10 Best Weight Gain Supplements for Skinny Women 2024 – Bulk Up Beautifully

If you battle with weight gain as a woman, hearing the phrase “just eat” probably makes you angry—and for good reason. For some people, gaining and keeping weight can be extremely difficult. Nonetheless, it would be much easier to do so if you weren’t forced to fight on your own. Weight gainers play a great role in gaining weight, and so do we.

We’re here to provide you with a list of the top weight gain supplements that will make your weight gain journey a hundred times easier! You don’t have to waste time searching through options by yourself—simply read our list and find the one you need in minutes!


From Skinny to Strong – Top Picks

1. Paleo Pro Carnivore Protein Powder

Paleo Pro Carnivore Protein Powder

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The supplement Carnivore Complete falls somewhere between a protein and a weight-gain aid. The fact that you get more calories than you would with a protein powder but fewer calories than you would with a mass gainer makes it ideal for thin ladies trying to gain weight.

Because they weigh less than males, women often have lower absolute protein requirements. Your daily protein goal when gaining weight should be between 100 and 125 g for a 125 lb girl. In this case, Carnivore Complete offers anywhere between 10 and 13 percent of the daily recommended protein consumption.

Beef protein is of the highest grade available on the market. It is grass-fed beef from New Zealand, where there are some of the tightest animal welfare regulations in the world. Cow hooves and other scraps are used to produce low-quality beef proteins.

These courses are not cut by Paleo Pro. They claim that their beef protein is created entirely from beef. And if you’re wondering whether a beef protein will prevent you from gaining weight in comparison to whey protein, it doesn’t appear that it will based on the most recent data we have showing comparable improvements in lean body mass.

2. Paleo Pro Primal Protein Bars

Paleo Pro Primal Protein Bars

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Even though it is quick and simple, drinking protein supplements doesn’t give you the same sense of fulfillment as digesting your meal. Also, you’re doomed if you need to consume your protein already mixed and you live in a hot region.

To make things simpler, have protein bars on hand to aid with weight growth. One bar has a staggering 260 calories! And this isn’t your normal protein “candy” bar with added sugar. No, this bar has all the natural ingredients including cashews, cherries, and egg whites.

A lady who weighs 125 pounds should consume 1800–2000 calories per day on average. You may simply enhance your calorie intake by using one of these bars as a delicious snack.

If you are a fan of chocolate, you may be worried about the taste of the cherry cashew flavor. It may not sound too appetizing, yet, the way the components were combined results in a truly delicious protein bar. Note that it is pretty sticky, though, so it will get stuck in your teeth.

3. PhenQ Meal Replacement Shake

PhenQ Meal Replacement Shake

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Because there are so few pure vegan protein sources, vegans frequently find it challenging to stick to a high-protein diet. That is why we recommend the PhenQ Meal Replacement Shake. Although it is stated on their website that it is for weight loss,  using a product is not what causes you to lose weight. It involves taking in fewer calories than you lose.

Hence, if you add PhenQ Meal Replacement Shakes to your regular eating routine, you will actually put on weight. Pea protein is used to make it, giving it enormous plant power. And, there is an added benefit: you may use this weight gain supplement with confidence if you have any food sensitivities because it is also non-GMO, gluten-free, dairy-free, soy-free, and free of soy.

This is a real meal replacement product that will aid in your weight growth if you are a thin woman. Although 270 calories may not seem like much, you are not limited to using just one serving. The great thing about PhenQ Meal Replacement Shakes is that they don’t include calories from sugar or other fillers. The majority of supplements for weight gain employ sugar to dramatically increase the number of carbohydrates and the number of calories.

This is not done by PhenQ. Instead, coconut oil, pea protein, and linseed flour are the primary sources of calories. Nothing is more organic than that. It tastes similar to a chocolate cake or a chocolate malt shake. There’s nothing better than a delicious beverage packed with calories to support muscular growth.

4. Creatine Monohydrate

Creatine Monohydrate

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This is the most misunderstood dietary supplement. Yet ironically, it is also the supplement with the most supportive evidence. Don’t believe anything you read about creatine in the mainstream media. There is no steroid in it. Also, it won’t turn you bald or make you gain weight like crazy.  Creatine works by giving working muscles more readily accessible energy. It attaches to a phosphate molecule.

The more creatine there is in the muscle, the more phosphates there are, which are utilized as energy. As for the outcome, you will be thrilled. With your big weights, you should be able to exert greater force and strength and perhaps even complete more repetitions.

For instance, lifters may have an 8% gain in strength. The result is increased muscular development. The advantages extend beyond a purely physical level. You may even receive benefits for your brain from creatine by preventing neurodegenerative illnesses like Alzheimer’s. If you’re a vegetarian, you can also look forward to having better memory when taking your creatine.

5. Naked Mass Protein Powder

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The Naked Mass supplement has been approved by Informed Choice, a third-party organization that checks products for prohibited ingredients and guarantees they are made to high standards. Moreover, Naked Mass is subjected to independent heavy metal testing. This product may be readily put into any smoothies or shakes like a protein powder because it is unflavored.

50 grams of protein, 252 grams of carbohydrates, and 1,250 calories are all contained in a serving of four scoops. This supplement just has three components and doesn’t include any artificial flavors, colors, or sweeteners. Naked Mass is now available in chocolate and vanilla flavors if you like flavored supplements.

These tastes are sweetened with pure coconut sugar rather than any artificial sweeteners or flavors. If you have trouble feeling full quickly, a half portion of two scoops with almost 700 calories and 25 grams of protein would be a better choice. Be aware that this product is significantly more pricey than other supplements for weight growth.

The number of servings per container could be increased by consuming a half portion at a time. Although this supplement has a lot of protein and carbohydrates, it only has one gram of fiber per dose. Although it is guaranteed to be free of gluten, soy, and GMOs, it is not suited for people with milk allergies, lactose intolerance, or veganism.

6. Ensure Original Nutrition Shake

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The fact that this weight gainer provides more than simply a calorie source is what makes it an excellent option. It is a good source of fiber and other nutrients. Eating adequate fiber is crucial for maintaining good cholesterol levels, managing blood sugar, and maintaining digestive health. Also, it has a lot of unsaturated fats, which are crucial for heart health.

This is a practical, cost-effective strategy to increase your daily intake of calories and nourishment if you need to gain weight. This shake is nutrient-dense and may be consumed with a meal or as a fast snack while on the run. Given that it contains fewer calories than other supplements, it can be the ideal option if you only need a little boost to assist weight growth.

It is accessible in an array of flavors, which may be especially good for people with weaker appetites. This shake is also available in milk chocolate with fiber, in addition to vanilla. Dark chocolate, strawberry, butter pecan, coffee latte, and banana nut are additional tastes without the additional fiber.

Abbott Nutrition, the company that makes this supplement, is a reputable name used in healthcare settings and recommended by many doctors even though it hasn’t been independently evaluated.

Although it is gluten-free, it should be noted that it is incompatible with vegan diets, milk allergies, or soy allergies. If you have a lactose intolerance, though, this shake would be a wise choice.


It’s crucial to keep in mind that shakes used to substitute meals shouldn’t be your main source of nourishment during the day. Try to get the majority of your calories from whole meals, and take these shakes once or twice a day.

That way, you will manage to put on weight in the safest and healthiest way, and you won’t be deprived of any nutrients that a healthy diet and whole foods provide.

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