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ILoveKickBoxing Prices: IloveKickBoxing is a combat sports gym that has been around for years. They offer fitness equipment, classes, and other amenities to ensure you get the best workout experience possible. IloveKickBoxing Prices vary depending on what type of membership you purchase but there are many options to suit your needs.

I Love Kickboxing is the world’s most prominent chain of kickboxing and combat sports gyms that use kickboxing and combative sports to improve people’s health. Fitness buffs who wish to enhance their well-being through kickboxing and combat training should visit I Love Kickboxing.

I was hesitant to sign up for I Love Kickboxing at first. But, after my initial workout with It, I fell in love! The cost of membership is low and reasonable for the facilities and services they provide.


ILoveKickboxing Prices

ILoveKickboxing Prices – Monthly

7 Month Commitment Prices

Initiation Fee$149.99
Due Today$298.99

IloveKickBoxing Membership Costs [Yearly]

12 Month Commitment Prices

Initiation Fee$125.99
Due Today$250.99

ILoveKickboxing Prices overview

The initial payment for a 7-Month Commitment is around $149.99 in some countries, although the monthly charge is $149.99. Assuming you go to the gym just five days a week and have to pay only $7.45 per day; I believe it’s fantastic.

If you want to exercise for 12 months, your initial fee will be $125.99 and the monthly payments are only 125.99 which means that if you work out five times a week then typical expenditures should average about 6 dollars per month

For both options, the cancellation fee is different. Other Groupon deals include 5 to 10 kickboxing classes for $100 to $200 with individual training sessions.

This means that ILoveKickboxing gym memberships are reasonable if you sign up for 12 months.

ILoveKickBoxing Guest Pass prices

IloveKickBxing doesn’t offer Free Passes for guests. However, Guest Pass Prices are much lower than typical health club rates, and you can purchase a single day pass or an entire month of classes. Plus, ILoveKickboxing offers a variety of class times to choose from so you can find one that fits your schedule.

ILoveKickboxing Timing

Monday6 AM–10 PM
Tuesday6 AM–10 PM
Wednesday6 AM–10 PM
Thursday 6 AM–10 PM
Friday6 AM–10 PM
Saturday6 AM–3 PM
Sunday6 AM–3 PM

ILoveKickboxing Nearby Me Location

FAQs About ILoveKickboxing prices


Many of the prices were listed in US Dollars and may not line up with costs in your country. All costs were obtained from the ILoveKickboxing website and we assume that they are accurate, but we can’t guarantee that. We recommend that you check for more details for recent pricing on their website before signing up for anything.

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