How To Flex Your Pecs & Build Great Muscle Pecs in 2024

What’s there not to love about a set of Pecs being flexed? Do you know how to flex your Pecs?

There is something about the rhythmic movement of a pair of muscle fibers -be it once or simultaneously- that simply excites whoever sees them regardless of who owns the body.

Pectoral muscles are the connection between the bones of the shoulder, upper arms, and chest.

This group of muscles, popularly referred to as Pecs, is the biggest muscle that can be found in the chest region.

Flexing these Pecs simply involves moving each of the pectoral muscles on each chest simultaneously without moving either of your arms. Intriguing right?

Throughout this discussion, I will be revealing not only how to flex your Pecs but also the benefits involved in flexing your Pecs.

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Ahh! Yes, flexing your Pecs has its benefits. Surprised? Well, let’s get into it.


Benefits of Flexing Your Pecs

pectoral muscles

There is more benefit to flexing Pecs than just as an impressive showoff. Flexing the pectoral muscles creates tension that makes the muscle fibers contract or become smaller.

This contraction not only holds the muscles still in the face of resistance but subsequently causes them to become stronger through that process.

This makes flexing those Pecs an appropriate healing exercise for shoulder injuries. More on that later.

Pecs flexing, when included in your exercise regime, brings a whole lot of other benefits.

The most notable of which is the effect it has on blood pressure.

Muscle flexing, when done right, can play a huge role in ensuring that your diastolic and systolic blood pressure level stays low.

This is quite an easy solution for those who have issues keeping their blood pressure low.

What other benefits are there? Well, flexing is perfect for strength training, especially in a situation where you have and recovering from shoulder injuries like a torn rotator cuff.

Although this may be painful, it gradually builds strength while moving in a particular direction.

Furthermore, these flexes go a long way in improving and maintaining your balance while also enhancing your core stability. Wonderful right?

The Steps of How To Flex Your Pecs

Building your pectoral muscles enough to allow for flexing can take quite some time.

Nevertheless, no matter how long it might take to build up your pectoral muscles to the point of flexing them, there are ways to flex your muscles without looking awkward. Here is how to flex or show off your Pecs.

STEP 1: Strengthening your chest

pectoral muscles

It is quite impossible to flex your pectoral muscles if they are not well-developed. Hence, strengthening/ building up your chest is a necessary first step. There

are a lot of exercises you can engage in to build up your chest.

Each of these exercises is designed to target your chest and make sure the pectoral muscles are appropriately built.

Pushups, dumbbell flyers, and bench presses are just some of the ideal workouts for your Pecs.

If possible, two or three sessions every week alongside a gradual increase in the weight and resistance can help strengthen those Pecs gradually.

With an increase in the strength of the pectoral muscles comes an increase in contractions. When there is enough contraction, then you will notice there will be a bounce.

STEP 2: Warming Up

While the urge to immediately start flexing your Pecs can be excitingly overwhelming, you must warm up with some chest exercises.

Why are these warm-up exercises necessary? Chest workouts lead to an increase in the amount of blood that flows to the muscles; hence they always appear large.

This is exactly what these warm-ups do; making your chest looks larger and pumped. This means you can perform more flexes. Nevertheless, you should be careful about overworking yourself.

STEP 3: Standing in front of a Mirror

Standing in front of a Mirror gym

This is quite a necessary step, especially for beginners who are still coming to grips with how to properly flex their pectorals.

Standing in front of each mirror after warming up really helps to guide you through the process because you have a good view of your chest.

This way, you can clearly see how much progress you are making by attempting to flex your Pecs separately.

While in front of the mirror, you should attempt flexing one of the pectoral muscles on one side of your chest while gradually attempting to shift sides.

Flexing basically involves bouncing your chest muscles.If you do not have experience doing that, you can start with bouncing one side of the chest muscle while gradually attempting to move it to the other chest simultaneously..

For starters, it may be slow, but the intensity can be increased with practice

STEP 4: Constant Practice

Just like most things we have perfected, constant practice is important even for Pecs’s flexes.

You will have to keep on practicing these flexes over a long time to perfect these exercises.

However, while practicing, you have to maintain your fitness regime to ensure you do not lose any muscle mass.

What more? You can complement this by adding a healthy diet.

Healthy carbohydrates and lean proteins are appropriate in building muscle growth. This will definitely improve attempts at flexing your Pecs.

What to Do When Flexing Your Pecs

Steps of How To Flex Your Pecs

There are several things you can and have to do when flexing your Pecs.

Flexing your Pecs involves much more than just bouncing your chest muscles to create an appealing rhythm or to help your shoulders heal in the event of an injury.

While it’s highly recommended to do a flex after a warm-up, Pecs flex best when they are in a relaxed state.

So what do you have to do to ensure your Pecs flex properly? Generally, muscles flex when the pectoral muscles are tensed then quickly relaxed.

A quick succession of this is what makes the pectoral muscles bounce. So how do you do this?

Pectoral muscles have what is known as a clavicular head. This clavicular head is actually a muscle fiber that can be found just under the collarbone connecting your outer shoulders to your upper pectoral muscles.

To aid a good flex, you have to give this a very good twitch. This can be difficult if you have not been exercising these fibers regularly.

