Zendaya’s Diet and Workout Routine Revealed – Journey to a Stronger Body and Mind

Zendaya's diet and workout routine

We all know that Zendaya is one of Hollywood’s best-known young actresses. She is most recognized for her acting skills as the star of the popular HBO series Euphoria. But, her incredible acting isn’t the only thing she’s famous for—being breathtakingly beautiful and having an amazing figure is also what this young lady gets praise for.

However, having such a nice lean figure isn’t all about genetics. The amazing actress, singer, and dancer keeps active and pays close attention to what she puts into her body, as well as what exercises she does to maintain it. It’s interesting to note that Zendaya doesn’t support routine workouts at the gym.

So, if you’re someone who wants Zendaya’s body without hitting the gym regularly, you’re in the right place! We’re here to walk you through her entire diet plan and workout routine! Let’s jump right into it.


Zendaya’s Diet Plan

Zendaya made the decision to become a vegetarian when she was just nine years old, and she has been vocal about it ever since. However, she previously admitted that she finds being a vegetarian challenging because she isn’t the biggest fan of vegetables.

She laughed and said she is a vegetarian who doesn’t enjoy veggies too much, making things difficult. She adds that she is a vegetarian primarily out of compassion for animals and not because she likes veggies.

Even though she isn’t the biggest fan of vegetables, she occasionally incorporates them into her diet. Rice salads are the main thing she uses to honor her vegetarian diet.

She isn’t a vegan, which means she indulges in dairy and a few other animal products. To give her body the nutrients it needs, Zendaya prioritizes her health and makes an effort to eat nutritious, well-balanced meals every day. You can consult the list below to find out what the Euphoria star enjoys for every meal:

1. Breakfast

Zendaya breakfast

Breakfast is difficult for Zendaya. She likes eating breakfast, but she dislikes eating in the morning. She usually gets a reminder to eat from her assistant or a relative. For breakfast, Zendaya enjoys pancakes with fruit, eggs, and whole-grain toast.

She also frequently eats pancakes with fruit and Nutella. She does not consume coffee or energy drinks, nor does she enjoy drinking water; instead, she favors regular juice.

2. Lunch

Zendaya lunch

Due to her hectic schedule, Zendaya claims that she frequently skips meals in favor of snacking. She used to eat a cup of ramen noodles for lunch regularly but later stopped.

She said that she had quit eating cups of ramen noodles after realizing that the chicken powder in them wasn’t simply an artificial seasoning but that it truly included chicken. Because of this, she made the decision to fully exclude it from her diet as a vegetarian.

3. Dinner

Zendaya dinner

Since Zendaya isn’t a great cook, she frequently uses Postmates to get her dinner. Ice cream is the food she most frequently orders. But she claims that her assistant makes an effort to get her to eat better. She also enjoys ordering a salad or another vegetarian dish from Chick-fil-A. Zendaya tends to eat a basic vegetarian salad for dinner.

However, she admitted that, despite her diet, she only tolerates veggies and would much prefer to eat a pizza instead.

4. Supplements

Zendaya lunch supplements

Now that you know what meals the actress typically eats for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, it’s time to learn more about her health habits. Apart from her diet that we explained above, Zendaya also takes certain vitamins regularly.

She does that to improve her health as much as possible and doesn’t end up having a vitamin deficiency of any sort. As a vegetarian, she takes the following vitamins to maintain her health and to make up for the nutritional deficiencies in her diet:

Vitamin D—Despite the fact that she consumes eggs and dairy products, research has shown that the majority of vegetarians are vitamin D deficient

Multivitamins—A big setback to our overall health goals is caused by nutrient deficiencies. A multivitamin is always a good idea. They ensure sure we are consuming the recommended amount of each vitamin each day

Omega-3—Numerous studies have shown how omega-3 fatty acids reduce inflammation while supporting heart and brain health. Mostly found in fish oil, but thankfully there is a vegetarian alternative based on algae

Zendaya’s Workout Routine

Zendaya, like many of us, hates going to the gym, but she leads an active lifestyle that keeps her in excellent shape mostly for her acting roles, which require her to dance and execute rehearsed movements, keeping her highly active.

She appears in a number of physically difficult films and television programs that need various types of physical preparation. In order to keep healthy and slender throughout her journey, Zendaya knows the need of working out and adds regular activities.

She was an active child growing up, participating in a variety of sports, including basketball and soccer. Her physique is naturally thin due to her ectomorph body type, which makes it difficult for her to put on weight and muscle. Zendaya does not currently have a set fitness schedule or program, and she does not schedule her regular workouts.

She usually gets a reminder to exercise from her family or her assistant. Despite disliking going to the gym, she is quite active. She maintains her physical fitness via her acting jobs, dance, and other activities. She obtains most of her fitness by practicing scripted fights for her performances and dance routines.

She also enjoys high-intensity aerobics and plyometric exercises. Take a look at the list below to see some of the exercises Zendaya enjoys the most:

1. Dancing


Fitness ought to be enjoyable, in Zendaya’s opinion. She is aware that if she doesn’t have fun, she won’t enjoy her workouts. It must be enjoyable for her to exercise consistently. She participates in dancing lessons or dances alone, which she truly likes doing when she doesn’t have any scheduled activities during the day.

The actress is proof that you can maintain a healthy weight without going to the gym regularly. She prefers to push her body with the kinds of things she enjoys, which includes lots of dancing and choreography, as opposed to working out at the gym as usual.

She claimed that choreographing and dancing are her favorite forms of exercise. She suggests that you discover something that is truly enjoyable for you, whether it be jazzercise or something else.

2. Cardio

Jumping rope

Cardio exercise, or any activity that raises the heart rate, helps to maintain heart and lung health and lowers the chance of developing diabetes, high blood pressure, and cancer. With these enjoyable cardio activities, think outside the box and give something new a try.

Finding an exercise you like is essential to sticking with any training routine. Zendaya is a huge advocate of finding pleasurable exercises, and once you do, you’ll enjoy doing them so much that you won’t even notice that you’re working for your health to get better. The best part is that you don’t have to spend an eternity in the gym in order to do cardio.

You can run, jog, walk, swim, and dance—the sky is the limit! As for Zendaya, she likes to go hiking with her friends and family in the Los Angeles Hills every week.

3. Yoga


Zendaya doesn’t restrict herself to just one kind of workout. In addition to her regular workouts, she frequently engages in yoga, pilates, and hiking. She tries to do yoga three times a week at the very least. She does full-body yoga, which not only helps her tone her entire body and target all of the muscles but also increases her overall flexibility.

The advantages of yoga for physical and mental health are available to people of all ages. If you’re recovering from surgery, are unwell, or suffering from a chronic ailment, yoga may be a significant part of your rehabilitation. This might perhaps hasten your recuperation.


As of right now, Zendaya continues to lead an active lifestyle and makes an effort to fit exercise into her schedule. She possesses the drive and athleticism necessary to pull off her antics. As you can see, Zendaya’s workout is easy to complete at home with little to no equipment.

The exercises are fantastic for maintaining heart rate. They make you perspire, which elevates your mood and increases your vitality. Those who detest going to the gym and who have a hectic schedule do best with Zendaya’s exercise regimen.

If you want to try Zendaya’s workout routine and/or diet at home and watch how you transform, you need to be careful. Make sure this regimen fits your body’s needs and consult your doctor beforehand if you have any underlying medical issues or conditions.

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