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Stationary Bike vs Treadmill: Which Cardio is The Best For Your Stubborn Belly Fat?

Stationary Bike vs Treadmill

Stationary bike vs treadmill; which one is best for exercise? it’s kind of confusing.

To a healthy individual, equipment like a stationary bike or a treadmill is meant to continue in a state of physical fitness, with the goal of sound health i.e. a body that can perform both effectively and efficiently during work or other activities.

This equipment (Stationary bike and Treadmill) is utilized depending on the age of the individual, the needs of the individual, the benefits, and the goals to be achieved.

These machines are readily available to use when after being installed (either in the gym or at home), further decreasing conditions and diseases that set in due to an inactive lifestyle.

Activities performed on each instrument (stationary bike = cycling, treadmill = walking/running) have the potential of reducing weight, increase strength, improving the cardiovascular system, etc.


Know The Differences of Stationary Bike Vs Treadmill

Stationary Bike

Which is better a stationary bike or a treadmill?

Determining whether a stationary bike is better than a treadmill or a treadmill is better depends on the type of exercise engaged in and the focus of the exercise.

It is also determined by the goals you want to achieve, the pros and cons of each piece of equipment, and your fitness level.

Which is best for belly fat?

A treadmill is the best for burning belly fat. Even though they both let you burn fat.

Due to the setting, the posture assumed, and the method of operation. This is due to the fact that running develops the muscles of the abdomen.

Which one counts as a good cardio exercise?

The treadmill count as a good cardio exercise, it is a good exercise to increase your heart rate by working the heart muscle, thereby making it stronger.

Stationary Bike

Stationary Bike

Exercise settings

Exercise options offered by stationary bike are always limited to the development of the legs and lower part of the body. It allows sitting during exercise and provides low impact during exercise.

Benefitted body parts

The legs and lower body muscles are the body parts that benefit most from the exercises using a stationary bike. Each pedal stroke helps to build the muscles of the calf and thigh.

Which it helps most of the body

The stationary bike helps most of the body depending on the posture assumed while exercising. The posture depends on the type and features of the machine.

For example, using a stationary bike with a handlebar, when the handlebar is raised to a height at a forearm distance from your body above your seat it engages the upper body.


A stationary bike has a wide range of users due to the low injury risk, the low impact, and less stress on the body. It can be used by both young and old people.


New stationary costs between $200 to $2000, with the costly ones equipped with additional features and designs such as backward pedaling mechanisms, LCD display, among others.

Operating systems

Operating a stationary bike is primary to an effective workout session either at home or in the office. To operate a stationary bike, you have to:

  • Familiarize yourself with the several features of the machine and their functions before starting
  • Set the seat and handlebars
  • The pedal straps must be adjusted so as not to let it cut off circulation during pedaling, Pedal with the ball of your foot during the downstroke and pull up with the top of your foot while pumping upward
  • When using the machine do not hunch over, keep your shoulders back, your chest up, and ears within line of your shoulders.


depending on the cost, the cheapest stationary bikes support people that weigh from 200lbs to 220lbs while the middle and high range can support people that weigh between 300lbs to 350lbs.

Repairing & Maintenance

The stationary bike requires constant maintenance and repairs when necessary to ensure they work properly. Maintenance can be done by:

  • Cleaning the down unit with a soft cloth
  • Checking the display for faults
  • Inspecting the pedal for grinding noises, the strap for wear, and other components.
  • Testing the sensors if present such as heart rate sensors

Repairing however depends on the parts of the machine that is faulty. For example, to change a stationary bike’s belt you must:

  • Reduce the flywheel pressure to the minimum setting
  • Lose the fastener for the belt and remove the strap
  • Re-snare the catch when the right strain is accomplished.

Repairs when complex should be left to a professional.

How does a Stationary Bike Works?

It makes use of the cycling and pedaling function associated with the stationary bike.

Cycling builds muscles present in the lower parts of the body (upper parts depend on the posture assumed and type of stationary bike) and with each pedal stroke the muscles of the calf are strengthened

How many calories does a stationary burn in a day?

A stationary bike burns about 400 to 500 calories per hour, therefore, the number of calories burnt per day while using a stationary bike depends on the number of hours used. This makes it a good exercise option for burning calories

Benefits of a Stationary Bike

Exercising using a stationary bike has many benefits and these are some of the benefits gained from using a stationary bike:

  • It puts less stress on you while still provide excellent aerobic exercise.
  • It gives a low-impact workout: it does not put much pressure on the bones and joints. Therefore, it is useful as a workout plan for people with joint injuries and difficulty in balancing.
  • It provides an alternation of training: interval in training helps to burn calories in lesser time
  • Safe: riding in the comfort of your house is definitely safer than on the road.

Disadvantages fo a Stationary Bike

Even though it is a good workout plan, using a stationary bike has some disadvantages such as:

  • Stationary bike due to low impact, the upper body does not receive the workout it needs to increase in strength and for the muscle to grow. Stationary bikes are more focused on the lower body and exercise of the leg
  • Stationary bike simple does not burn calories as required
  • It can lead to pain in the but due to long hours of sitting


Exercise options

Exercise options offered by a treadmill are opened to the development of the whole body. Their use makes getting full-body exercise without the use of all machines in a gym

Benefitted body parts

Principal muscles that benefit from using the treadmill are the thigh muscles and the calf’s muscles, it also works the abdominal muscles especially while running.

