11 Best Shoes for Running on Treadmill 2024 – Lightweight & Comfortable

Lightweight shoes for treadmill

Do your shoes bite you while running on a treadmill? Or do you get tired after running on a treadmill? If it is so, then take a look at these running shoes that seem ideal to run for longer over the treadmill.

Whether you’re enjoying the treadmill during the colder season or just hitting the machine, you probably understand well how difficult it is to run over the treadmill without running shoes. On the flip side, you are familiar with the health benefits of running on a treadmill.

best shoes for running on treadmill

But to make your running more comfortable, you need to have a pair of running shoes that help hit the treadmill right. If you feel hassle in searching for the ideal pair of shoes, don’t look further.

We here created the list of the best shoes for running on a treadmill. We’ve done a lot of research by digging the ground and found that these are the best running shoes. So, let’s don’t waste time; check out these reviews to decide the best one for you.

As you know the importance of running shoes, let’s move further to read the reviews of the top models of running shoes. So, let’s get started!


Top Picks of 2024

1) Adidas adiZero Adios 5 – Best Shoes for Running on Treadmill

Adidas adiZero Adios 5

The top product that wins the top place in the list is Adidas adiZero Adios 5. These shoes boast with a rubber sole that keeps your feet comfortable while running and workout. Also, the light strike EVA foam midsole provides excellent support to the midfoot region.

Its lightweight and speed-friendly design enhance the value of these running shoes. Besides that, its flat outsole provides firm gripping over the ground. To keep your feet breathable, these shoes have upper ultra-micro perforated mesh to maintain the shoes’ airflow.

The upper of the shoes fit snugly, and the front region’s narrowness locks the feet during running. It also has an inner sleeve to keep your feet gripped. It is perfect for running for longer over the treadmill; from decent fit to excellent breathability and lightweight design.

  • Excellent quality
  • Highly breathable
  • Highly durable and long-lasting
  • Laces for extra snugly fit
  • Some other features are also available at this price range.


2) New Balance 1400V6 Running Shoe

New Balance 1400V6 Running Shoe

New Balance always provides quality shoes for running and to support your feet ideally. While reviewing the New Balance 1400V6 running shoes, we found some excellent features. One is its lightweight Revlite foam midsole that keeps your midfoot supple on the ground.

The rubber outsole improves the traction and supports running on the ground. The best is you will find enough foam cushioning support that keeps your feet lightweight and supportive. With these shoes, you can continually run over the 10k and beyond this.

New Balance 1400V6 is amongst the best shoes for running over a treadmill as it features a heel wave plate and firm forefoot that keep your feet supportive and run efficiently. Also, the presence of the small lugs provides you with super comfortable traction on the treadmill belts.

New Balance 1400V6 Running Shoe

  • Maximum traction
  • Barefoot friendly construction
  • 100% long-lasting synthetic material
  • Lightweight upper and supportive midfoot
  • A bit on the pricier side


3) ASICS Women’s Roadhawk FF 2 Running Shoes

ASICS Women’s Roadhawk FF 2 Running Shoes

Women need extra support for the ankle region while traction and running over the treadmill. If you’ve been looking for the best running shoes for the treadmill, try these ASICS women’s Roadhawk FF 2 running shoes. These shoes are extremely lightweight and have an extra thick cushion that supports your feet snugly.

Its AHAR plus outsole allows you to strategically position you on critical areas and provide you with comfortable running. Meanwhile, it has a one-piece upper construction that is comfortable and nice. Its seamless construction reduces friction over the ground and allows better traction.

Also, the Flytefoam technology helps to provide exceptional bouncing to run firmly by keeping your feet aligned in the shoes. Laces construction keeps your feet snugly while the upper mesh keeps your feet dry.

ASICS Women’s Roadhawk FF 2 Running Shoes

  • Lightweight construction
  • Highly cushioned
  • Versatile design
  • Highly flexible
  • Maximum traction
  • The narrow toe box is not ideal for wide feet women.


4) New Balance Women’s Fresh Foam 1080 V9 Running Shoe

New Balance Women's Fresh Foam 1080 V9 Running Shoe

New Balance ultra-heel and fresh foam tempo with bootie construction provide seamless comfort during running over the treadmill. These New Balance women’s shoes are one of the best running shoes on the treadmill as it has an Ortholite Sockliner that helps to support your feet superbly.

