Mass Gainer Vs. Whey Protein: What’s Better for Skinny Guys?

Mass gainer vs whey

If you’re looking for info about mass gainers and whey protein and you’re curious about which one of them you should include in your diet, you’re in the right place!

Choosing between the two apparently similar options can be very time-consuming and frustrating, especially if you’re a beginner and don’t know a lot about these dietary supplements. But, worry not!

We’re here to explain everything about mass gainers and whey protein, including what they are exactly, how they differ, and which one of them would work better for skinny guys!

The primary distinction between whey protein and mass gainer would be that whey protein contains only protein. In comparison, the mass gainer is a high-calorie powdered solution that also includes whey protein along with other carbs and fats.

When examining mass gainers and whey protein, these aren’t the only distinctions. We’re here to assist you in choosing between these two options.


Mass Gainer

Mass Gainers

A mass gainer is a dietary supplement with high levels of carbs, protein, and occasionally fat that is intended to boost your daily calorie consumption.

They frequently contain a lot of calories, thus drinking milk (or a milk substitute) with them is advised to increase the caloric content even more.

Although some mass gainers increase this to a greater ratio of 3:1, the standard mass gainer will have a 2:1 ratio of carbs to protein.

A normal 80% whey protein, then, would have 40g of carbs to match its 20g of protein every 25g scoop. While many mass gainers contain a lesser-grade protein, we identify 80% whey protein as the active component.

This isn’t always a negative thing, but it’s something you should be aware of. They are frequently consumed as a meal’s supplemental food, not as a substitute.

You should avoid bulk gainers if you notice some manufacturers promoting them as a meal substitute. Your primary goal should be to consume entire meals that are rich in various essential macronutrients.

So, a mass gainer is utilized to increase your calorie intake between meals, which brings us to the benefits of utilizing one.

Mass Gainer Benefits

  • Carbohydrate-Rich—Carbohydrate content in mass gainers is high. You receive the necessary energy from these carbs, which is highly beneficial for a strenuous workout
  • Promotes Muscle Growth & Recovery—Mass gainers support both muscular development and recovery. This is especially helpful if you engage in regular bodybuilding exercises because doing so necessitates concentration and consistency, both of which are necessary for a good muscular mending process
  • Has a High Fiber Mass—There is a significant amount of fiber in gainers. Also, it helps digestion and prevents you from feeling bloated. It’s a terrific approach to improving your general fitness and health

Whey Protein

Whey Isolate

Whey protein is a protein supplement that is manufactured from liquid milk that has been separated from the solid portion during the cheese-making process. Several types of protein powder exist, ranging from beef and pea to hemp.

Whey protein, on the other hand, is often the least expensive choice you can buy and has a high protein content per gram, making it perfect for anyone who lifts weights.

As protein is the primary component of muscles, it is essential to support muscle development when weight exercise causes damage to the muscles. It’s the fundamentals of bodybuilding, thus it’s imperative that you have adequate protein every day.

A 185-pound person will typically need 180g of protein per day based on the usual rule of thumb of 1g of protein for every 1lb/0.5kg of body weight.

Whey Protein Benefits

  • Improves muscle mass and strength—Whey protein is a super effective approach to increasing your diet’s protein content without adding extra calories from fats or carbs. It normally includes 80 to 90 percent protein, giving the body what it needs to increase strength and muscle mass while recuperating swiftly after exercise
  • Reduces Fat—Those who took whey supplements had a considerable reduction in body fat and weight, according to research. Those who added whey protein supplements to their resistance training had even more substantial improvements
  • Maintains Healthy Blood Sugar Levels—According to research, drinking a whey protein shake just before a meal will help control your blood sugar levels and decrease your appetite, which will cause you to eat less. Also, when taken just before meals with a high glycemic index, whey can help to balance blood sugar levels.

Should Skinny Guys Take Mass Gainer?

Skinny guy drink whey

In general, mass gainers and whey protein don’t have a lot of micronutrients, vitamins, minerals, or fiber. If you substituted mass gainers or whey protein shakes for all of your meals, your diet would become lacking in all of those nutrients, which may definitely be harmful to your overall health, especially if you continued with it for a long period.

But, there won’t be any issues if you already include these two in your daily diet along with meat, dairy, eggs, fruits, vegetables, nuts, grains, and legumes. Keep in mind that bulking up means including more food in our meals. You must consume an excessive amount of food and calories.

There is still a place for basic calories, of course. Hence, even if the mass gainer or whey protein doesn’t supplement your diet with micronutrients, if you already consume enough of them, taking them won’t be an issue.

For skinny guys, mass gainers can be beneficial, but you must be careful to just use them as a supplement to your diet and not as your main source of calories each day.

Your daily diet should contain about 80% whole food sources. Of course, the major benefit for skinny guys is that you are getting a lot of calories in the easy-to-digest form.

Creatine and l-glutamine, which can aid in muscle development and recovery, will also be included in this increase in calories (mostly from carbohydrates). A skinny guy may desire to gain between 0.5 and 1 pound on the scale every week as a general rule of thumb.

Such an individual could consider taking a mass gainer after each workout if they’re having trouble gaining weight regularly.

If the scale is still not rising after doing that, consider taking a mass gainer on your days off as well, or better yet—make sure your diet provides you with all those nutrients and calories in itself. That’s the healthiest way to go about it.

While our focus is on mass gainers and whey protein for skinny guys, it’s important to note that there are also effective weight gain supplements specifically designed for women. You can find a comprehensive list of these supplements in this article.

Mass Gainer Vs. Whey Protein—Which Is Better?

Regardless of your dieting objectives, the truth is that a whey protein supplement will likely be a superior choice. But, you must realize that whey protein by itself won’t always aid in mass growth.

As was already established, skinny guys need a calorie surplus, which is what a bulk gainer aims to provide. Whey protein is solely utilized as a protein supplement to meet your protein needs.

Yet, the ability to build a DIY mass gainer using whey protein and a variety of wholefood, calorie-dense meals makes whey protein superior. They will increase your daily caloric intake while also providing a fantastic macronutrient split.

In particular, if you lack the fundamental understanding of dieting and bulking, to begin with, mass gainers may not be a smart shortcut to increasing size and will probably result in longer-term gains in fat rather than muscle.

Taking Mass Gainer and Whey Protein Together

mass gainer and whey powder together

Wondering if you can take whey protein and a mass gainer together? This is a frequently asked question, and the majority of the time, the answer is no since it would be quite expensive and unnecessary.

Depending on the product and suggested serving size offered by the manufacturer, mass gainers already include a sizeable amount of protein—between 20g and 40g per serving.

Although pairing whey protein and a mass gainer might sound like the perfect combination for a skinny guy looking to increase calories and create muscle, it won’t work.

You should focus on having a protein-rich and balanced diet that will provide you with all the necessary daily nutrients and vitamins. Once you do that, choose either a mass gainer or whey protein to up your calorie intake and speed up the weight-gaining process.


Aside from deciding whether a mass gainer or whey protein would work better for your needs, you must always make sure that you have a healthy diet. A well-balanced diet is clearly always the winner.

It is essential, and while supplements may be taken to make up for the lack of calories, you shouldn’t completely rely on them. The next time you visit a health shop to buy vitamins, you might want to give this some thought.

Chemically speaking, whey protein is the superior supplement in terms of lower risks, more protein, and an improved end result, but if you fail to have a balanced and proper diet, neither of these two supplements will do much.

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