Can You Lose Weight Eating Nothing but Progresso Soup?

If you are wondering if can you lose weight by eating nothing but Progresso soup, the short answer is yes. This diet has been proven to be very effective in weight reduction, as this soup is an excellent meal supplement, is very tasty, and contains few calories.

Like in most diets that work similarly, the general principle of this one is to replace most of your meals with soup. Although there are no consistent results since people switch their meals with soup differently, it is a general opinion that you should switch 2 or 3 meals daily with one can of soup. There is much more to this diet than this, and we will reveal everything you should know about it in today’s article, so without further delay, let us get started.

Progresso Soup


Health Benefits That Come With Progresso Soups

Although Progresso soups are slightly more expensive than their counterparts from other manufacturers, they do come with some significant health benefits and deliver the chance to lose some weight while you are at it. To begin with, it is important to note that they offer half of the calorie intake compared to their competition.

These soups are also rich in essential nutrients you should consume throughout the day to get enough energy and carry on with your daily routine. In the section below, we will go into detail about in ingredients Progresso soups have and what exactly you are getting with each can.

Progresso Soup benefits

Calorie Count

Progresso soups typically offer fewer calories than their counterparts. Each can is rich in delicious seasonings and a blend of herbs that makes it very tasty and healthy for good measure. Given the fact that noodles and creamy ingredients of the soup are the very things that increase the calorie count, 340 per can is not really a lot.

Moreover, 340 per can is the count for more rich soups, and others, such as Traditional Chicken Noodle, offer 100 per serving and 200 per can, which is pretty marginal considering that these soups are meant to replace the meal.

There are also light versions of Progresso soups that typically have half the calories. Although they are not tasty as others, they can be very effective in terms of weight loss.

Vitamins and Minerals

Although the amount of vitamins and minerals depends on the type you are eating, Progresso soups generally offer a lot of health benefits in this regard. They generally taste really good and have ingredients that can boost vitamin A, calcium, and iron intake.

The Traditional Beef and Vegetable soups grant you a very nice serving of proteins and iron and provide you with the essential nutrients to give you sufficient energy to last throughout the day. As long as you enjoy vegetables, you can get more than enough from a meal like this.

Low Fat

Another great thing about Progresso soups is that they grant you a low-fat diet. When you exclude the types such as the Creamy Tomato with Penne and other pasta, the fat content in these soups is fairly low. Of course, this is another thing that depends on the flavor you opt for.

Drawbacks That Come With Progresso Soups

Progresso Soup cons

Despite all the health and nutritive benefits Progresso soups have to offer, they also come with some drawbacks, one of them being lots of sodium per can. Many of them come with 600 mg per serving. That might not seem much, especially when you take into consideration that people should consume less than 2500 mg daily.

However, if you eat soups such as Creamy Tomato with Penne every day, your daily level can increase by 1380 mg in a single meal, which will eventually start bordering on an unhealthy amount. It is also important to note that salt is not the only source of sodium in these soups.

Why Are Vast Amounts of Sodium Bad for You?

Sodium, although one of the important components that you need to consume daily, can be harmful if taken too much. It holds water that you consume and helps regulate the volume of blood in your body, which is why too much of it can be bad. More blood means more pressure, and greater pressure can lead to heart issues, diseases, and other cardiovascular problems.

High sodium levels can also be a contributor to hypertension as well, so if you plan to go on a Progresso soup diet, make sure that you do not overdo it, and check your sodium intake daily to avoid any medical problems.

How Does Eating Progresso Soup Help You Lose Weight?

Progresso Soup weight loss

If you want to get the best effect in losing weight by eating Progresso soups, you should eat them about 30 minutes before the meal. That way, you will finish eating it just in time to let your stomach register the food so that you can start feeling a bit fuller before you eat your main course.

This method will help you eat smaller portions of calorie-dense foods, and over time you will start noticing that your calorie intake will drop and your weight will get lower as well. Adding soup to the beginning of your meal will not assist you much in losing weight if you do not consume fewer calories too.

How Does Progresso Soup Diet Promote Healthy Lifestyle?

As long as you maintain your sodium levels and eat these soups in normal amounts, they can assist you in turning around your lifestyle and living healthier. For example, eating these soups is highly beneficial due to the time they remain in your system.

Foods that are more based on water content take less time to digest and are getting absorbed much faster than other foods. This also means that your bowel movement will stay regulated, and your metabolism will be fast and responsive, which is another contributing factor in weight loss and healthy lifestyle promotion.

Final Words

Eating only Progresso soups can help you lose that extra weight you want, but as we mentioned, it will raise your sodium levels, which can lead to some health issues over time. Nutritive as they are, they cannot be the only source of food you consume daily, but they can help you eat less and reduce your daily calorie intake.

In addition, if you want to start a Progresso soup diet, make sure to watch yourself for the rest of the day and avoid eating high-calorie foods. This diet may be difficult at the beginning, but if you stay disciplined, you will notice significant results over time.


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