addition to the discounted membership rates, they offer a free membership pass which you can take advantage of with its many special offers- visit their website for more information!

The best way to get the most out of your visit to David Barton is to talk with a representative at your nearest Dave Barton Gym. They can explain our prices and discount offers.

David Barton Gym Features.

If you’re one of those people who believes that looking good, feeling good, and being healthy is not a coincidence, then you’re in the right place. The David Barton Gym has everything you need to lose weight, build muscle, tone your body, and get into shape for summer. In fact, our slogan is “Look, Better Naked,” so we know it’s going to be a great experience every time!

David Barton Gym provides a trendy, upscale environment to help you stay motivated and committed to your fitness goals.

  • Boxing Ring
  • Yoga Studio
  • Saunas
  • Jacuzzis
  • Group Cycling
  • Pilates Studio
  • Steam Rooms
  • On-Site Validated Parking
  • Boxing Studio w / 30 Heavy Bags
  • Cutting Edge Strength Equipment
  • Cutting Edge Strength Equipment
David Barton Gym
David Barton Gym

David Barton gym classes

David Barton Gym is a fitness venue where all the trainers are experienced and experts in their field. They will guide you to reach your goals by providing challenging, yet achievable workouts. Some of the great classes you can take at David Barton Gym include ABC Workout, Ass, Arms & Abs Workout, AM Yoga Dose, Hatha Yoga Flow, Back Attack / Full Frontal, Fortitude, Kickboxing, Stretch, Pain & Pleasure, Primal Pilates, Fluid Barre, Pilates Stretch.

David Barton Gym Pilates Program

David Barton’s Pilates program is one of the most popular and effective courses offered. The course will require a consultation with one of his personal trainers to help you achieve your desired outcome and see results faster.

The Pilates program is more than just a fitness routine. It’s an effective, holistic approach to movement that integrates muscle toning, alignment, and breathing. And no one knows it better than David Barton’s trainers. They’ve been trained with the latest techniques to advise people from all walks of life – including dancers, athletes, and even those recovering from injury. Their personal training programs are tailored specifically for gym members who are suffering from physical pain or serious injuries.

I never thought I would find a fitness facility that was worth the price. But, after considering these facilities, David Barton’s prices and membership fees seem reasonable.

For the best gym in the world, check out David Barton Gym. With various equipment, you’ll never be bored and with personal trainers on hand to help you with your goals. There are day passes, monthly memberships, or even a lifetime membership if you know it’s your forever home, this is where you want to be.


The David Barton Gym Price Guide is a compilation of prices from different sources- their official social media, onsite visits, and anywhere else we could find. It’s important to note that the guide might not provide the most up-to-date pricing- always check with a local branch or their official website for the most up-to-date pricing! For more information on David Barton gyms, visit

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