Blast Fitness Prices and Membership 2024

Blast Fitness
Blast Fitness
Blast Fitness

When you work out at Blast Fitness, you know that you’re paying for the very best in fitness equipment and world-class facilities. You also know that you’ll be exposed to a variety of diverse exercises that help your body blossom into its ultimate physical potential!

If you’re looking for a great value full-service fitness center, you will not be disappointed with Blast Fitness. They have created a welcoming environment that allows you to push yourself to get results minus the intimidation factor of big business gyms. People at Blast Fitness define commitment and strive to make every day a unique experience by challenging your physical limits and providing expert guidance in nutrition and weight loss as well – catering to the needs of one’s body!

There’s no need to cut into your savings since Blast Fitness prices are so affordable.


Blast Fitness Gold Membership Prices

Membership PlanPrices
Gold Membership (Per Month)$8.88
Gold Membership (Quarterly)$58.88

Blast Fitness Platinum Membership Prices

Membership PlanPrices
Platinum Membership (Per Month) $19.99
Platinum Membership (Quarterly)$88.88

Blast Fitness Membership Plans

Blast Fitness is a unique gym that offers both Gold Membership and Platinum memberships so people can choose which one best fits their fitness needs.

If you choose to purchase Blast Fitness’s Gold Membership, the annual plan at $ 8.88 per month provides the basic services.

Blast fitness has a very reasonable gold membership that comes with a $ 58.88 quarterly charge which is definitely pretty affordable considering everything you get in return for such a low price.

Blast Fitness has an annual subscription price of $ 19.99 per month and it offers a range of premium services like group exercise classes, babysitting, tanning services that can help keep you feeling healthy and happy!

This year, Blast Fitness is offering a Platinum Membership that costs $ 88.88 per quarter.

If we look at the prices above, you’ll note that a yearly membership is cheaper and more affordable than a quarterly one.

Blast Fitness locations 

Here I have provided complete and proper information about Blast Fitness Prices. You can get the membership online at or directly at the location. You can also go here to get more details about gym membership costs for other gym prices.


We collect prices from actual Blast Fitness customers. Our website staff has verified prices displayed on this page or collected from a verified Blast Fitness employee. Although we work hard to keep our pricing up to date, prices are subject to change without prior notice. Also, prices may vary from one location to another and can also be affected by promotions and sales events that may or may not apply nationwide.

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