American Family Fitness Price

american family fitness price

Want to try American Family Fitness? In this post, we will be discussing the American Family Fitness Price and Membership cost which you need to know before joining the club.

Virginia-based American Family Fitness has nine fitness centers. They currently have 9 locations in Richmond, Fredericksburg, and Williamsburg.

Cardio, weight loss, group fitness, personal training, and aquatic classes are all offered at American Family Fitness. All memberships at American Family Fitness include additional services such as child care, sauna and steam rooms, and pools.

Every family has to come up with strategies for dealing with health. Every family member is assigned a specific goal on the previous list of fitness activities that may be met individually.

Swimming is an excellent option for those with mobility impairments or other physical limitations that prevent them from participating in regular gym activities. Nutrition surveys are also included to help you achieve a comprehensive approach to maintaining your health.


Personal Trainer Policy of American Family Fitness

Visitors and members who are interested in the fitness workstation may have a free discussion with a trainer. The mentor will check the part’s fitness levels, discuss goals, and offer recommendations to help meet them during the session.

Individuals may choose the personal training they wish to do. Individual preparation can be one-on-one, partner training, or group exercise sessions. The aim is to keep people motivated for them to achieve their fitness objectives.

American Family Fitness Price | Membership Fees & Cost

american family fitness price

American Family Fitness Price [Month to Month Enrollment]

Enrollment Fee$0.00
Monthly Cost$65.00
Maintenance Fee$50.00

American Family Fitness Price [Anaully]

Enrollment Fee$0.00
Monthly Cost$49.00
Maintenance Fee$50.00

All of the Prices mentioned above are only for Individuals only. To know more about other family and couple membership plans, head over to the American Family Fitness Price Overview below.

American Family Fitness Price Overview

To join American Family Fitness, you must first choose a membership plan: single, family, or household types. The monthly cost ranges from $65 for a single applicant to $90 for a couple.

There are no fees to join, and visitors may choose between one to three years of membership. The longer a membership, the less you will pay in expenses each month.

Each of the 9 locations is included, and an 8-week course for guided instruction on fitness routines is provided in their clubs. There’s also unlimited access to gym clothing, classes, pool, sauna, and steam room.

Individuals who purchase the Family Membership plan can get access to KidZone. The KidZone includes baby care for newborns up to a month old and pre-youth camps for children from six months old and up.

Individuals must personally explain their decision to cancel activities if they are dropping. Members must fill out the cancellation form and present appropriate proof to verify their final consumption. The final enrollment instalment is 30 days after the date of the most recent payment.

American Family Fitness Guest Pass

Members can bring guests to access the club’s services. They would need to notify the club’s administration ahead of time for their visit to go through. According to the club’s policy, visitors are required to provide essential documentation.

A $20 fee is charged for every session. Visitors must be at least 18 years old and reside in the area. Visitors can only profit from these services once a quarter or four times a year. If you’d like to learn more about it, go to


There are a variety of fitness activities available in every area, ranging from gentle Yoga and high-intensity turning sessions. Fitness professionals perform each class to make it more effective.

Racketball and basketball courts, pools, whirlpools, steam baths, and saunas are all available in the club’s facilities. The water slide and the pool region are available for children with supervision.

Private or group swimming lessons are available at the American Family Fitness aquatic center. A few locations even provide a simple scuba course to persons who are interested in diving.

Kids may also join you in your fitness sessions by participating in KidZone activities and youth camps dedicated to structure quality and confidence. Your child’s development and health are guaranteed by authorized specialists.

American Family Fitness Nearby Me Location

This article is intended to provide you with an overview of the American Family Fitness Prices and services that you will receive.

Check out the above-provided details to learn more about American Family Fitness Price. Visit our website for additional information on membership costs at other gyms.

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