How To Get A Bigger Buttocks Fast Without Exercise: The Natural Ways

How To Get A Bigger Buttocks fast

Without participating in any stressful daily workout routines, you can naturally gain buttocks. Impossible? That’s what I also thought until I tried it! You don’t have to hit the gym and entirely wear off all your strength because you intend to get a bigger buttock. There are simpler natural approaches that are effectively producing a good result in lesser time.

“Big Hips Save Lives” Ever heard that phrase before? Well, now you have! There are many edges and advantage that comes bigger buttocks. Having a big curvy and sexy backside makes you look very attractive and irresistible in bikinis.

Everybody loves it, even you. Or why else are you so concerned with an elusive “how-to” guide on getting bigger buttocks? Admit it or not, it’s something you deeply desire. This article would serve as that complete guidance that would help you acquire that bigger buttock, and you don’t have to do anything extra!


Why You should have A Perfect Buttocks

Exercise might have proven effective in many cases. Regardless, you’d have to strenuously work out for about 6-8 months before you can achieve your desired result. This article would guide you through the Dos and don’ts you should pay attention to and how they can help you achieve the desired result in a shorter time. Is knowing how you can get a bigger buttock in less time necessary? Well, maybe you already desire a bigger buttock, and that’s good enough. But there could be more reasons why you should want a bigger buttock.

Why should anybody have a bigger buttock? What are the advantages that come with it? These are all questions you need to answer before going on with your quest to acquire a bigger buttock than you already have. Look around you! What kinds of ladies arouse or inspire you? Now take a look at their ass! Done? Could there be a relation between that big buttock and your inspiration?

It seems unpronounced, but many people are well attracted by ladies with bigger buttocks, and wouldn’t you love to join that clique of ladies? Take a break and satisfy your eyes. Just observe any lady with a big ass or thick waist in any clothing. You’d agree that these are the ladies you’d probably greet with a big smile. They always look prettier and well fitted into the clothing. That’s not all! Here are a few other advantages ladies with bigger buttocks have over you right now!

Promote Good Posture

Haven’t you wondered why it always seemed like only ladies with big butt have a better view? Well, you might have heard mediocre answers to that question, it doesn’t explain it all. Bigger butt is always attractive regardless of what time of the day it is. As a general observation, we know that a good sitting posture relies on the buttocks. Having a bigger butt might make sitting a lot easier for you.

It Protects your Lower Back

Research shows that when your butts are not big or strong enough to carry your legs, smaller muscles kick in to help, and they do it to your detriment. After the walk, you’d immediately feel strains in the lower back and buttocks.

How To Get A Bigger Buttocks Without Exercise: Natural Ways


There are ways you can genuinely grow or increase your buttock size without exercise. I’d show them to you! Scratch out that long hours exercise routine you wouldn’t be needing anymore. See, there are 6 approaches that are very effective for butt growth without exercise. So, what are the six (6) ways you could increase your but size without exercise?  Let’s find out!!

1. Eat Right

You are not ready to carry out any rigorous workout routine, then at least you should help yourself by eating right. It’s a fact and also scientifically proven that we reflect what we eat. If your eating habit is not changed, then a workout may never be effective. Just by eating the right food, you might never get to worry about anything else. Some food would help you increase your buttocks naturally.

Any food that can enhance butt growth contributes to body mass and general weight. The drawback is that you cannot decide which part of your body should carry the extra fat. Making the right food choice would help you stay healthy while you are trying to gain more butt.  Some of the food you should consider includes:

  • Dry Fruits

Dry fruits like dates can easily build up calories in the body. With one cup of date fruits, you can get up to 500 calories that would contribute to your butt increment goals. Calories gotten from date are very healthy calories. Although it’s important to monitor your health on this and blood pressure every step of the way, there isn’t much to worry about from eating lots of dates. Interestingly, dates are also fruits, and that means they contribute a great deal to our health and total wellbeing.

In addition to dates, raisins and prunes are also very effective contributors to calories. Each of this fruit can produce up to 400 calories per cup. Shredded coconut is another example of dry fruits that can give you 283 calories. A slice of avocado has about 235 calories, and fresh fig gives 167 calories. Dry fruits are a good source of fat and can contribute to your butt size.

  • Peanut Butter

Study shows that consumption of peanut butter cuts down the risk associated with a gut cancer. Also, the peanut butter diet has enormous health benefits due to its high protein contents. However, eating too much nut and peanut butter exposes you to type 2 diabetes. So, before you settle for a large intake of peanut butter, be sure what prescribed intake works for you.

