Fitness Connection Membership Prices and Costs 2024

Fitness Connection
Fitness Connection
Fitness Connection

Fitness Connection is one of the most affordable gyms in town. For the facilities and services they offer, the costs are very reasonable for what you get out of it. As a matter of fact, their prices are considerably cheaper than at most other gyms nearby.

Even though each local club charges different fees, Fitness Connection Prices are affordable. The basic monthly membership is $9.49 for one club. If you’re a traveler who likes to work out in different places, there is an option for that too! For $19.49 a month (which surely beats what most gyms charge) opportunities abound as you have access to gyms in various areas around the globe such as Asia Pacific, Europe, and NA Central, just to name a few!

If we take a look at the Fitness Connection Membership Prices [Annually], it is $ 249.99 for one club access and $ 299.99 for multi-club access annually.

Here’s a quick breakdown of the charges at Fitness Connection to give you some more information about pricing for various services!


Fitness Connection Membership Prices | Fees

Fitness Connection Membership – Monthly Basis

One Club Access

Membership TypePrice
Initiation Fee$99.99
Monthly Fee$9.49

All Club Access

Membership TypePrice
Initiation Fee$49.99
Monthly Fee$19.49

Fitness Connection Membership Prices – Yearly Basis

One Club Access

Membership TypePrice
Initiation Fee$0.00
Annually Fee$249.99

All Club Access

Membership TypePrice
Initiation Fee$0.00
Annually Fee$299.99

Fitness Connection Near Me

How much is a Fitness Connection membership?

For One Club, it’s $9.49 a month or you can get All-Club access for just $19.49 a month.

Can I bring a guest to Fitness Connection?

There is a limit to how many times you can bring a guest in within four months. A member can bring guests 18 years of age or older with them, but they may only come once every four months.

Does Fitness Connection have showers?

Fitness Connection locations near Las Vegas, North Carolina, and Texas have amenities like saunas and locker rooms with luxurious showers to aid in ridding a person of the stress associated with such a high-energy workout.

Does Fitness Connection Pay weekly?

10th and 25th of each month.

What does Fitness Connection offer?

Fitness Connection’s wide-open workout floor makes sure that you have enough space to do rounds of sprinting and jogging to achieve your desired fitness goals. Advanced cleaning systems and sanitation procedures ensure that we leave our free weights cleaner and safer than when we found them.

How do I quit Fitness Connection?

To terminate Fitness Connection, you can contact their Member Services section at 800-922-7898. Alternatively, you can write them a formal letter stating your name, ID number, annual membership fee date, the PO Box address they have on file for you, and the reason you’d like to cancel.

Does Fitness Connection have punching bags?

Fitness Connection Garland offers an outstanding $5 million-dollar facility that is equipped with state-of-the-art cardio and resistance machines, including punching bags.

Does Fitness Connection offer a military discount?

Fitness Connection does not offer military discounts. Instead, they keep their prices low for all of their members, who come from a variety of backgrounds and ranks.

A table that includes pricing details for all of the different services offered by Fitness Connection is provided above. Please visit their official website at to find out more. If you’re interested in learning more about gym prices, please visit


We gather information about different GYM franchise costs directly from the business and also collect it through industry research. Many locations of interest are listed on our directory, but they change over time. If you wish to obtain current pricing, we would suggest that you talk with a representative from the local Fitness Connection location in person or over the phone.

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