3 Quick & Easy Ways of How To Get Rid Of Bony Shoulder

Bony shoulders are a very annoying thing to have and anyone with a bony shoulder would want to know How to get rid of bony shoulder.

Bony shoulder can make you feel and look weak and might make it feel like you’ve got a bad posture.

It might be impossible to get rid of your thin bone or change the shape of your body, it is possible to exercise and build enough muscle to cover the tiny bone on your shoulder.

The time it will take to gradually change the structure of your shoulder muscle will vary and will depend on your physical strength and the intensity of your workout routine.

For some people, a few months might be enough to get rid of the bony look of their shoulder and have a strong one.

Exercise has proven to be a relevant and important solution that helps to get rid of bony shoulder.

Workouts such as shoulder press, Bench press, Pull-ups and lifting heavy weights are efficient personal workouts to give you a broad and thick shoulder.

There are many other ways to get rid of bony shoulders apart from exercise and it will be revealed as we proceed in the article.

What is Bony shoulder or thin Shoulder?

Bony shoulder is a case where almost all the bones of your shoulder are visible or are not covered by muscles.

So when your shoulder is not covered by enough muscle, you definitely will have a bony shoulder.

This might be frustrating and annoying because you will definitely have issues selecting the kind of clothes to wear.

Most of the people who are blessed to have great bodies will notice that their “bony shoulders” are still visible…. just that the body muscle performs a great job of covering the bone.

The shoulder is made up of a group of three muscles that are collectively known as the deltoids.

To have great healthy muscle development and cover up your bony shoulders, you should incorporate exercises and workout plans that cover and intensify all the 3 muscles.

What causes a bony shoulder?

Bony shoulders can be caused by a lot of factors and trust me nobody wants a bony shoulder and no girl wants a guy with a bony shoulder as a boyfriend. Anybody can have a bony shoulder, bony shoulder does not selects gender.

Below are the causes of bony shoulders.


Some diseases can leave you with a bony shoulder if not taken care of very well.

Shoulder diseases like shoulder osteoarthritis also called degenerative shoulder joint disease is a progressive, gradual, self-regulating, and biochemical deterioration of the articular cartilage and some other joint tissues, which include the bone and another joint capsule like the shoulder.

So if you suffer from this kind of disease, it can cause a bony shoulder because you will not be able to build muscle on the bone.

Skinny body type

If you have a thin body type, whereby you do not have enough muscle to cover your bone, you will surely have a bony shoulder. This does not mean you do not eat nutritious food, it’s just that your body type is skinny and it is harder to build muscle around your bones. Bony shoulder can only be avoided if enough muscles are built on it.

Lack of essential diet

If your body lacks an essential diet to give your body muscles the nutrients they need to grow, then you might have a bony shoulder bone because there will be no muscle to cover them.

Inappropriate exercise

Exercise or consistent workout can help you get rid of bony shoulders but if you do it the wrong way then you are likely to have a bony shoulder.

For example, if you want an exercise that will help you build muscle to get rid of the bony shoulder, you should not start with carrying heavyweights at the start, you should rather go for the smaller weights first and increase it gradually, by so doing, the shoulder muscle comes in gradually and covers up your bony shoulder.

How To Get Rid Of Bony Shoulder

Do you hate your thingy shoulders? Disheartened to take off at the beach or in a gathering of your friends? Are you Sick and tired of the way your shirts just appear to “hang” off and not fit your shoulders?

Then you should probably be calm and read this article very well and understand it as we will be having tips on how to get rid of bony shoulders.

Bony shoulders are extremely frustrating things to handle. It is frustrating to the extent that no matter how many different shirts you tried to put on, you just will not seem to find an appropriate one that will not show those pointy fractions where your arm joins your shoulder.

Getting rid of your thin shoulders is merely a case of gradually building muscle to surround them. If you notice most of the people who have great bodies, you will notice that their “thin shoulders” are still visible, the only difference is that their muscles did a great job to cover them up.

To get rid of a bony shoulder, you should practice good exercise, eat a balanced diet, and do weight training.

Let’s talk about each of the steps that can help you get rid of a bony shoulder.

1: Exercise

As we have said earlier, the shoulder contains 3 muscles called deltoids. So to build muscles in your shoulder you should have a routine of exercise that will help build the deltoid.