They are essential and key to your muscles been flexed. Work on them.

Your next aim after this is to pull this muscle in an upward direction. This is what ensures the Pecs bounce. Gradually relax the clavicular head and allow the pectoral muscle to fall.

This is one bounce. However, this is usually a quick, yet powerful contraction resembling a twitch. This isn’t usually a prolonged contraction of the Pecs.

Next up, you have to experiment with different arm positions to see what works best for you.

You might discover the position that works for you might be quite different from that which works for a friend.

It could be either your arms placed beside your arms in a relaxed position or placed just behind you.

Once you figure out the best position, try bouncing it one pectoral muscle at a time. Once you can work it out, keep alternating till you perfect it.

Food To Take While Building Pecs

Flexing and maintaining your Pecs require workout sessions. These workout sessions, however, are not sufficient and must be complemented with a good diet.

Dieting is important and must be incorporated for optimal results.

The most important part of your diet is water. Electrolytes and water are lost during workouts.

In fact, it is estimated about four percent is lost from your body weight. That is, water is necessary to replenish lost juices.

Eggs also come highly recommended. They contain all of the necessary amino acids.

These amino acids ensure muscle damage is kept at a minimum during and after workouts. Carbohydrate-based foods are absolutely critical.

Most experts recommend that you consume the equivalent of half your body weight in metric grams.

In addition to this, a meal containing fat can aid in quick joints and muscle healing. They are a perfect recovery meal.

flexing pecs

Exercise For Building Good Flexed Pecs

An established fact during this discussion is the importance of exercise to achieving a perfect, or at least, a near-perfect Pecs flex.

Several exercises that not only focus on your chest area but also ensure that each muscle that needs working on is appropriately attended to can be done as a routine.

Here is another fact. Free-weight movements are the most appropriate and effective workouts for the upper chest.

This is because these free weights place your muscles under a lot of stress as a result of a consistent workout. This stress causes your chest muscles to increase in not just strength but size.

There are several exercises you can engage in to get your chest in a “flexing” shape.

Flexes are achieved when the upper pectorals are engaged as a result of shoulders being flexed or moving your arms over your chest while your elbows face out the sides.

Here are some of the exercises you can engage in to build your chest into a bouncing position.

These exercises mimic motions that help to revive the pectoral muscles in the upper chests. This is why each of these should be an important part of your exercise routine.

Barbell Incline bench press

Barbell Incline bench press

This particular exercise is the most recommended in the fitness community for building chest muscles.

This exercise helps to build up muscle mass while also strengthening up your upper chest region.

The barbell exercise is carried out with a carefully weighted barbell held in a supine posture.

For optimal results, endeavor you maintain a grip that is narrower than the width of your shoulder.

This ensures that much of the emphasis is kept on the upper pectoral muscles.

To do this, make sure your back stays flat on the bench. Then engage in a specific number of sets over an agreed number of repetitions to ensure increased strength and size.

This should be decided with your instructor if you are not a seasoned fitness enthusiast.

However, do not engage in any jerking or swinging. This will drastically reduce any injury risks.

Dumbbell Incline Fly

Dumbbell Incline Fly

The dumbbell incline fly is quite different from the barbell exercise. While it technically produces the same effects as the barbell bench exercise, the difference is where it is being applied.

The dumbbell incline fly affects the inner sections of the upper chests. This exercise is carried out by employing the use of two dumbbells.

These dumbbells are moved from side to chest in an arc manner. This must be done while sitting on a bench.

This incline bench must be set at t at most 30 degrees. This way, your upper chest is well-targeted.

While doing this, ensure your feet stay flat. This will minimize the stress your lower back muscles might be exposed to.

This should be carried out over several sets and repetitions, just like the dumbbell.

FAQ’s How To Bounce Your Pecs

How To Flex Your Pecs

Here are some frequently asked questions. These questions can further reveal information you need to know about how to flex your Pecs.

Is Pecs flexing possible if I am not muscular?

No. Although you don’t necessarily need a huge chest, you definitely need to have a considerable amount of chest muscles to make a flex possible.

Do pushups work on pectoral muscles?

Yes, they do. Pushups work on most of the muscles in your upper body. This includes the pectorals, the shoulder muscles, and the chest muscles.

How can I evenly flex my Pecs?

Flexing your Pecs takes practice. Learning how to perfectly flex one side takes time. Learning how to flex both can take even longer.

You have to be patient to get it right.

Is flexing possible for everyone?

Yes. Anyone can flex their pectorals. All you need is sufficient muscle control.

This gives you the ability to control them whenever you like. Once again, your muscles do not have to be really large.

How can I make my Pecs bigger?

Constant workouts. Pectorals are built through workouts. To get them bigger, you have to keep working out consistently while maintaining an appropriate diet for optimal results.


Flexing your pectorals is always a big deal, especially for fitness enthusiasts. However, not all fitness enthusiasts know how or what to do to achieve this.

While it can be quite complicated, a little bit of priceless knowledge has been provided here that technically tears the veil off of the assumed complexity of this act.

From diet to exercises, everything has to be done right to ensure the desired results are achieved.

Do consult your dietician and a gym instructor for guidance if necessary. Nevertheless, this takes time, and you have to be patient while you practice.

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