Best Exercise and Diet for Lose Crotch Fat 2024

Lose Crotch Fat Quickly and Naturally

There are many reasons why you might want to learn how to lose crotch fat.

If you have been overweight for a while, you probably noticed that your body is covering your private area, making it harder to enjoy your private life.

However, trying to lose weight without knowing what you’re getting into is no fun. Furthermore, it will be exhausting if you’re not making any progress.

Whatever your reason for wanting to lose fat might be, there are some tricks and tips you can use to make this process easy, safe, and efficient.

Crotch Fat


What is Crotch Fat?

Crotch fat is defined as the extra skin around your private area. However, this mass is not limited to your penis.

The excess mass can also cover other areas of your body, including your arms, legs, belly, etc.

As you can guess, fat around your private area is caused by poor eating habits.

To get rid of crotch fat, you have to lose weight. When working out to lose weight around your private area, it is essential to know that you cannot target that area alone.

Instead, you have to work on multiple areas of your body if you want your private area to stand out. Therefore, stick to a workout routine and diet to lose crotch fat.

Negative Effects of Having Crotch Fat

Negative Effects of Having Crotch Fat


There’s nothing wrong with your size, and you’ve probably been told something along those lines before.

Still, overweight men tend to suffer from depression and other mental issues.

Trouble Breathing

Being overweight can make it harder for you to breathe as it might stop your lungs from doing their job.

High Blood Pressure

Obesity can increase your blood pressure. The larger your body is, the harder your heart has to pump.

Kidney Problems

Your kidneys have a simple job: to control your blood pressure. However, they have a hard time doing so if you’re overweight.

Is There Any Exercise that Targets Crotch Fat?

time to lose weight

We know this is heartbreaking to hear, but no exercise targets crotch fat. The only way to lose weight around your private area is to cut fat until that area shrinks down.

In simpler terms, you have to lose fat evenly. If your goal is to make your penis bigger, you can make it larger by going through painful and scary surgeries.

But most men do not want to go through such extremes to grow their private area. Don’t worry, though.

You don’t have to modify your penis to make it bigger. Instead, you can follow a simple workout routine and lose weight in a couple of months.

How to Lose Crotch Fat

Exercise is required to lose weight, but you need to know the right ones to see results. So, here’s how to lose fat around private area for male at home:

Single Forearm Plank

Single Forearm Plank

The single forearm plank is an excellent exercise for losing weight—although not as effective as others— it’s a great way to get started.

  • Place your forearms and feet on the floor. You should now be holding yourself on the floor with your forearms and feet.
  • Now hold it for 20 to 30 seconds.

Basic Sit-up

In combination with the single forearm plank, sit-ups are pretty helpful for reducing overall body fat.

  • Sit on the floor, roll back into the floor, and then bend your knees and keep them together.
  • Now place your hands on your chest. Your hands should look like an “X” across your chest.
  • Slowly raise back up and then go down.
  • Now aim to do 3 sets of 10

Knee-High Crunches

Knee crunches are an easy way to work on your abdomen and lose some weight.

  • Lay on the floor and then bend your knees as your upper body is resting on the floor.
  • Now keep your hands by the side of your head.
  • Now try to touch your knees with your elbows.
  • Try to do 3 sets of 10

Knee-High Crunches

Basic Crunch

We can’t talk about losing weight without talking about crunches.

They are one of the most popular and straightforward ways to tone your abdomen. If done correctly, you can lose a lot of weight.

  • Get on the floor and then bend your knees
  • Get your hands by the side of your head
  • Now squeeze your stomach and try to raise your shoulders off of the floor.
  • Try to do 3 sets of 10

Sit-up & Twist

Moving on to our next exercise, the sit-up and twist workout is a simple but excellent method to burn fat and tone your abs.

  • Rest your body on a flat surface, and then bend your knees.
  • Now place your hands by the side of your head.
  • Now try to lift your upper body, rotate to the left, and make sure your elbow touches the floor.
  • Next, rotate the right and then switch back and forth.
  • Repeat this exercise for 3 sets of 10.

Sit-up & Twist

Dorsal Raise

The dorsal raise or superman workout is a great way and simple exercise to strengthen your posterior muscles.

But as simple as it can be, many people get it wrong the first time.

So, here’s how you can perform this workout at home:

  • Lay facedown on the floor.
  • Next, stretch your arms and legs.
  • Now try to lift your arms and legs slowly. Next up, slowly drop your arms and legs into the floor.
  • Once again, repeat this exercise for 3 sets of 10.

Exercise Routines for Losing Crotch Fat

Exercise Routines for Losing Crotch Fat

There are plenty of exercises available for losing weight If you don’t have any equipment at home. That said, here is how to lose fat around private area:

The Kneeling Up Down

Kneeling up and down is an efficient and easy workout for burning calories. Furthermore, it’s great for your thighs and butt.

Even if you have no previous experience working out, you shouldn’t have any problems with this one.

  • First, lower down into a squat position. Next, hold your hands in front of your chest.
  • Now drop one of your legs into the floor. Make sure your foot and knee are touching the floor.
  • As you’re holding your weight with one leg, bring that leg down to the ground. You should be on your knees now.
  • Now step up with the first leg you brought down to the ground and then lift the other. Now do this all over again.
  • Come up and down with the same leg you first used for 30 seconds, and then do the other for 30 seconds.