Below are some workouts to help build your deltoid muscles.

Front Deltoids – Seating Barbell press (shoulder)

To perform this exercise, Rest your back straight on the bench while seating, and lift your hands higher than your shoulder-width apart then lift the bar above your head, and bring it back lower in front of just a little but above the shoulder line.

Then erupt the bar back above your head. Make sure someone is around to spot you so you can put full effort into the workout.

Repeat 3 sets of 7-9reps.

Middle Deltoids or Dumbbell Flyes

Be in a Standing position with your arms right by your flanks and a dumbbell in each hand; your elbows barely bent and your palms facing in.

Lift the two dumbbells at the same time like you are trying to make your elbows touch the ceiling. Your elbows must be parallel to the floor…hold this posture for a second and then lower to the start posture. Lift up as much as you can.

Back Deltoids – Bend Over Cable Deltoid Raise

Stand upright next to a wire pulley device at the gym with your feet a little shorter than shoulder-width apart, then reach across your body to pull one of the lower wire handles.

Bend your waist so that your back will almost be parallel to the floor and place your other hand on your hip to support you.

Now, maintaining a slight twist in your elbow, draw the wire so that the back of your arm moves in the path of the ceiling.

Bring the pulley back to the starting point and repeat. Make sure you don’t twist your back during the workout as this can cause injury.

2: Good Diet

Eating good food and stacking up your calorie level is a way of building muscle to cover up your thin shoulders.

If you want muscle, then you don’t need to cut your calories. Instead, get rid of harmful meal choices like processed foods, potato chips, and cookies.

Protein is the main building block for strong muscle tissue, and also the Centers for Disease Control and advises a minimum of 45 grams of protein per day for women and 55 grams per day for men.

If you opt to stick to a low-intensity habit and only want to put together a bit of strength, this is fine.

If you want to bring down lots of body muscle, aim for .6 to.7 grams of protein in a day per pound of body strength.

A 100-pound man, for example, will need 80 grams of protein in a day.

3: Cardiovascular Training

A cardiovascular workout helps to improve your endurance and shapes the foundation of any strong fitness routine.

Steady cardio will also assist you to burn excess fat, helping strong muscles to come through.

Concentrate on cardiovascular training that works your shoulders, for example, swimming, rope jumping and rowing.

The Centre for Disease Control approves at least 65 minutes of serious cardio or 130 minutes of normal cardio per week.

If you surpass these recommendations, you may improve your fitness and erect even more healthy muscles.


  • Increase your calorie intake if you want to build muscle.
  • Exercise regularly, muscle-building exercise
  • Eat the right diet and not junk food


  • Do not consume low-calorie foods
  • Don’t carry heavyweights for a start
  • Stop smoking

Pros of Bony Shoulder

  • Any type of clothes can fit in
  • Fitness
  • Healthiness

Cons of Bony shoulder

  • Inability to pull off clothe in public

Frequently Asked Questions of How To Get Rid Of Bony Shoulder

1: Are bony shoulders normal? 

Bony shoulders are not a disease and are very normal but as a person, you might not like and want to get rid of them. You can only get rid of them by exercising to have more muscles to cover them.

2: What are the exercises to build shoulder muscles?

There are a lot of exercises but exercises that help you build shoulder muscle are limited. Examples are front shoulder press, dumbbell shrug, Pushups and so on.

3: Can I get rid of thin shoulders?

Yes, you can get rid of thin shoulders and have a broader and thick shoulder. All you have to do is eat the right diet and exercise very well.

4: I eat the right diet and work out properly, why do I still have a bony shoulder?

It is possible to eat the right diet and work out and still have a bony shoulder if you don’t target them during your workouts, these two workouts should help Barbell overhead press and -lateral raise.

5: Why are my shoulders thin?

You might have had a broad shoulder before just because you have many muscles, but you will lose the broad shoulder and have a thin shoulder if you lose weight because the fat will be removed from all over your body.


And that’s a wrap! Bony shoulder is not a disease that anyone should be afraid of, if you have got a bony shoulder, it should not bother you because there are enough ways to get rid of it.

Enough have been said on How to get rid of Bony shoulder and if you follow all that have been said, you should be able to get rid of your thin shoulder and have a broad and thick shoulder.