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Flywheel Sports Class
Flywheel Sports

Flywheel Sports Class Prices: Flywheel is an indoor cycling studio that offers very affordable and reasonable membership prices.

If you’re looking for a new home workout routine or just want to break out of your rut, try Flywheel!

You can join a flywheel to burn calories and take steps towards your shapely body. Flywheels are found around the country, so you’ll never be too far away from one!


About Flywheel Sports

Flywheel Sports is the solution for people who want to get competitive, have fun, and work out in a positive environment. Our indoor cycling classes are led by expert instructors who push you past your limits while making sure you enjoy yourself at the same time. You’ll burn calories, build muscle tone and improve endurance during our 45-minute rides on bikes equipped with advanced technology that tracks your speed, power output, heart rate, and more!

Flywheel Sports Class Prices

Flywheel’s prices are a lot to take in. Let us break it down into the two main parts: Flywheel Prices and Flywheel Classes so you know what they mean before we go further

The flywheels have different pricing based on their class, but there is also an additional fee for membership which varies depending on your plan type.

Note: The price of Membership plans can be vary depending on the location.

Flywheel Monthly Membership Prices

Flywheel memberships are monthly subscriptions.

Anytime you want to attend a Flywheel class, there is an additional fee on top of the membership price for that month.

So if you decide to go four times per month (four classes), then your total cost would be $92 each month ($23 x 4).

If you decided to attend two classes per week (8 Classes per month), then you have to pay $21 per class which means $168 per month.

The Flywheel prices for classes are different because there are three different types of classes. If you plan to attend Monthly 12 classes (weekly 3 classes). then cost will be $19 dollars per class which total $ 228 dollars per month.

All monthly memberships renew automatically. If you take more classes in a week, the class cost gets lower!

Flywheel Sports Class Prices Credits (If You Prefer a little flexibility)

Flywheel has a variety of packages for people who would like to sign up and take 1 class, 5 classes, 10 classes, and 20.

A one-class Flywheel package costs $ 30.

Flywheel is one of the most popular gyms in America. If you choose their 5 class package, they will charge $145 which is equal to 29$/class with no contract!

Flywheel Sports also has 10 classes package that is only $28 each.

The 20-class package costs $ 520, which implies you must pay $ 26 per class.

Note: Flywheel has packages for 1, 5, 10, and 20 classes. There are different prices depending on whether you want to buy just one or more than that at once. The 1-class package is valid for 45 days only while 5, 10, and 20 class packages are valid for 12 months from the date you purchase.

About FlyWheel Sports App

Flywheel Sports, the rapidly growing, revolutionary indoor cycling studio, has made it easier than ever to book your favorite classes with our innovative new app.

Flywheel Sports has made it easier than ever to book your favorite classes with the innovative new app. Flywheel Sports App is available on iOS and Android. Not only this, but you can also see the Flywheel Price List, Check Flywheel Schedules & Prices near you on Flywheel Sports App.

Flywheel Sports App Key features:

  • Flywheel has a new Home Bike that allows you to stream unlimited live and on-demand classes from your own mobile device or Chromecast.
  • Reserve the flywheel for stadium cycling and precise training sessions.
  • Purchasing credits, memberships, and gift cards is also possible.
  • You can also manage and view your reservations and account information.
  • Every session, class, and overtime is recorded so you can see how your workout is progressing.
  • Visit your class rank to see how you compare to other students.
  • Requires Flywheel Home Bike and subscription.
  • To watch videos, Android 7 and above is required.

Flywheel Sports locations

There are currently 36 Flywheel Sports locations across the United States. You can check the Flywheel website or app to see if there is a studio near you.


Flywheel’s pricing varies depending on the location. You can find Flywheels in different locations at various prices. The data is gathered from all over, so there are no set prices for these items. You’ll have to contact your local center before you pay anything!

Also, check our site for more information about other fitness clubs

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