How To Get a Smaller Rib Cage – Best 5 Workouts And Tip

This article is written to provide a comprehensive knowledge of the popular topic, “how to get a smaller rib cage.” Suppose you are wondering about the possibilities of getting your rib cage’s size reduced. In that case, this article will give you a broad understanding of how this process works. The rib cage’s size contributes significantly to the aesthetics of the human body. Hence, you must understand how it works and functions.

As you read further, we will discuss all the necessary details you need to make the best choices while trying to keep your body in a perfect position. In the end, the information provided will enhance your overall body appearance.


What is Rib Cage?

Rib Flare Fix

This section gives a general idea of what the rib cage is all about. The rib cage comprises the sternum, ribs, and spinal column. It surrounds some vital organs such as the lungs, liver, heart, and stomach. The rib cage has numerous tissues, and these tissues consist of muscles, ligaments, and tendons.

The muscles, ligaments, and tendons act together to ensure the stability and movement of the rib cage. In a situation where the rib suffers from any form of dysfunction or strain, the tissues and vital organs may as well be affected.

Functions of Rib Cage?

The rib cage has several functions, and each of them affects our body. Some of the most notable functions include protecting vital body organs, breathing enhancement, and providing the needed support to the shoulder girdle. Whenever you breathe, the lungs and diaphragm expand and contract, respectively.

What happens is that the rib cage follows these actions —expands when the lungs expand and contracts when the diaphragm contracts. The muscles that are located between the ribs are of great assistance during these movements.

What is Flared Rib?

This is when the lower part at the front of your rib cage sits unevenly or protrudes outwards. A flared rib is a sign of weak abdominal muscles, tight muscles, ineffective breathing, and the absence of true shoulder mobility. This is when your shoulders don’t operate or function optimally.

The abdominal muscles are known to be an integral part of the rib cage. They ensure your rib cage is rightly positioned. If the muscles on one side of the body become weak, this may result in this side of the rib cage sticking out or sitting irregularly.

How to Fix Flared Rib?

A rib disorder can result in several problems in how the vital body organs function and the movement pattern of the upper body. Hence, the need to ensure this issue is fixed. It is important to know that flared ribs can’t be fixed or corrected overnight. The repair or correction process involves consistency and dedication. There are various perceptions about the issue of flared ribs. Whatever opinion or thoughts you must have shared or harbored, make sure you are not discouraged.

How to Fix Flared Rib

Get rid of the widespread belief that flared ribs can’t be corrected or reshaped. Since the rib cage section is very flexible, the flared rib can be corrected through proven routines. This includes:

  • Posture enhancement exercises (for instance, Yoga)
  • Inhaling correctly
  • Corrective stretching.

Can the Rib Cage be Made Smaller?

It is impossible to reduce your rib cage size. Although the use or application of a waist trainer or corset gives an appearance of a smaller upper body, this particular change or appearance is not permanent. When waist trainers are used or worn wrongly, it may result in some health problems or complications that would have easily been avoided in the first place. The abdominal muscles are designed to function like a corset. This enables or guarantees spine stability, movement, and strength.

When the abdominal wall is healthy and strong, this improves the appearance of the upper body. Ensure you engage in exercises that train the abdominal muscles rightly and safely. Exercises such as plank and pull-downs are an excellent way to start. For a pregnant individual, it is important to note that the core muscles automatically become weak after delivery.

It is advised that you retrain the core muscles after delivery by embracing ideal health-focused approaches or techniques such as exercise. This enhances your appearance and supports your overall well-being in the long term.

How To Get a Smaller Rib Cage to Look Smaller, Slim, and Smart

Rib Flare

This section discusses some of the popular and most effective techniques you can adopt if you desire a rib cage that appears smaller, slim, and smart.

Weight loss

When you lose an excessive fat layer directly under your skin, this may make your rib cage appear smaller. Weight gain results from high-calorie consumption, which is not eventually expended or used for any activity. When you consume excess calories that the body can use, it is stored in fat deposits, which eventually affect the rib cage’s circumference.

Usually, weight loss doesn’t necessarily change the size of the rib cage. Still, it gives an appearance that looks like it does (gives an impression or appearance of a smaller rib cage). When you engage actively in a healthy and effective weight loss regime, your overall body fat reduces, which is evident in your body measurement.

Body fat is stored in the torso and back of most individuals. As this fat layer covering the back and rib decreases, this has the same effect on your body size at the rib cage—your body size at this position or section decreases. As the weight loss regime progresses, it becomes easier to fit perfectly into smaller shirts or dresses.

This is also the moment women tend to reduce the band size of their bra. To ensure you burn every form of fat effectively, make sure you engage in exercise and combine it with healthy and calorie-restricted diets. This way, you will achieve what looks like a smaller, slim, and smart rib cage.