The engineered mesh and no-sew material application improve breathability and reduce sweat trouble. Above this, it has ultra-heel and bootie construction that helps to keep your ankle supportive and comfortable while running.

Besides that, the midsole cushioning is broadly offering the sweet spot better in the midfoot. The extra thicker cushioning heel is ideal for long tractions and fast running on the treadmill. If you are looking for shoes for wider feet, then this must be excellent for you. Overall, these shoes are great to have for running over a treadmill.

New Balance Women's Fresh Foam 1080 V9 Running Shoe

  • Extremely supportive
  • Highly durable and long-lasting
  • Budget-friendly
  • Ortholite Sockliner to support the ankle region
  • Not so firm to wear with such high heel cushion


5) Adidas adiZero Boston 8 Running Shoes

Adidas adiZero Boston 8 Running Shoes

The Adidas adiZero Boston running shoes are ideal for long-distance comfort and running for a more extended time over the treadmill. Its lightweight design with a neutral base provides firm gripping over the ground to have outstanding balance and stability.

The midsole has extra cushioning foam with upper mesh to keep your feet comfortable even after long day traction. The torsion shank and flexible outsole provide extra stability to the feet and improve the traction rate. It comes in laces construction to keep your feet snugly, and heels support your ankle ideally.

These shoes are built for special running and speedy traction. Along with this, the midfoot lockdown ensures to keep your feet secure and fit during running over the treadmill. Responsive cushion midsole keeps your feet supported and comfortable. Besides that, if you ever think of quality, the Adidas name is enough to say.

Adidas adiZero Boston 8 Running Shoes

  • Improved heel construction
  • Midfoot lockdown
  • Adaptive cushioning for extra comfort
  • Low top from the arch region
  • Breathable rubber
  • Not ideal for the wider foot people


6) Skechers Men’s Go Run Razor 3

Skechers Men's Go Run Razor 3

Skechers Go Run Men’s Razor 3 is highly versatile and lightweight for long traction. To keep your foot supportive, these shoes have a thick rubber outsole. Moreover, the durable translucent ripstop mesh ensures that you will have traction and support. Seamless non-stretch upper enhances the comfort level.

For efficiency in each stride, it has mid-foot strike zones. Moreover, the strategically placed upper outsole provides better traction and durability. Along with this, the Molded heel counter keeps your feet secure and stable. Its long-lasting hyper burst to cushion the midsole enhances the comfort level while running over the treadmill.

Besides that, pressure reducing speed lacing system helps keep your feet stable without putting much pressure over the foot’s mid-region. Seamless non-stretch upper enhances the comfort level. Synthetic material enhances the durability of the shoes so that you can have long-lasting traction.

Skechers Men's Go Run Razor 3

  • Durable translucent ripstop
  • Synthetic mesh
  • Ultra-lightweight design
  • Strategically placed rubber outsole
  • The midsole is too soft for some people who want a little hard surface.


7) Mizuno Wave Rider 23 Running Shoes

Mizuno Wave Rider 23 Running Shoes

We are ending our review list with Mizuno wave rider 23 running shoes. The narrow shaft measure is low-top from arch. Rubber outsole and wave cushion technology provide ultra-soft comfort for a super-secure fit. Also, the breathable mesh helps to control the temperature and keep your feet breathing.

Extremely lightweight design is excellent for unwavering top performance. The presence of dual compound midsole uses the U4icX technology for exhilarating runs and unrivaled responsiveness. Also, the neutral favorite is great for slight underpronation.

Rubber sole provides firm gripping over the ground and keeps your feet stable and ideal for long-lasting traction.

Mizuno Wave Rider 23 Running Shoes

  • Soft and comfortable
  • Great for long-running
  • Midsole cushion
  • Affordable
  • The front region is too narrow.


Bottom Line

For maximum running over the treadmill, you need to have the best and most comfortable shoes that support your feet and provide seamless comfort to the feet. So, now you don’t need to wander here and there to search for the ideal shoes, we’ve narrowed down the list by reviewing the seven best running shoes for the treadmill. You can select the best one from the review list for you.


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