Need more help? Then watch this video:

Push-up Mountain Climber

As the name suggests, we’re combining mountain climbers with push-ups to make it into a single exercise.

This is a little bit more intensive than the previous one, but it’ll help you burn fat as soon as possible.

  • Start in a regular push-up position. Keep your body straight.
  • Now do a normal push-up. Simply go down and then raise your body. Next, get your knee into your chest and then back out.
  • Bring the other leg into your chest and then back out. Now perform 4 mountain climbers.
  • After performing the four reps, do a push-up. Finally, repeat this for 30 seconds.


Burpees are one of those exercises that will quickly increase your heartbeat and burn fat.

But at this point, you might feel exhausted from the previous exercises, so you might want to take a small break before doing burpees.

  • First, stand straight up. Now bend your upper body and place your hands next to your feet.
  • Next, get into a push-up position and do a push-up.
  • Now stand up and jump as high as you can while keeping your hands straight in the air.
  • Now repeat this exercise for 30 seconds.

Need help doing a burpee? Then watch this video:

Meal Plan for Losing Crotch Fat

Even if you train every day, which you shouldn’t, you won’t make as much progress if you don’t make your diet healthier.

Pay Attention to How Many Calories You’re Eating

If you’ve ever researched weight loss, you’ve probably noticed that calories play a huge role in your journey.

You won’t make any progress if you’re eating the same calories as you were before working out.

Countless studies have proven that one of the most effective ways to reduce weight is to reduce your calorie intake.

So, how many calories should you eat? Well, there’s no concrete answer to that, as it may change depending on the individual.

However, a great way to know many calories you should put in your body is to multiply your body weight by 13. Once you know your calories, decrease them, and you should see results.

Non-processed Foods

processed Food

One of the first things you want to change in your life is the types of foods you’re putting in your body.

Unfortunately, processed foods have lost many of their natural components, making them significantly inferior when burning fat.

Foods that have been minimally processed are more effective for burning calories.

Why is that? Well, in many cases, your body burns unprocessed foods significantly faster than it does when digesting processed food.

As you might imagine, this is a great benefit as you’d essentially be burning more calories.

Eat Highly Satiating Foods

Eating incredibly filling foods can reduce your hunger, making it easier to lose weight.

For that reason, professionals suggest eating highly satiating foods to control your appetite.

You could try to eat more for breakfast and not feel as hungry at night. That way, you can adhere to your diet and reduce any unnecessary food.

Benefits of Losing Crotch Fat

Need motivation to go to the gym? Here are some reasons why you should lose weight:

Makes You Feel Better About Yourself

Feel Better About Yourself

You don’t need a 13-inch penis to satisfy your partner. Still, some people feel insecure about their size.

If you’re overweight and can’t see anything down there when you look down, losing weight will make your penis appear larger since all the area covering your private area is now gone.

It’s Actually Natural

There are many surgical ways to increase your penis size. The problem: They are expensive, and you might still be unhappy about your size.

For example, one of the most common ways to increase your penis size is to cut the suspensory ligament of your penis to make it bigger.

How does that work? Well, you have a small ligament that holds your penis to the pubic bone. By getting rid of this ligament, your penis will hang a little bit lower.

But now, your penis will never stand straight. Instead, it’s going to be standing horizontally as there’s nothing to hold it.

That said, losing weight naturally is a safe and relatively easy method to make your penis appear bigger. You don’t need to go through scary surgeries to achieve similar results.

You Will Sleep Better

Weight loss can improve the quality of your sleep. Although this might seem unrelated, being overweight has proven to disrupt your sleep.

For instance, snoring and sleep apnea are caused by excess mass. So, once you’ve lost a couple of pounds, you will feel well-rested when you wake up.


Crotch Fat exercise

Still got any questions after going through our how to lose crotch fat guide? Then make sure to check this out:

How do you lose the fat around your crotch?

You cannot target your private area and lose weight down there. Instead, you have to change your diet and lose fat overall. Otherwise, you won’t make any progress.

How do you lose thick fat?

First, get rid of processed foods. Next, start working out. Do burpees at home and lose some weight. Finally, make sure to stick to your routine for better results.

How can a man slim down fast?

There’s no secret trick to losing weight. However, you can make things easier by finding a routine and sticking to it from day one. Once you feel comfortable with your workout routine, cut down on calories.

What foods help burn belly fat?

To burn belly fat as quickly as possible, swap in more unprocessed foods. For example, foods like chicken, beef, and vegetables are a great source of vitamins to help you out burn fat as soon as possible.


Doing any research on how to lose crotch fat seems like a tedious task, and many people quit before even getting started.

We have been there before, and we know the struggle. But you have to start somewhere if you want to make it far.

Of course, you won’t lose weight overnight — that’s not how your body works. But you can make some progress starting today.

Stick to your workout schedule, and you’ll get far in life. If you ever lose motivation, look back and think to yourself how much progress you’ve made so far.

Even if it is not noticeable enough, it is still something you should be proud of.

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