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How to Cancel Blink Fitness Membership

blink fitness membership cancellation
How to Cancel Blink Fitness Membership
Blink Fitness

In this guide, I will be discussing how to cancel blink fitness membership. Blink is a gym that has been around for quite some time now and they have become fairly popular in the last few years. They offer their memberships at an affordable price and they also give students discounts if they are enrolled in college.

Many people may want to cancel their membership with blink because of lack of use or just not interested anymore. In order to cancel your account, follow the guide below


Cancel Blink Fitness Membership by Post

  1. Get the postal address of Blink Fitness Club Near you. If you don’t have the address, you can find one here by entering your zip code.
  2. Write a letter to request that your Blink membership be canceled.
  3. Include your whole name, Blink membership number, and contact information in the letter.
  4. You can use tracked postage to ensure that your letter was delivered.
  5. You may double-check with or call your gym to ensure that your Blink membership has been canceled.
  1. Click on this link to access the Blink Fitness cancellation form.
  2. Remember to read the form’s instructions carefully.
  3. Check the Blink agreement you want to cancel.
  4. Please type your Full name, email address, signature, Member ID number, home gym, and the date requested.
  5. Please double-check the details before submitting this form, else it does not guarantee a cancellation.
  6. You’ll be contacted by Blink fitness customer care to complete the cancellation procedure.
  1. On your mobile phone or laptop, open the email account you use.
  2. Write an email and request that your Blink membership is canceled.
  3. Mention your Full name, Blink membership number, and contact information in the message.
  4. Send the email you have composed to [email protected].
  5. You may get a call or an email from Blink customer service to confirm your desire to cancel your membership.
  6. To verify that your Blink membership has been canceled, go to or call your local gym.


Buyout fee and the number of days notice required for Blink Fitness cancellation. The buyout fee ranges between $50-60.

This fee and the number of days’ notice vary depending on the location. You can check this article.

To read more FAQs about Blink Fitness, Click here.

The Blink Fitness Gray membership is a non-commitment contract. This means you don’t have to pay a buyout fee for the cancellation of membership. The notice period you have to give blink Fitness cancellation varies by state.

Blue, Green, and Orange. These are 12-month contract membership plans; you must pay a termination fee after giving proper notice to terminate these memberships.

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