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Blink Fitness
Blink Fitness

In this post, you will get answers to frequently asked questions which people are searching over the internet. They want answers before joining Blink Fitness. So we have decided to compile a list of questions in a single post.


Blink Fitness has two types of membership plans- Blue and Green Membership. 

Gray Membership – 

One person monthly costs- $25.00

One person yearly costs-  $299.99

Green Membership –

One person monthly costs- $35.00

One person yearly costs-  $399.99

Blink Fitness Personal Training costs depend on the type of membership and session duration. Usually, personal training at blink fitness costs as low as $27 per week and you get 30-60 min long sessions with certified trainers.

Does blink Have a family plan?

No, Blink Fitness doesn’t have a fitness plan as of now. You have to pay for membership individually. 

Yes, Blink Fitness gym is worth it when it comes to facilities, equipment, and membership costs.

It depends on the type of membership. If you are subscribed to an annual membership, then you have to pay an annual fee.

To stop maintenance fees, you have to cancel the Blink Fitness membership either by phone or online through their website.

What is an annual maintenance fee?

The annual Maintenance fee is just $39.00 for both Blue and Green Membership.

Blink Fitness charges you $55. It happens, Your next month’s membership automatically renews. To stop this, cancel your membership before the starting of next month’s membership. 

No, You have to pay a reasonable fee for Blink Fitness Membership, which is $25 per month.

Yes, They do have saunas.

Yes, Blink fitness has Smith Machines and a lot of other weight training and strengthening machines.

Yes, they do also have stair masters for strength and toning your legs.

As per the government and covid guidelines, you may need to wear masks at Blink Fitness. Gloves and masks will be provided to Blink Fitness staff for safety for everyone.

Blink Fitness Gym hours depend on the location. To find out the working hours of specific Blink fitness gyms, visit this link, find gyms near you and look out for their working hours.

Yes, with Blink Fitness’ Blue Membership, you get free wifi. 

No, they do not have basketball courts. 

Yes, they do have certified personal trainers who help you to achieve your desired goals quickly.

Most of the Blink Fitness Gyms offer 80+ cardio equipment, 50+ Strengthen Equipments including plate-loaded machines, smith machines, cable crossovers, squat racks, and Olympic benches.

They also have stretching areas, where you can get battle ropes, kettlebells, resistance bands, stability balls, and foam rollers, etc. 

At functional training areas, they provide circuit training. Equipment includes rowers, medicine balls, Plyo boxes, and more.

Members must be at least 18 years old in order to join Blink Fitness. Teenagers (14-16 years) are also welcome with written parental consent.

Blink Fitness Offers 1-day free pass. You can use it within 30 days and explore the gym equipment, facilities, and a lot more.

No Blink is completely different from planet fitness but they are heavily inspired by them. 

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