Bannatyne Gym Price and Membership 2024


There are several fitness and training centers to assist people in their efforts. One such place is The Bannatyne Gym, located in the United Kingdom. However, once you hear about the Bannatyne Gym Prices, you may go insane.

Bannatyne gym center is a well-known and respected gym in the United Kingdom. Due to their policies, they are not the same as all of their competitors in terms of prices. Their policies make it worth it for the amount of work they do.

The Bannatyne Fitness Center is mainly focused on their clients, and they go out of their way to ensure that their customers stay healthy.

Bannatyne’s offers the best guidance to their clients. Furthermore, they prepare projects to meet the daily objectives of every person. And for this, You don’t have to break the bank to get started on your fitness transformation. Bannatyne’s gym costs are incredibly reasonable!


Bannatyne Gym Price 2024

Bannatyne gym_

Bannatyne Gym Full Prices (Anytime With Open Hours) 

Single Direct Debit £ 25.00- £ 49.45
Full Single Prepaid £ 25.00- £ 539.99

Bannatyne Gym Off Peak Prices (Weekdays: 6:30-16:00)

Off-Peak Single Direct Debit £ 25.00- £ 44.00
Off-Peak Single Prepaid £ 25.00- £ 475.99

Bannatyne Gym Day Pass Price

Day Pass Full From £ 15.99

Bannatyne’s Gym offers a variety of services that other gyms do not. They assign fitness coaches who will assess the individual as well as their fitness level. Their modern offices and club can’t be found elsewhere, and they provide a wonderfully friendly environment for those looking to improve their health.

The Gym offers several enrollment alternatives, and enrollees are given more advantages and services. The Bannatyne Gym’s prices are the lowest, making them unique compared to their competitors. The fees at Bannatyne Membership cost are cheap when compared to what they provide.

Bannatyne Gym Hours

Bannatyne gym_

  • Monday – Friday 06.00 to 22.00.
  • Saturday – Sunday 08.00 to 20.00.
  • Bank Holidays – Normal Opening Times.

I hope this article helped you find the information you need about Bannatyne Gym Prices. Would you mind going through all the details mentioned here and ensuring that each doubt is cleared?

You can also check their official website for other information, such as the Bannatyne spa price list, Bannatyne spa membership price, Bannatyne health club price.

Bannatyne Child Membership

They don’t have a child membership plan as of now. But a maximum of 2 Children are allowed with adult membership and maximum of 4 children allowed with a joint family membership.

Does Bannatynes offer NHS discount?

Yes, Bannatynes provides a 50% discount on First SPA treatments to NHS workers. They also get full access to our indoor and outdoor pool, steam room, sauna, and jacuzzi – as well as unlimited yoga classes, Unlimited gym usage.

How to Cancel Bannatyne’s Membership?

Bannatyne membership_

You can cancel your membership at Bannatyne’s Gym. All you need to do is give 30 days prior notice to the gym(effective from the first of the following month).

If you are injured, lost your job, you can easily cancel your membership with Bannatyne’s gym. Make sure you provide 30 days prior notice to the gym owner.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is Bannatynes NHS discount?

Bannatynes offers a 50% discount on the first SPA treatment.

Can I take my child swimming at Bannatynes?

Children are not allowed for swimming at Bannatynes.

Can I cancel my Bannatynes membership?

Your membership may be canceled if you send a letter or email to your local Health Club stating that you wish to cancel your membership. You can also send a message via this form in writing to your fitness center requesting the cancellation of your membership.

When can I book classes at Bannatynes?


You can schedule a class through their members’ website or the Bannatyne app up to three days in advance.

How old do you have to be to join Bannatynes gym?

Only persons who are at least 16 years of age can attend. Children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by their parents or legal guardians.

How long is Bannatynes swimming pool?

The swimming Pool at Bannatyne’s fitness is 15m long while standard pools are 25m longer.

Can you bring a friend to Bannatyne?

Yes, you can bring a maximum of 4 guests at a time. For more information about Bannatyne’s Fitness Guest Policy, click here.

How much do Bannatyne personal trainers cost?

Personal Training at Bannatynes fitness club depends on the duration and number of sessions you take

Read more Bannatyne’s Health Club FAQs

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When publishing this post, information was up to date, as mentioned on Bannatyne’s official website. To confirm the Bannatyne Prices, you must visit the nearest GYM or their official website for the most recent information.

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