  • Nuts

A nut is eccentrically full of calories. 1 ounce of nuts has about 200 calories and they are fully packed with calories. Nuts are healthy, delicious, and a nutrient-rich snack you could always opt for. Nuts are good as a snack but also important when you need to add some more fat to your butt and body weight.

  • Cottage Cheese

For bigger, tight, and well-toned butt, Cottage cheese is handy, and they give you the required result in less time. Without any exercise, you can depend on cottage cheese to work the magic for you. Cottage cheese is very rich in protein and helps maintain the right body shape and but sizes without stress.

  • Sweet Potato

Sweet potatoes are made of phytoestrogen. Phytoestrogen is a plant compound that is similar to estrogen, the female hormone. Estrogen plays a very vital role in butt increment. It helps deposit fat in the butt of the women. Add sweet potatoes to meals or make them a significant part of your diet. Sweet potatoes can help you get a bigger butt without exercise.

2. Use Butt Enlarging cream

There is a lot of butts enhancing cream that would give you exactly what you want. Some of these creams are ideal because they can deliver on the promise. However, you should be very considerate of which of these creams you should use because some of these creams have some not-so-good side effects. Be sure what cream works and for whom it works.

Butt enlarging cream can give you a firm butt and also improve the texture of your booty. Butt enlarging creams are the next best thing if you don’t want to engage in rigorous exercise to enhance your butt. It’s easy and effective, and even Kylie Jenner recommends it. So, what are you waiting for?

3. Using supplements can increase butt size

The supplement is good for almost anything, and when it comes to butt increments, they can be as effective. Many of the butt supplement I know contains very natural herbal extracts like maca roots, phytoestrogens, and palmetto. All these are good examples of what you need to include in your diet when looking to increase your butt size.

4. Butt massages

Massage your butt with essential oils like coconut oil and fish oils have been a foolproof natural remedy to smaller butt. It always does the trick and increases butt just as you intended. You should try it out! Every approach to get bigger buttocks has its unique perks. So many ladies already claim that the butt massage is effective, although the effects might have seemed temporary.

Ideally, butt massage increases the blood flow to the buttocks, and that helps gives a fuller and rounder buttock without exercising. If you want to try out the butt massage, then you should always try it with essential fish oil and coconut oil, which would do the trick. Also, it’s advisable to have the butt massage for 15-20 minutes every day.

5. Surgical Options

Naturally, you can not decide where fats should stay in your body. Sometimes it’s advisable to use a medical approach like fat shifting to naturally increase your buttock’s sizes. After trying the other approach, which was mentioned in this article, you could settle for what works for you. But rest assured that even if most of the suggested option doesn’t work for you, then you could consider surgical options. Usually, you have about two types of surgery that can increase your butt size. They are:

  • Fat Transfer

Research that was conducted by Eric Swanson shows that fat transfer is a reliable and effective method for increasing the size of your butt. It works without the need to exercise or continuously work out. The procedure helps move excessive fat in the body to the glutes and butts area of the body. It’s a safer and quicker approach to butt growth that you can use when you need a fast and reliable butt increase.

You should follow the recommendation of your doctor before you finally decide to go ahead with the entire process. Although you should consider the cost as this is a very expensive procedure, but with a recommendation from your doctor, you can get a discount on the cost of the whole process.

  • Silicone Implants

The silicone implant is a very infamous approach to butt enhancement. You shouldn’t be surprised if some of your friends have done it. It isn’t very time-intensive and, as a result, one of the quickest ways you can gain or increase your butt size. The help of a specialist is needed when you have or need to use a silicone implant. Although it’s fast, it is also a process that involves a lot of complications and not so advisable.

FAQs Regarding How To Get A Big Booty Without Exercise

What food makes the butt bigger?

Peanut butter and even coconut oil are helpful if you want to increase your butt size. But that’s not all. You’d find a complete list of all the foods that help you increase your butt in this article.

Why is my Butt so Flat?

A flat butt might be hereditary, but that doesn’t make your case hopeless you can use any of the few natural methods discussed in this article to increase your butt size without any strenuous exercise.

Why Are Glutes Attractive?

That’s just what you get! In addition to the fact that ladies with bigger butt are well fitted into clothes, having big buttocks makes you sexually attractive generally.

What are the benefits of bigger buttocks?

You become a lot more magnetic and also very attractive when you have a big butt. You’d also ideally look great and superb in every clothing choice.

What should you avoid when gaining buttocks?

Everything you need to know about gaining buttocks has been included here in this article; check them out!!


You’ve been shown 6 reliable approaches to increase your butt size. You are left to choose which you feel is right for you. Well, it isn’t very hard to choose. The truth is that all of these methods are reliable, and they work perfectly. Choose whichever appeals to you.


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