The back shoulder and pectoral and arms are also exercised but this occurs at a lower intensity when compared to the legs.

Which it helps most of the body

A treadmill can help work out the whole body depending on the speed of the belt and the angle of inclination. More intense exercise will help to strengthen the muscles of the body.


Due to the higher injury risk, the age limit for using a treadmill is restricted. Young and old people must be constantly supervised


New treadmill costs between $300 to $3000, the differences being in the power of their motors, and other special features that might be added to it.

Operating Systems

The treadmill is pretty straightforward to operate since it involves running, jogging, or walking. Care must be taken when operating to avoid injuries. To use operate a treadmill.

  • Familiarize yourself with the features of the treadmill, this includes how to change the incline or the speed.
  • Simply warm your joints and muscles for about 5 minutes before starting. Do not rush to climb on a treadmill
  • Do not set your feet on the belt immediately on climbing the treadmill Place them at the side of the belts and your hand on the handrails. Clip the emergency stop mechanism to your shirt or shorts. Start the machine and carefully place your legs one at a time on the belts, start to walk, and remove your hand from the railings.
  • Gradually increase your speed to what is required for your workout. Do not set your speed higher than your capabilities.
  • When done, reduce the speed gradually, almost to a stop. Hold the handrails, remove your feet, and place them on the sides.
  • Hit stop, disconnect the emergency button, and walk off, with your feet not touching the belt.


There is no general acceptable weight limit. The weight-carrying capacity of a treadmill depends on the model.

Low-end models have a limit of 200lbs to 300lbs while high-end models have a limit of 300lbs to 500lbs.

Repairing & Maintenance

Proper maintenance of the treadmill should be done to ensure they work properly. Maintenance can be done by:

  • Cleaning the surface with a soft wet cloth, vacuuming under and inside of the treadmill to remove dust
  • Lubricate the treadmill. Before that, confirm whether your treadmill needs lubrication.
  • Tighten and align the belt as when it occurs to you that it is making it difficult to use the machine.
  • Maintain the tension on the belt
  • Use the treadmill on a leveled surface to keep belt aligned
  • It must be connected to the power outlet with a surge protector
    Repairing however requires the help of a professional due to the sophistication of the equipment

How does a treadmill work?

A treadmill is a machine that allows running, jogging, or walking while staying at the same place. The rate of movement is determined by the speed of the belt that is changed by the speed of the motor.

The performance of the treadmill is also determined by the components such as the rollers and decks.

How many calories treadmill burn in a day?

600 to 750 calories per hour is burnt by a treadmill depending on how rigorous the exercise is. The number of calories burnt per day depends on the number of hours used.


Using a treadmill for your exercise purpose has many benefits such as;

  • A lot of calories can be burned making it good for weight reduction
  • The ease and comfort in using it are immense
  • It offers variation in speed and incline

Cons of treadmill

Using a treadmill however comes with some con such as:

  • It has a high impact on the joints leading to high injury risk of the knee or back.
  • There is a risk of falling when using this machine

WH Questions about Treadmill vs Stationary Bike

Which is the best cardio for women?

The treadmill is the best for women looking for overall weight loss and who has taken into consideration of the higher injury risk associated with it. However, for those concern about only the lower part of their body, the stationary bike is better

Which one is perfect for senior people?

The stationary bike is better for senior people, it has less stress on the joint due to its low impact on the already weakened joint of seniors as a result of old age, it provides balance during exercise.

For bad knees, stationary bike, or treadmill – which one is good?

Stationary bikes are preferable for exercising on a bad knee, it doesn’t worsen the knee condition due to the low impact on the joints of the knee

For toning legs, which one is the best workout?

Stationary bikes are best for toning the leg, it builds the muscles of the leg especially the quadriceps without much stress and pressure. It allows anyone to work on it due to it being safer.

are stationary bikes a good workout?

A stationary bike is a good workout strategy, it effectively and efficiently burns calories, strengthens muscles of the legs and lower body and put less strain on the joints making it also a good plan for senior people

Are 30 minutes on a stationary bike enough?

30 minutes is enough to burn as high as about 200 – 300 calories, so depending on your body weight you can choose to go further.

Is an exercise bike good for seniors?

A stationary bike is good for seniors. Using it can help develop the lower body muscles and legs of seniors and when tweaked the upper body muscles can be strengthened.  It provides a stress-free form of workout.

Which is better for exercise, the stationary bike, or the treadmill?

A treadmill is better for exercise. It burns a lot more calories than a stationary bike. It works the whole body while a stationary bike works majorly the legs and lower body parts.

It, however, has a higher injury risk, therefore, usage should be based on consideration of its disadvantages.

Is treadmill harmful to the knee?

A treadmill can be harmful to the knee due to its high impact on the joints can lead to an increase in stress and pressure on the knee while running or jogging.

Is walking better than using a treadmill?

No, walking briskly for the same time as running on a treadmill will only burn about 300calories while running on a treadmill will simply burn more.

Verdict Line

In this content of Stationary Bike vs Treadmill, A treadmill and a stationary bike is good equipment for exercising. However there are some marked differences, the treadmill works the whole body.

It Burns a lot more calories than the stationary bike giving a very intense workout, it has a higher risk of injury due to falling off it or the high impact it has on bones and joints.

A stationary bike has a lower injury risk than a treadmill, focusing mainly on the legs and lower body, there is no restriction on the age of those who can use it making it usable by seniors, people with injuries, or pain.


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