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10 Best Treadclimbers for Home 2023 – Burn Calories with Ease

Treadclimbers for Home review

TreadClimbers are a type of machine that combines the benefits of a treadmill with those of a step climber. This machine makes getting a complete workout easier than imaginable, by allowing users to utilize one machine for any given period rather than having to switch.

Treadclimbers for home

The brand Bowflex has continually offered the best TreadClimber for home gyms each boasting new and improved features and technologies. This list covers the best options available to choose from based on performance and availability.


Top Picks in 2023

5. Star Trac E-TC Treadclimber – Best for Entry-Level Athletes

Star Trac E-TC Treadclimber


The TC 5 TreadClimber is the best TreadClimber for home use to break into a routine. This machine packs a 3-in-1 workout that burns up to 3.5 x the number of calories compared to other cardio machines. This machine is low impact, so it is an excellent choice for individuals with knee problems.

Full Overview

  • Maximum speed: 4.5 mph
  • Minimum speed: 0 mph
  • Track progress: no
  • Display functions: 4 – speed, time, calories, and distance
  • Weight capacity: N/A
  • Product dimensions: 27 x 52.8 x 43.1 in/ 68.58 x 134.11 x 109.47 cm
  • Product weight: 163 lb / 73.9 kg

Top Features

  • Speed is a key feature of the TC20. This machine has one of the highest speeds available on any model, giving you the most effective workout possible.
  • The display console is simple and effective. The streamlined display is easy to use and read. Users can increase speed easily with the large buttons. The can also monitor their current speed, time, and distance while continuing their workout.
  • This TreadClimber is user-friendly and extremely easy to use. People are able to get on and start due to the Quick Start feature. Aside from selecting one of the pre-set programs, users are able to get a solid workout at their own pace, endurance, and incline.

4. Bowflex TreadClimber TC20 – Best for Homes With Multipe Users

Bowflex TreadClimber TC20


The TC20 is the best TreadClimber for home gyms that two or more individuals enjoy. This model allows up to two users to track their progress in order to make adjustments or improvements. The fully back-lit monitor allows users to see key information clearly as they work out.

Full Overview

  • Maximum speed: 4.5 mph
  • Minimum speed: 0 mph
  • Track progress: yes, two users
  • Display functions: 5 – heart rate, speed, time, calories, and distance
  • Weight capacity: 300 lb / 136 kg
  • Product dimensions: 31.5 x 55.25 x 55 in/ 80 x 140.34 x 203.2 cm
  • Product weight: 217 lb / 98.43 kg

Top Features

  • The running deck on this TreadClimber is of excellent quality and built to stand up to wear. The deck treads are comfortable to use. They are low-impact and feel great while stepping.
  • The TC 20 includes the G.O. Coach console so users can establish targets, track results, and compare their progress. This feature allows users to improve their performance easier than ever before.
  • The wireless heart rate monitor works well for ensuring you stay on target. Users do not have to hold on to the rails or keep their arms in a certain position to be able to track their heart rate. This feature provides users the freedom to use their arms as they please.

3. Star Trac 8 Series TreadClimber – Best Treadclimber with Entertainment Device

Star Trac 8 Series TreadClimber

The TC200 model TreadClimber is designed with you in mind. The fully back-lit LCD display brilliantly shows users progress, calories, time, and distance. There are numerous storage areas to stow away drinks or handheld devices and the Bluetooth connectivity allows users to automatically share data from the machine with the favorite fitness devices.

Full Overview

  • Maximum speed: 4.5 mph
  • Minimum speed: 0 mph
  • Track progress: yes, for four users
  • Display functions: backlit LCD display
  • Weight capacity: 300 lb / 136 kg
  • Product dimensions: 55 x 31.5 x 62.5 in/ 139.7 x 80 x 158.8 cm
  • Product weight: 202 lb / 91.6 kg

Top Features
  • The workout programs included in this model are excellent. The different workout programs allow users to target specific performances goals, select the best option, and go. The selection process is straightforward and easy to use.
  • The ability to monitor the heart rate in multiple ways is superior. The heart-rate monitor is integrated into the contract grips as well as a chest strap for hands-free movement. Users are able to hold on if they like or let go and have the chest strap monitor for them.
  • There is a media shelf on the unit is a great addition. It allows users to read books or use their tablets while working out. This shelf provides a convenient location for small device storage while working out.

2. Bowflex TC100 TreadClimber – Best Budget Pick

Bowflex TC100 TreadClimber


This is the best TreadClimber for home gym creation on a budget. The unique design packs three machines into one quick and easy motion so you can get an excellent workout in half the amount of time. The integrated contact grips allow you to maintain your target heart rate while receiving a thorough workout.