Yoga and ballet rib cage pose

Yoga rib cage pose

Engaging in Yoga or ballet closes your rib cage. This ensures you remain stable and strong, thereby allowing you to be in the best position, and achieve and maintain the appropriate alignment during exercise and workout. During these classes, you are encouraged to close your ribs, thereby ensuring your core stays strong throughout the process.

If you are not familiar with the phrase “closed rib cage,” it is the opposite of an open or flared rib cage. When you engage in any of these exercises—ballet or Yoga. You will learn how you can engage your core, get your abdominal muscles working, and in the process, make it appear smart.

Breathe the correct way

Flared ribs can be fixed or corrected by breathing the right way. When you breathe adequately and efficiently, your core muscles are engaged. Take a deep breath, and feel how your ribs expand. During this time, you can pay attention to the movement of your rib cage. Next, breathe out or exhale forcefully, pushing out all the air that is in your lungs.

As you exhale following this pattern, your abs are engaged, and your ribs will start closing naturally. This pattern may be slightly difficult to maintain at every point in time, so you may want to take a break. During this time, find a middle ground where you can sustain a comfortable breath, engage your abs, and keep your ribs closed. While breathing, ensure you are standing in the proper position, and maintain a straight posture. This posture allows you to breathe correctly.

Stretch your lower back

You can correct flared ribs or make your ribs appear slim, smart, and smaller by stretching your lower back. To stretch your back appropriately, sit down, and lean forward until you feel a stretch in the lower part of your back. Maintain this position for about half a minute (30 seconds), and repeat the process up to 3 times.

FAQ How to Make Your Rib Cage Smaller

How can I detect a flared rib?

A flared rib can be easily detected. If you can’t visibly see or detect when your ribs flare outwards, you can carry out this simple exercise. Ensure you are not sitting down. While standing, place your hands on your stomach. Ensure it is a little bit below the lower part of the front of your ribs. Then, push your hands up and move them towards your chest. Once you notice that your lower ribs protrude outwards, you will most likely suffer from flared ribs.

What happens when there is a flared rib cage?

Suppose you are suffering from this form of rib abnormality. In that case, it could lead to pain in the shoulders and neck, and it can also damage or affect the structural integrity of your upper body. Ensure you do not ignore any signs of the flared rib cage. Fix your protruding ribs as soon as possible through exercise and other healthy and safe corrective measures we have discussed so far for a strong and healthy body.

What are the causes of flared ribs?

There are 4 known or common causes of flared ribs.  Firstly, Physical injury, which may be a result of a muscle sprain or rib fracture. The second one is Genetic flaws. This is when the flared ribs occur right from birth. Thirdly, Weak musculature is due to inadequate muscular development and muscle tightness in the core and the back.

Lastly, Scoliosis. This leads to the unnatural curvature of the spine. Once the whole body switch to this curve, this may result in rib flaring. Someone who sits in an inappropriate position for an average of 6 hours every day may suffer from chronic scoliosis, which may worsen the situation in the long term.

What is the effect of running on the size of the rib cage?

According to popular belief, the rib cage gets bigger when you engage in regular running exercise. This is wrong. Although no medical report confirms the effect of running on the size of the rib cage, this routine has its own advantage. When you run regularly, it improves your muscles and lungs’ performance and overall well-being by strengthening them.

What should I do if I experience constant and bad pain in one side of my rib cage?

Pain in your rib cage could result from a cracked, broken, bruised, or fractured rib. If you experience any form of pain in your rib cage, and it’s becoming unbearable or intolerable, do not hesitate to see a doctor as soon as possible.

How can I make my rib cage appear smaller?

The best approach is to engage in physical exercises that can work your lower chest muscles optimally to achieve a smaller rib cage appearance. While working out, focus on the chest muscles that are located very close to the ribs. When you stay committed to this routine daily, you will achieve a smart and slim appearance.


This article has discussed how to get a smaller rib cage. As you have read, the correction of a flared rib is not complicated. Hence, there is no need for expensive surgery, gym equipment, or physical therapy. Follow all the information provided in this document, especially on fixing flared ribs and achieving a smart and slim rib cage. You will achieve the best results in little or no time.

Asides from being cheap and easy, the techniques discussed in this article are pleasurable and easy to apply, compared to undergoing surgery to correct this issue. For instance, a flare rib surgery costs as much as forty thousand dollars ($40,000). It also involves the insertion of 2 heavy bars made of titanium under the sternum.

The bars stay in this position for about three (3) years, and the experience is not pleasant or satisfying. No doubt about it, engaging and maintaining the routines discussed so far may be difficult at first. You could also customize motivational planner stickers to track your progress, a tool to add fun when you working out. With constant practice, even when you don’t feel like it, it will gradually become a habit in no time. In the process, your level of motivation is enhanced.

You will be able to fix or correct your protruding ribs, thereby making them appear attractive. This also improves your confidence and self-esteem in the long run.


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