Core Workouts for Men: Get the Perfect Abs

If you’re looking for quick and effective core workouts for men that will help you get the perfect abs, you’re in luck! We’re here to provide you with the top 5 ab workouts that will work wonders for you in no time.

Since most of us like to be in shape and have that perfect figure of our dreams, knowing what type of workouts to perform to target the specific muscle group is important.

Unfortunately, if you’re not a professional or a regular at the gym, knowing exactly what to do isn’t that common.

But fortunately, you can learn what to do by following our simple and straightforward guide that provides you with step-by-step lists on performing these workouts with great efficiency.

If you’re looking to get the perfect abs for the next summer and you’re in need of core workouts for men, take a look at the guide below to find everything you need neatly summarized.


Top 5 Effective Ab Workouts for Men

There is no shortage of workouts for men that can assist you in getting the body and abs of your dreams.

However, it’s impossible to find and perform all of them. That is why we compiled a list of the top 5 ab workouts that provide great results and target all the right muscles perfectly.

Check out the list below to find out what exercises we’re talking about and how to perform them correctly:

1. Plank


One of the most well-known workouts for the male core is the plank. You may perform it anywhere and you don’t need any special equipment. Additionally, you may include certain modifications, such as the three-point plank, which strengthens the lower back and develops powerful obliques.

Here’s how to do a plank:

• Start off in the standard plank posture with your arms on the ground and your elbows positioned below your shoulders. Keep your legs straight back and your toes firmly planted on the ground

• Your left leg should be raised and held. Try not to twist; keep your entire body in a straight line. Bring your leg back down to the floor

• Raise the opposite leg

• Repeat this for 10 reps

• Try to complete as many consecutive reps as you can without falling. Track the number of minutes you exercised each week to evaluate your improvement.

2. Hanging Knee Raise

Hanging Knee Raise

The next workout on our list that will help you get the perfect abs is the hanging knee raise. Your whole tranversus abdominis is exercised during these hanging knee raises.

These are the muscles that maintain a flat and firm stomach. Your hip flexors, shoulders, and biceps will all be used during this hanging knee raise in addition to your core muscles.

Your hands should be shoulder-width apart and facing away from you as you hang from a pullup bar. You should also have your feet together.

Once you accomplish that, here’s what you should do next:

• Lift your thighs toward your chest while simultaneously bending your knees and hips. Tuck your lower back under while you do this

• When your thighs are level with your chest, pause for a moment, then gently bring your legs back to the beginning position

• To prevent your hips and torso from swaying, engage your core

In case you want to do this exercise in a more advanced way, you can. Here’s how:

• Continue to hang from your previous starting position

• Straighten your legs out so that your thighs and calves are parallel to the ground

• As you exhale, lift your legs until they are nearly touching the bar above you. When you reach the top, make an effort to keep your legs as straight as you can

• To return to the beginning position, steadily lower your legs until they are at the lowest possible position

3. Oblique and Reverse Crunches

Oblique and Reverse Crunches

When it comes to crunches, there is more than one way to do them that will help you get the abs you dream of. You can mix oblique and reverse crunches for the best results.

Oblique Crunches

In comparison to the standard bicycle crunch, this is a little fancier. All you need is a bench for doing chest presses or a bench that won’t move. Your internal and external obliques are the only muscles involved in this technique.

This is how you perform oblique crunches:

• Your upper body should be raised off the bench while you lie on your right side. Repeat with your top leg after bringing your bottom leg back and hooking your toes under the bench with your bottom leg.

• Extend your body toward the floor at a 30-degree angle below the bench. You should place your right hand on your obliques so that you hold your chest and feel your obliques contract

• Raise your left hand until the palm of it is holding your head

• While maintaining your balance with your legs, bend your left elbow in a crunching motion and pull it as high into your left hip as you can

• Return to your original position beneath the bench by lowering yourself carefully. After 15 repetitions, move to your left side

Reverse Crunches

A very efficient substitute for a standard crunch is the reverse crunch. Without putting extra weight on your back, it gives your lower abs a proper amount of stress.

This is how you can do a reverse crunch:

• Your arms should be by your sides as you lie down

• Lift your legs and make a 90-degree bend in your knees. Your thighs need to be parallel to the ground

• By tightening your abs and exhaling, bring your knees to your chest. Hold on for a moment

• Bring your legs back down. Maintain abdominal tension by moving gently and with control

4. Ab Rollout

Consider this exercise to be a plank with motion. Numerous core muscles will be used while you roll out since you will be extending and retracting your entire torso.

Because of the control required for this exercise, your core muscles will become more coordinated.

Follow the steps listed below to perform a proper ab rollout workout:

• With your palms facing away from you, place the ab roller on the ground and hold it there with both hands

• Kneel on the ground

• Roll the ab roller out slowly while extending your body forward. As far as you can descend without physically contacting the floor, do so. To prevent your back from swaying, make sure to maintain a strong core

• During this part of the dance, breathe in

• After pausing in the extended posture, try drawing yourself back to your starting position by contracting your abs and exhaling

• Contract your core to prevent strain on your lower back

5. Windshield Wipers

The last exercise on our list is the windshield wipers, and this one will work wonders for your abs if performed correctly.

You’ll need to use your entire core to fight gravity as you move your legs from side to side. Your abdominal muscles will benefit greatly from all that resistance.

Here’s what you should do:

• Lie on your back

• Straighten your arms so they are parallel to your torso

• Lift your legs up and keep your knees bent at a 90-degree angle for a simpler variation, or straighten your legs up to the sky for a more difficult variation

• Use your core muscles to twist your torso to one side while keeping your legs off the ground

• Pause for one beat

• Bring your legs back to the middle, then squat to the opposing side

The Benefits of Core Workouts for Men

Great abs provide a ton of additional significant health advantages, in addition to the rewards of turning heads at the beach. Maintaining your core muscles might assist in making daily chores safer and simpler.

Core strength is necessary for all the little tasks you perform during the day, such as lifting boxes or tying your shoes. Therefore, it’s crucial to develop (and maintain) these muscles.

Your lower back and spine are supported by your core muscles, which extend from your stomach to your back. Therefore, performing regular ab workouts may support posture and reduce lower back pain.

If you’re into any sport that demands you to twist, move, or exert force with your limbs, you will benefit from male core workouts. This is due to the unstable positions that core training forces you into, which forces your body to balance by using the upper and lower abs.

By doing so, you may get your body ready for quick-response sporting circumstances. Support for proper posture and an enhanced sense of well-being is further possible advantages.


Forget about struggling to find the right core workouts for men and let us cut your work in half by providing you with step-by-step guides on ab exercises you need!

Wasting time searching the Internet is no one’s idea of a good time, so use our article to learn all there is to know about ab workouts in less than 10 minutes and start working out like a pro instantly!

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