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Crunch Fitness Q&A


Membership Cancellation

How to cancel crunch membership

If you want to terminate your membership with Crunch Fitness, you will have to visit your home gym. They will cancel your membership.

How do I cancel my crunch membership?

Visit Home Gym to cancel your membership. Franchisees own and operate Crunch gyms; as such, Cancellation policies and procedures may differ depending on the state and local rules.

Does crunch fitness have a cancellation fee?

Crunch Fitness

Yes, there is a fee if you cancel your membership at Crunch Fitness.

Can You Cancel Crunch Fitness membership online?

You can not cancel your membership online. You can not cancel your membership by email or phone. To cancel your membership, you must go to the home gym.

Is it easy to cancel Crunch Fitness membership?

Yes, It is very simple and straightforward to terminate your membership. Just visit the home branch and ask the manager to cancel the membership.

How to Freeze Crunch Fitness Membership?

If you are moving out for a few days or months and want to freeze/pause your membership, Directly visit your local crunch fitness club to freeze your membership.

Can you cancel crunch Fitness over the phone call?

You can cancel crunch fitness by calling this number (866) 428-9664 and providing them with your account details.

Free Trial/ Guest Pass/ A day Pass

Workout at Crunch Fitness

how much is a day pass at crunch fitness

A day pass is completely Free. Go to this link they will send you a day pass on your email.

How can I request a free trial to Crunch?

You can easily request a Free Trial at Crunch Fitness. Just visit this link and fill in information such as email, name, address, etc. A Free Trial Pass will be sent to you shortly.

Does Crunch Gym offer Student Discount?

You can always visit your local gym and ask them if they provide student discounts. Each Franchise has its own rules and guidelines. So don’t hesitate to ask if there is an offer running.

What is Crunch Fitness Guest Policy? What are crunch fitness guest privileges?

Guests are not permitted at Crunch Gym after a user has swiped to allow entrance. Guests must be 18 years old or older and not members of Crunch. Guests must complete a guest register and present a valid ID at the entry.

How many guests can I bring to crunch?

Only one guest is allowed.

Are guests allowed at crunch?

Guest are allowed at crunch fitness. Members and guests must visit the Gym at the same time. Once Guests register with crunch fitness, their guest pass will be invalid or terminated.

Memberships and Costs


How much does crunch cost a month?

Crunch fitness base membership

  • Monthly- $10.31 including Enrollment Fee
  • Yearly- $176.99 (includes annual fee + annual price + processing fee)

Crunch fitness peak membership

  • Monthly- $24.99/month Including Enrollment fee
  • Yearly- $259.00 (includes annual fee + annual price +processing fee)

Crunch fitness peak plus membership

  • Monthly: $10.31 including Enrollment Fee
  • Yearly: $307.82 (Included annual price + Annual Fee + Processing Fee)

When does crunch charge an annual fee

How much is Crunch Fitness per year?

Crunch Fitness Annually Price is $249.50 and $49.99 is the annual fee.

How much does it cost to go to Crunch Fitness?

Membership at crunch fitness starts from $9.99. You can choose membership plans such as Base, Peak, and Peak Plus. Price is different for each membership plan.

Crunch Fitness Personal Trainers

Crunch group

Are Crunch Fitness Personal Trainers Good?

Yes, They are certified fitness trainers and help you achieve fitness goals. They provide personalized training and nutrition plans according to the goal.

Working Hours

What time does crunch fitness open/close

  • Monday to Thursday: 5 AM to 11 PM
  • Friday: 5 AM to 10 PM
  • Saturday and Sunday: 7 AM to 7 PM


Does Crunch Fitness have showers?

Crunch Fitness offers facilities such as Cardio, Weights & Machines, Locker Rooms with Showers, Online Nutrition Program, Power Half Hour Circuit Training, Live Online Workouts, Guest Privileges, Free T-shirt, Hydro-Massage, Tanning

what is hydro-massage at crunch fitness?

The hydro-massage at the crunch fitness, also known as water massage, is the use of water pressure to apply massage techniques to the human body.


Does Crunch Fitness require masks?

Yes, you may need a mask as Crunch fitness follows covid 19 state and local health guidelines provided by the government.

Does a Crunch membership work anywhere?

You need Signature locations membership, in order to make membership work at all crunch fitness locations.

Can a 16-year-old go to Crunch Fitness?

Crunch Fitness allows youngsters under 16 but need parental permission to work out in the facility. CRUNCH consent is given and approved by CRUNCH at CRUNCH’s sole discretion.

How much is a personal trainer at crunch fitness

Crunch Fitness gym

Personal Training includes one-on-one and small group training. The price depends on how long is a training session is and what it includes in the session.

Where is Crunch Fitness headquarters?

Crunch Fitness Headquarter is located in New York, United States.


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