Hailey Bieber’s Diet and Workout Routine – Uncovering Secrets of Mrs. Bieber

Hailey Bieber’s diet and fitness secrets

Hailey Bieber, as most of you probably already know, is one of the most popular models today. Other than being a model, she is also a socialite and media personality, as well as recognized as Justin Bieber’s wife.

The two make a lovely couple and have an army of fans globally. If you’re a fan of Hailey and interested in finding out more about her perfectly toned body, we got you covered!

A lot of people are curious about how Bieber managed to maintain her lean figure. The answer lies in her diet and workout routine, as it does for the majority of other models. However, learning about this all by yourself could take quite a bit of time and effort, which is why we offer you a simpler solution—our article.

We made sure to summarize all information into user-friendly lists that you can use to find out everything about Hailey Bieber’s diet and workout routine in a jiffy! Let’s jump right into it.


Hailey Bieber’s Diet Plan

Diet Plan

Hailey concentrates on doing things that make her feel good, much like many other models. ”Never use the scale unless the doctor is there”, she advises. Given that the scale isn’t the ideal tool for keeping track of your weight, this is a really healthy mentality to adopt.

According to the Blood Type Diet, which Hailey followed, “knowing your blood type is a vital tool in knowing how your body reacts to food, your sensitivity to disease, your normal response to stress, and so much more.”

The model said that she has low iron levels and that she mainly consumes fish and chicken, suggesting that she may be type O. She said that she purposefully stays away from sweets and gluten. She thinks it aids in keeping her at her optimal weight. More crucial, though, is how much her health has improved by absolutely avoiding those substances.


boiled eggs


She likes to keep breakfast simple, opting for boiled eggs, homemade oatmeal, or a smoothie packed with healthy ingredients. After she eats, Hailey takes vitamins and drinks celery juice to start the day.

She makes sure to avoid gluten and other foods that she is sensitive to, regardless of what she cooks. And she has total control over the ingredients when she prepares food at home.



Hailey becomes a little more creative for lunch. She describes herself as gourmet and enjoys a wide range of foods, but she still has a few favorites. She enjoys sushi, chicken with vegetables, and gluten-free pasta. She also enjoys eating big salads with lots of fresh vegetables. When she eats lunch out, she makes every effort to ensure that the salads contain no gluten at all.

This entails making sure the dressings are free of gluten and that the croutons are removed from the salad greens. Caesar salad with kale is her favorite dish. She will purchase a sandwich on gluten-free bread on days when she is working and on the run.


gluten-free spaghetti

Hailey tries to keep dinner as straightforward as she does the other meals. She continues to try to stay away from added sweets and gluten. But she also makes an effort to mix things up. She frequently prepares gluten-free spaghetti with lean protein and lots of veggies. And despite avoiding manufactured sugar, she still eats carbs.

Cheat Meals


It appears that practically all models include a cheat meal or cheat day in their routine. Hailey is the same, too. Nothing is restricted when she decides to indulge on a cheat day, not even gluten. She simply follows her body’s cues and eats whatever she feels like.

She says that she will eat pancakes if she wakes up craving them. She will eat a cheeseburger if she wants one for lunch or dinner. If she wants fries, she’s gonna eat the fries.

Hailey Bieber’s Workout Routine


Hailey used to practice ballet and aspired to become a professional dancer. Unfortunately, she injured her foot, which prevented her from performing ballet. Despite this, she remained active and often exercised. Hailey exercises at the Dogpound gym in New York City, similar to many other famous models.

She particularly enjoys concentrating on core-strengthening and coordination-enhancing balancing activities. She uses a 4-part routine in the gym that targets her whole lower body, including her back and abs. These four exercises are combined in it:

  • Stationary lunge with weights
  • Single-leg balance exercise
  • Single leg deadlift
  • Forward lunge

She also combines cardio, strength training, yoga, and hot pilates in her workout regimen. Take a look at the list below to learn more details about these exercises that Bieber does:


Cardio training

Your heart rate will increase during a cardiovascular workout. Cardio offers more advantages than just helping you lose weight. However, some people just employ it for that. Cardiovascular workouts come in a wide variety, but the most crucial elements for achieving your fitness objectives are consistency, duration, and intensity.

It’s wise to begin cautiously if you have never worked out before. However, if you’ve been exercising for some time, you might need to step up your weekly routines. One to two days each week, attempt to combine steady-state cardio with HIIT (HIIT).

This type of cardio increases exercises volume without lowering the intensity. You might drastically reduce the amount of time you spend exercising if you engage in HIIT exercises at least twice each week.

Strength Training

Strength Training

At any age, strength exercise may help you maintain and improve your muscular mass. At least twice a week, perform strength-training activities for all the main muscle groups. Each exercise should be performed once with a weight or resistance level that causes your muscles to get tired after 12 to 15 repetitions.

Wondering what other benefits this workout provides? The benefits of strength training include:

Building strong bones. Strength exercise can promote bone density and lower the risk of osteoporosis by placing stress on your bones

Maintaining your weight. Strength training may aid in weight management or loss, and it helps speed your metabolism so that you can burn more calories

Improving the quality of your life. Strength training may increase your capacity to do daily tasks and your quality of life. Additionally, strength training helps shield your joints from harm. Gaining muscle can help improve balance and perhaps lower your chance of falling



Yoga is excellent for both your physical and mental health. Through a number of yoga poses, one may increase flexibility and mobility while concentrating on their breath. Additionally, yoga helps by improving posture and strengthening her core.

Yoga is crucial for everyone who struggles with their mental health. It seems almost normal that people nowadays would struggle to be present and at the moment, but yoga can help with that.

Regular yoga practice can help you relax and concentrate on appreciating the present moment rather than dwelling on the past or the future. Trying it out is certainly worthwhile.



Hot yoga has been a popular trend for a while now. But hot Pilates is the exercise that Hailey recommends the most. These courses incorporate classic Pilates routines with the hot yoga approach. Pilates is a terrific option for individuals with stiffness issues or for those who find the poses in yoga to be a little bit too challenging.

Pose flexibility is increased, and it may even aid in the recovery of sore muscles. Additionally, heat has a significant impact. Because her muscles are kept flexible by the heat, Hailey can exert more effort throughout each session. The majority of Pilates workouts are full-body exercises.

But Hailey utilizes the majority of her sessions to concentrate on strengthening her lower back and developing her core.

A series of precisely timed, regulated motions are used in the standard Pilates workout approach. Pilates is viewed as a total-body exercise because of the muscles it works. The core muscles of your body, including your inner thighs, hips, gluteal muscles, lower and upper back muscles, and abdominal muscles, are what pilates exercises are primarily designed to target.

To move with total control of your body is the goal. You must control your arms, legs, and other extremities with ease while using the stability that your center core muscles provide in order to do that.



If you’re planning on following in Hailey’s footsteps, you need to stay wary of what type of body and daily habits you have. You wouldn’t want to follow a regimen that doesn’t align well with your body’s needs and requirements, which is why it would be wise to consult your doctor or nutritionist in case you have a medical condition or allergies.

That way, you will be able to follow Hailey Bieber’s diet and workout routine without worrying about any mishaps happening!

Other than that, remember that consistency is key. Working out and changing your diet is by no means easy, but if you stay determined and consistent, you will start seeing the results quickly. The best part is that, over time, the routine you’re following will become much easier and you’ll have no problem honoring it.

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