Full Overview

  • Maximum speed: 4 mph
  • Minimum speed: 0 mph
  • Track progress: yes, for two users
  • Display functions: backlit LCD – speed, distance, time, and calories
  • Weight capacity: 300 lb / 136 kg
  • Product dimensions: 57 x 31.5 x 59 in/ 144.8 x 80 x 149.9 cm
  • Product weight: 158 lb / 71.8 kg

Top Features

  • The overall quality of this machine should truly be recognized. This TreadClimber is built exceptionally well. It is very sturdy and operates smoothly.
  • The compact size of this unit is much appreciated, especially for individuals with limited space. The machine is easy to use and store and does not take up a lot of foot space.
  • The console is stylish and well-designed for usability. The machine has a beautiful console display with a USB charging port for devices. The screen is easy to read and navigate even when in use.

1. Bowflex TreadClimber TC200

Bowflex TreadClimber TC200


This is the best treadclimber for home on the market today based on its sleek design, ease of use, and overall impact while using. This machine is extremely easy on the joints, so you can get a reliable workout without having hip, knee, or back pain afterward. This machine has G.O. Coach consoling, so you can track your progress, set goals, and meet weekly targets.

Full Overview

  • Maximum speed: 4 mph
  • Minimum speed: 0 mph
  • Track progress: yes, one user
  • Display functions: 4 – speed, time, calories, and distance
  • Weight capacity: 300 lb / 136 kg
  • Product dimensions: 30.3 x 52.3 x 50.6 in/ 76.96 x 132.84 x 128.5 cm
  • Product weight: 185 lb / 83.9 kg

Top Features

  • Progress monitoring tools are exceptional. The G.O. coach feature helps users that are serious about losing weight or getting in shape. This feature monitors progress shows areas of improvement and provides feedback on performance.
  • The machine feels natural when in operation. The ultra-smooth glide allows you to walk more naturally, combining three machines into one reliably.
  • This machine is extremely well made. It holds up well, is extremely durable, and it is very solid. The company stands by its performance and quality by offering a warranty on all parts of the machine.

Buying Guide for TreadClimbers


Price is a big determiner for any high-budget commodity. TreadClimbers are one such thing that comes in exchange for a good high amount of money. First, you have to decide if you are ready to invest a hefty amount for your fitness. As there are a lot of other cheaper options, you can indulge in without shedding this much from your pocket.

And if you are ready to spend the money, then list a few of the options available that fit best in your budget. This will make your buying experience a lot easier.



If you are buying one of these for your daily home exercise, you need to remember that these machines come in a big package. You need to have enough space in your house for this before buying one. Some of the TreadClimbers do come with a foldable facility.

But if you are going to use it every day, then there is no point in folding up every time after use. So, you better be ready with permanent storage space for this TreadClimber.

Fitness Level

Think about the level of fitness you want to acquire with this machine. If you are thinking of an occasional sweating regime with it, then it is better that you don’t invest in such a huge product with so much money.

But if you are really serious about your fitness goal and wish to hit the machine hard every day, then look for the best quality sturdy models. This will surely help you reach your desired goal.


Every TreadClimber has an LCD screen that shows the relevant data like the user’s progress, calories burnt, time, etc. Make sure the LCD is clearly visible in every light condition. The screen should be ideally backlit.

This will help you see all the data on it at a glance. One more thing to remember is that the user interface of your TreadClimber should not be very complicated.


The noise of these machines can be a serious issue, especially for home users. Check the noise level of the product you are considering buying. Some of these machines have a lower noise level for your comfort of use, while some others can become a serious reason for your headache.  


Benefits of a TreadClimber  

  • This is a low-impact and gentle workout solution for normal users  
  • The best TreadClimber workouts engage very effective methods of burning some crucial calories from your body which you can avail inside your house itself  
  • It can work on different parts of your body without the exhausting after-effects of those intense workouts  
  • Excellent for your cardiovascular workout, therefore helpful for an overall healthy heart  
  • Customizable options are available for every level of exerciser 

Frequently Asked Questions

1) Is the TreadClimber good for bad knees?

Yes, it can be very helpful if you have any past knee injuries. The TreadClimbers are a low-intensity workout program that will provide you with the benefits of exercising without hurting your injury.

2) What kind of warranty can I expect for the TreadClimbers?

The TreadClimbers have warranty plans ranging from 2 years to 5 years for different models and different parts of the machine. You can get a replacement for any part of your machine if it breaks down.

3) Is it really helpful in burning calories?

This is the most basic and common question regarding TreadClimbers. These machines are able to work on both your upper and lower body parts at the same time. There are options to choose from according to your required intensity level. If you want high-intensity outcomes, then you can set the machine to its highest intensity mode and shed your calories at an extraordinary rate.

However, the impact level of this machine does not feel as intense as that in the treadmills. 


Each of these best TreadClimber for home workouts provides a low-impact option for achieving an exceptional cardio workout.

Not only do each of these models combine three machines into one, but they also provide a full-body workout you can feel. Have you used any of the models included on this list? Let us know how it worked for you.

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