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Gold’s Gym Membership Costs: Gold’s Gym offers a variety of membership plans, including monthly and yearly options. Their prices vary depending on what type you choose as well as where in the country it is located because some locations offer different rates than others ones do for their memberships- but no matter how long your contract lasts, Gold’s gym always has something affordable with plenty of perks!


Gold’s Gym Prices & Gold’s Gym Membership

The Gold’s Gym Pricing is fair when you consider the cutting-edge physical fitness equipment, world-class personal instructors, and luxury facilities that come standard with your Gold’s Gym Membership.

Gold’s Gym Prices & Gold’s Gym Membership Costs

Check out the list below for Gold’s Gym Prices and Membership Costs.

Gold’s Gym Membership Prices [Monthly]

Gold’s Gym 12-Month Contract

Gold’s Gym Annual Membership Prices

Gold’s Gym Cancellation Fees

Gold’s Gym Membership Price

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Gold’s Gym Monthly Membership

When it comes to Gold’s Gym membership, the options are numerous. In Gold’s Gym’s month-to-month membership, you may use their services without committing to a contract or paying any start-up fees. The Start-Up Fees Per Person is $74 in this case. Along with that facility, the maintenance fee is $ 39, and the Late Fee is $19.50.

  • Set-Up Fees Per Person – $74
  • Facility Maintenance Fee – $39
  • Late Fee – $19.50

Gold’s Gym 12-Month Contract Membership

Gold’s Gym offers monthly, quarterly, and 12-month contract membership. The Gold’s Gym 12-month contract Individual Membership is $29 per month.

There is great news for you if you enjoy working out with your life partner: you may take advantage of the Gold’s Gym couple membership deal, which costs $ 54 or $27 each.

Plus, by enrolling in Gold’s Gym’s children’s program for just $ 8, you can bring your child with you.

  • Individual Membership – $29
  • Couple (2 adults)(2nd person $25) – $54
  • Couple with 1 Minor (Children Program) – $62

Gold’s Gym 24-Month Contract Membership

Gold’s Gym membership prices reduce for a longer period of commitment; for example, a 12-month contract Individual Membership at Gold’s Gym costs $ 29, but the same membership would cost just $ 24 over a 24-month agreement.

The 24-month contract membership cost for a couple (2 adults) is reduced to $ 49, and by adding just $6 more, with the Gold’s Gym children’s program, you can take your child with you to the gym for only $ 55.

  • Individual Membership – $24
  • Couple (2 adults)(2nd person $24) – $49
  • Couple with 1 Minor (Gold’s Gym Children Program) – $55

Gold’s Gym Annual Membership cost

There is no StartUp or Facility Maintenance Fee for Gold’s Gym Annual Membership.; The first year of a Gold’s Gym Annual Membership for an Individual is $ 384, while the cost of a Gold’s Gym Couple membership is $648. It means $300 for an extra person.

  • Individual Membership – $384
  • Couple (2 adults)(Second person $300) – $648

How to Cancel Gold’s Gym Membership

GOLD'S gym workout

Gold’s Gym has the greatest services and a broad range of classes available, but if you wish to cancel your membership for any reason, you need to know how to do it.

Here is all the information you need to know to cancel your membership at Gold’s Gym.

When your Gold’s Gym membership expires, it automatically renews on a monthly basis, which you may cancel at any time. However, if you choose to cancel your membership before the end of the term, you will be charged a cancellation fee.

Under no circumstances may you terminate the contract if you have a medical problem. Otherwise, you’ll be responsible for the rest of the contract’s cost.

Gold’s Gym memberships are only cancellable in person, and they cannot be terminated by email or phone.

The greatest suggestion is to visit your nearest Gold’s Gym and speak with the gym’s manager about why you want to cancel your membership and ask them how to cancel gold’s gym membership; You will be assisted in making further arrangements.

For Gold’s gym Membership Cancellation Portal Click Here

  • Gold’s Gym Cancellation Fees – $89
  • Gold’s Gym Cancellation Fees (Move 15 miles + w/30 day notice) – $80
  • Gold’s Gym Cancellation Fees (Transfer to another individual) – $50
  • Gold’s Gym Cancellation Fees (Medical Reasons with proof) – $20

Gold’s Gym Hours

For More Information, you can check out Gold’s Gym Hours below

Gold’s Gym Near Me

FAQs For Gold’s Gym price & Gold’s Gym Membership Cost

What’s the cost of membership at Gold’s Gym?

Gold’s Gym Monthly cost is 29.99 + the Initial fee

What does a Gold’s Gym membership include?

  • Strength training and cardio equipment.
  • Exercise programs include Pilates, group cycling, endurance training, mixed martial arts, yoga, and Zumba.
  • Certified personal trainers and staff.
  • Personalized workout plan.
  • Exclusive cardio cinema.
  • Unlimited guest privileges.
  • 50% off cooler drinks daily.
  • Travel Pass to Express Gyms.
  • Unlimited tanning

Is Gold’s Gym worth the money?

Gold’s Gym personal trainers and employees are highly trained and certified, as well as instructing classes such as endurance training, Pilates, mixed martial arts, group cycling, yoga, and Zumba while supervised by a competent professional.

The Gold’s Gym Challenge, webinar training, cycling competitions, and other programs are available to help you increase your fitness.
When you consider all of these advantages, It could be worth the investment in your health.

Does Gold’s Gym have a family membership?

Gold's Gym 1

Yes, Gold’s Gym has a Family Membership.

How much is a Gold’s Gym membership in 2024?

Gold’s Gym basic membership (one club access) is $348 per year, and it costs just $29 per month. There will be a $74 joining fee.

How much is Gold’s Gym Monthly?

Gold’s Gym Monthly cost
Start-Up Fees Per Person – $74 monthly
Facility Maintenance Fee – $39 monthly

So this information was all about the Gold’s Gym Membership Pricing. To get other information you can visit their official website:

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We obtain actual Gold’s Gym pricing information from on-site inspections and phone interviews. The prices seen here are based on one or more of those sources. The current Gold’s Gym Membership Prices shown on this website are subject to change and may vary by location. 

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