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ProForm Exercise Bike Display Not Working Problems & How To Fix The Issue

Is your ProForm exercise bike display not working? This simply means that there is a fault somewhere that needs to be identified and fixed.

We know how frustrating this experience could be; that is why we have carefully highlighted the possible problems and how you can fix them as soon as possible.

An exercise bike is a piece of standard equipment that you will find in many home gyms.

Although several designs, models, or brands are on the market, ProForm is one of the most reliable options you will find around.

Thanks to its excellent build and several incredible features that make exercise fun and enjoyable.


Proform Exercise Bike Features

  • Compact design
  • Smartphone-compatible speakers
  • Touchscreen console
  • Removable shelves for a tablet computer
  • Heart rate monitoring through the handlebar grips
  • Access to iFit technology
  • 300 pounds maximum user weight capacity
  • Silent Magnetic Resistance system
  • Pre-programmed workouts
  • Toe cages with adjustable toe straps
  • The console has built-in cooling fans
  • Comfortable and adjustable seats
  • Water bottle holder

ProForm Exercise Bike Display Not Working

ProForm 210 CSX Exercise Bike

If your ProForm console display is not coming up, that means there is an issue with the power supply (it is no more receiving power).

Solution: Check the batteries and plug to confirm if they are in good condition. If the opposite is the case, get the affected component replaced as soon as possible.

If there is nothing wrong with the batteries and the plug, you may have to get the console or the wire harness replaced.

Replacing the Console Display

  • Remove the screws (4) holding the console plate in place. These screws can be found below the plate. Once these screws have been detached, safely remove the console from its position.
  • Unplug the wires that are connected to the console. These wires have a similar appearance to a telephone jack. Also, you may come across a wire that extends through the console.
  • This wire has a plastic end, and another wire extending from the upright has a similar appearance. Make sure all of these wires are disconnected.
  • After disconnecting these wires, ensure the wire harness (both ends) is rightly positioned. Replace the damaged console with a new one.
  • Insert the detached wires back into the console (the ones with the plastic end) and reattach the screws to hold the console plate back in its usual position.

Replacing the Wire Harness

  • Detach the upright support (this is where the wires pass through) by removing the 4 screws on the bracket.
  • Disconnect the upper and lower wire harness from each other. Now, connect the new wire harness, then put the upright support back to its usual position by attaching the screws back to the frame.

Different Problems of ProForm exercise bike

Aside from a faulty console display, you may encounter other challenges or issues while using your ProForm exercise bike.

1. Worn-out seat:

If your bike’s seat is damaged or worn out, there is no way you can enjoy your workout sessions.

Solution: Check your bike’s seat regularly for any signs of damage. Replace it accordingly for optimum comfort.

How to replace a damaged/faulty seat

  • Release the pressure on the adjustment knob. Turn it counterclockwise, then detach the seat bracket from the seat post.
  • Separate the seat from the carriage by detaching the split washers and the locknuts. The seat carriage is connected to the seat bracket
  • Unwrap the new seat and then install it to the seat carriage. Attach the split washers and the locknuts to put the seat in the correct position.
  • Ensure the seat bracket finds its way back into the seat post. Turn the adjustment knob clockwise to tighten the bracket.

ProForm 210 CSX Exercise Bike pedal

2. Faulty pedals:

Your pedals may wear out as a result of continuous use. Immediately you notice a drop in performance, you may need to take off the pedals and perform the necessary repair.

Solution: Remove the pedals and replace them with a new ones.

How to replace damaged/faulty pedals

  • Remove the pedals using a wrench. To remove the right pedal, turn it counterclockwise a number of times using the wrench until it becomes loose. Then, use your hand to detach the pedal completely from the crank arm.
  • For the left pedal, follow the same process, but you will turn the pedal clockwise this time.
  • Check the new set of pedals, and identify each unit to guarantee the proper installation. The pedal marked L should be installed on the left, and the pedal marked R on the right.
  • To install the right pedal, insert it into the crank arm, then tighten it in a clockwise direction using your hand — turn it at least 10 times. Complete the process using the adjustable wrench.
  • This ensures it’s securely tightened. Follow the same process for the left pedal installation, but this time, turn the pedal counterclockwise.
  • Before you install the new pedals, you need to first lubricate the pedal threads. Ensure you do this thoroughly.

exercise bike pedals

3. Drive Belt Slippage:

This is when the belt slips off its position while operating the bike.

Solution: Check the belt’s tension and make the necessary adjustment to it.

How to adjust the drive belt

  • You need Hex keys or Allen wrench for this task. These tools are also used in coupling the bike together.
  • Turn the left pedal in a clockwise direction to detach it from its position
  • Remove the screws that are holding the side panels together
  • Detach the side panels
  • Remove the idler pulley adjustment bolt to gain access to the belt tension bolt
  • Adjust the belt tension bolt, and ensure it is well tightened. Make sure the belt is tightly secured and doesn’t slip.
  • Tighten/reinsert the adjustment bolt. Afterward, return the side panels and the left pedal back to their various positions

FAQs Proform Exercise Bike Troubleshooting

How best can I achieve my weight loss goal using an exercise bike?

One of the numerous health benefits of an exercise bike is that it helps in burning calories. When there is a caloric deficit, this brings you closer to your weight loss goal.

For instance, if an individual rides on an exercise bike for 30 minutes, they can burn about 260 calories on average.

How often can I use an exercise bike?

An exercise bike can be used at any time of the day, irrespective of the weather conditions.

If you desire, you can exercise on your bike every day or make it an integral aspect of your workout routine.

If you are suffering from joint problems or have someone who does, using an exercise bike is highly recommended.

ProForm 210 CSX Exercise Bike

What is the ideal daily exercise bike maintenance routine?

Make sure you clean your exercise bike every day using a spray cleaner.

Do not spray the cleaner directly on the bike. Instead, get a clean cloth, spray the cleaner onto it, and use it to clean the frame and other parts of the bike as gently as you can.

If you can’t find a spray cleaner, you can make use of soap and water instead.

Also, avoid the use of abrasives or some sorts of cleaning products that are made from oil.

Oil-based cleaning materials are known to affect or weaken the paint on the frame.

How long does an exercise bike last?

With proper maintenance, on average, an exercise bike can stay active for up to 20 years.

Make sure you pay the necessary attention to your bike and correct any issues immediately you detect them.

How long does it take to assemble an exercise bike?

If you are getting a new exercise bike for your home gym, you will have to assemble it yourself upon delivery.

The process of putting each component together can last for up to 2 hours, even more in some cases.

If you find this exercise stressful and you don’t want to be a part of it, you can pay a bike technician to complete this task for you. This doesn’t cost much.

What happens if I exceed the weight limit of my exercise bike?

The maximum weight limit for most bikes is 300 pounds. Some designs have a maximum weight limit of about 500 pounds.

When you exceed the weight limit, the bike may collapse. This practice is not safe; avoid it. We advise you pick up a bike that can comfortable accommodate your weight.

Asides from ensuring your safety, it as well extends the lifespan of your bike.


We believe that by now, you know what exactly to do when next your ProForm bike display stops working.

We have listed the possible problems and the steps you need to take to fix them as soon as possible.

Upon the delivery of your exercise bike, make sure you get familiar with the main components.

These components include the wheel, console, belt, seat, wires, and pedals. The good thing is that all of these components are easily accessible, making it very easy to perform series of inspections or troubleshooting if there is an issue with them.

While trying to replace a part or component of your exercise bike, ensure you include the model name, number, and the bike’s serial number in your order description.

This is how you can get the right parts and components delivered to you.


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