Yoga And Veganism – What Do They Have in Common?

Yoga And Veganism

Whether you have been practicing Yoga for years or have just recently signed up for a class, you will find that there are many benefits of doing the practice and embracing a plant-based diet form of lifestyle. 

Aside from feeling relaxed, lighter, energized, and more grounded after each practice, Yoga can let you experience positive effects and lead you to live a true Zen Yoga lifestyle. And it’s simpler than you think.  Read on to know the importance and relations of Yoga and embracing a plant-based lifestyle. 


Yoga Lifestyle 


Beyond all the practice of asanas, the Yoga lifestyle embraces all philosophical aspects of how you live your life – inspired by the Eight Limbs of Yoga. 

One of the aspects is yama, which talks about your ethical behavior towards other people. And a part of yama is what we call ahimsa, or popularly known among Yogis as ‘non-violence’. Thus, the easiest way probably to adopt this kind of lifestyle is to pay close attention to what you consume and use daily.

Going vegan or choosing to eat plant-based food, for example, is a favor not only for yourself but for others as well. The power and influence of living by example can promote non-violence and ultimately helps the environment.   

If you’re interested in going vegan or incorporating a plant-based diet into your daily life, check out how it relates to Yoga and its benefits as well. 

Yoga and Plant-Based Lifestyle 

yoga and vegan food

Yoga and ‘Veganism’ have a very strong connection. Yoga originated from India, where people practice a long-standing vegetarian tradition. Also, most principles in Yoga support a plant-based diet like the Ahimsa or non-violence.

This spiritual practice also tells you not to harm your peers and all the sentient beings and the Earth. Thus, having a truly yogic lifestyle means producing the least negative impact on you and the environment.

This is why most yogis around the world practice a plant-based lifestyle, embracing non-violence and renouncing mistreatments of animals while helping nature. Most importantly, they are practicing non-violence towards themselves by choosing to eat and living healthy. 

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Benefits of Plant-Based Diets 

plant based food

Plant-based diets can lead to a healthier body, sound mind, and low risk of diseases. It is also known to promote a longer life span and better mental health.

Thus, if you are interested in improving your health, you should consider moving towards a plant-based diet. And having a plant-based diet also helps you enhance your Yoga practice while maintaining a healthy weight, good energy, and flexibility. Here are some of the benefits of having a plant-based diet: 

Increase in energy 

Your Yoga practice requires a lot of energy. To stay focused, you need to feel good, and food plays an essential role in how you feel, which affects your energy. Consuming plant-based food or foods directly from the Earth helps create more energy. 

Improve active performance 

Plant-based foods are free of cholesterol and saturated fat, which helps improve your blood thickness, giving your muscles more oxygen. This helps you to flow effortlessly in between asanas. 

yoga lifestyle

Healthy skin 

Eating healthy food does not only make your body healthy but your skin as well. Vitamins A and E are found in most vegetables and fruits to promote healthy skin. You’ll often notice that your skin gets clear after giving up meat and dairy. 

Better muscles 

Low fat means better muscle tone and definition. You will reap up benefits fast when you switch to a vegan diet. Lower weight also means more flexibility and energy on and off the mat. 

yoga lifestyle

Better mood 

Good food means a good mood. Eating healthy in a non-violent way attracts good Karma. You will feel happier and more at peace, which in turn will lead to a good overall mood. 


The Yoga practice has been literally living for thousands of years, but still, it retains its original intention of achieving harmony of the heart and soul, leading to the path of enlightenment. 

And one way to achieve this is to choose the path of non-violence by living a healthy lifestyle like embracing a plant-based diet.  Something for you to think about the next time you roll out that vegan mat. 

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