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5 Reasons Why People Wear Hoodies to the Gym

why Wear Hoodies to the Gym
why Wear Hoodies to the Gym

You might see some friends, colleagues, gym buddies, and trainers wearing hoodies to the gym. With that, you can’t help but wonder: why do people wear hoodies when going to the gym for a workout? What makes them so popular among gym buffs and what benefits do they provide?

In this guide, we’ll tell you the reasons why hooded jackets work out when you work out (pun intended). After all, we want to maximize our focus when going to the gym to do workouts so we need every tip possible to make the most out of our 20 to 40-minute gym time.


Why Do People Wear Hoodies to the Gym?

Are you curious to know why your gym buddy is often wearing their favorite hoodies when going to your favorite workout place? Below are a couple of common reasons why people wear hoodies when they head out to the gym:

It makes you feel warmer on a cold day

Do you ever have the urge to skip the gym just because the weather outside is too cold and the air conditioning inside the gym is just too much for you to handle? That’s where hoodies come in handy – they help warm your body up so you can feel more focused during your workouts.

If you don’t have the motivation to do exercises or lift weights because of the sheer coldness, try wearing a hoodie when going to the gym – it will help protect your body from feeling numb due to the AC unit and the weather outside. Likewise, it’s also comfortable to wear on a winter day.

You’re less likely to skip the gym during the winter

Oftentimes, people neglect their physical health during the cold months, which leads to unmanaged weight and ending up going back to the gym by January as part of their New Year’s Resolutions – only to be overwhelmed and fatigued after trying a hard workout since they’ve been on a hiatus.

By doing workouts even on winter (or rainy days for areas without snow) using a hoodie, you’re conditioning your body to stay in the zone and not get shocked once spring or summer kicks in. Even just a couple of minutes at the gym during cold months in a hoodie will maintain your stamina and power.

Hoodies keep you focused on your workouts

A hoodie mostly covers the left and right sides of your face, leading you to only direct your sight forward. When training hard, you’ll want to focus on yourself instead of the people around you – training in hoodies is the perfect way to do that.

By wearing a hooded jacket or sweatshirt, you maintain momentum when you’re doing your reps/sets and/or using the machines you regularly work with. You won’t get easily distracted by the people around you because you can’t easily see them – they will be at your blind spot with a hoodie over your head.

Wearing hoodies make you look stylish at the gym

Who said you can’t be both stylish and functional at the gym? Hoodies add a touch of swagger when you enter the gym. People will likely look at you positively and say “wow, that person is wearing hoodies – they look cool and they seem to know what they are doing!” so you might look like a pro to some people.

Most gym buffs also wear hoodies to make them more mysterious to both newcomers and gym regulars. People will be like “I wonder what kind of shredded body is underneath that hoodie…” because they can’t see it through the thick layer of clothing you are wearing.

For the self-conscious people who feel awkward with their physical image, wearing hoodies when going to the gym helps you focus more on your mind-muscle connection rather than if you are getting gains yet or not. This is also good for those who are still starting and have fat deposits they want to hide.

This is why most gym trainers recommend hoodies with dark colors for those who want to get back to the gym, as well as beginners – especially those who are overweight or even a little chubby and insecure. It will help you feel less awkward with people if you’re wearing a dark-colored hoodie.

They’re good for boxers and fighters

If you’re a boxer or fighter who needs to have a specific weight before a match, you’ll want to lose some water weight. Training in hoodies helps you get the most accurate weight for your needs. If you head to the gym wearing hoodies, you will sweat more, which leads to water weight loss.

Think about it: if you look at Floyd Mayweather, Jr., Manny Pacquiao, and all other boxers out there, you’ll likely see them train with hoodies when they are interviewed. That’s because water weight can be lost when you sweat excessively – which can be done by training while wearing hoodies.

However, this is only water weight loss and not body fat loss – don’t think of it as a shortcut to burning fat. Instead, it will simply help you sweat even more regardless of the weather, causing you to lose water weight, which you can regain after you rehydrate.


As a whole, hoodies are great gym wear to consider because of their benefits. They help you feel less cold when you head to the gym, especially on a cold day. Not only that – you will less likely slack off because the thickness of the material makes you feel warmer and more pumped up to work out.

Boxers and fighters also benefit from hoodies because it helps them manage during the final weigh-in. Aside from that, these hooded sweatshirts or jackets are also a fashion statement when going to the gym while not sacrificing comfort and movement.

If you haven’t tried them yet, why not bring your best hoodies to the gym? You’ll realize just how comfortable it can feel if you train with them – especially during the winter months when gyms are likely not going to be occupied since people are busy for the holidays (and it’s too cold outside).

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