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Rocky Mountain Climbing Gear For Kids With Cannonball and Cone holds

Rocky Mountain Climbing Gear for kids

Rock climbing refers to an activity that involves climbing up and down rock faces, using ropes and other specific gear such as Rocky Mountain Climbing Gear.

It is a physical sport that requires applying technical knowledge of the equipment in reaching a summit or endpoint. Before climbing, one should be grounded in proper rock climbing.

Rock climbing is a sport that requires fitness and agility, together with mental prowess needed to make an ascension and reach a particular height. Rock climbing has its benefits and hazards too like other sports.

One of the hazards of rock climbing includes falling. However, this can be mitigated by purchasing the right gear. With the right gear in place, you will have a safe rock climbing.

indoor kids rock climbing


What is Rocky Mountain Climbing Gear?

Rocky Mountain Climbing Holds are manufactured with Natural materials and recycled ones as well.

The recycled materials comprise Polyester, Epoxy, Polyurethane, Plastics, Vinyl Ester, Vegetable oil, and a list of organic materials.

Equipment produced by Rocky Mountain Climbing gear is 100% American. Rocky Mountain Climbing Gear is capable of withstanding any condition.

These climbing holds are available in a wide range of sizes and can be equated to a baseball.

They are suitable for use in both indoor and outdoor purposes. There’s a lifetime guarantee on these products.

Types of Rocky Climbing Gear

Rocky Mountain Climbing Gear is of various types. They include:

  • Cams
  • Climbing Harness
  • Climbing Rope
  • Belay Device
  • Climbing Helmet
  • Climbing Carabiners and Quickdraws

Where can they be found?

There are several places to purchase Rocky mountain climbing gear. One of the ideal places to purchase this equipment is on the official site of Rocky Mountain Climbing Gear.

You can also find them online via Amazon and other reputable online stores.

Rocky Mountain Climbing Gear is widely used and recognized and you can be sure you won’t have a hard time finding them online.

A wide range of products and their specifications are available. Whatever choice you make, ensure you get the best value for your money spent.

Best wall for setting rocky mountain climbing gear

Setting up a wall for the installation of your Rocky Mountain Climbing Gear is an easy task to do.

It can be as short as 30 feet or as tall as 60 feet, depending on your preference and the purpose of it.

There is no specific wall for setting rocky mountain climbing gear as it is designed to suit various wall types.

Therefore, you should look beyond the wall type while purchasing Rocky Gear.

How much space does it need for the whole gear?

Rocky Climbing Gear is suitable for indoor and outdoor activities based on your preference. It is also suitable for kids and adults whereby you can simply set it up on the walls of your room for your kids.

Therefore, whether limited space or expansive rock outdoor, you will find this product extremely useful.

Can it be installed indoors or outdoors?

Rocky Climbing Gear can be set up both indoors and outdoors. It’s up to you.

All you need is the right equipment to install it in the comfort of your home or outdoors for sports and other outdoor activities.

Rocky Climbing Gear perfectly fits into any lifestyle mode you choose, all that matters is for you to have a memorable experience.

Simple ways to build a DIY climbing wall

Materials needed

  • 3/4 plywood (You can use a full 4×8 sheet, and another 2×4 sheet)
  • Climbing holds, bought from Rocky Mountain Climbing Gear.
  • Lag screws, especially if the holds don’t come with your preferred size.

Tools required

  • Level or straight edge of some sort
  • Pencil or pen
  • Tape measure
  • Table saw, circular saw, or jigsaw (anyone is preferable)
  • Nut drivers

Steps to Install

  1. Plan and sketch the climbing wall. You could go online on Google to see beautiful ideas.
  2. Cut the pieces of the wall and attach them individually.
  3. Attach the handholds

You can include certain units and parts to make it safe for your kids to use.

Rocky Mountain Gear For Kids

Everyone can enjoy this sport, irrespective of their age. Be it indoors or outdoors, it’s an amazing opportunity for families to spend time together having fun.

Kids can also participate in Rocky Mountain Climbing. Kids within the age of 3 years and above can engage in this. Kids derive joy engaging in this activity.

While installing it, you can place kid-friendly units which may include foams to enable soft landing in case of a fall. Your kids will definitely love to use the Rocky Mountain Climbing gear.

How does it to set up

Climbing gears are easy to set up as users need little or no expertise to install their gears. Installing it is very easy; you just have to drill a hole in the side of the mount included in the package.

Place the mount back into the wood with the aid of a hammer and screw in the rocks using a big Allen wrench.

You can easily switch the holds without pulling down the wall. With these few steps, you can easily install any mountain climbing holds.

indoor climbing Mountain Gear For Kids

Rocky Climbing Gear: Product Description

This product features a 50 Large Screw on Climbing Holds and it comes with Hardware.

They are weather-proof climbing holds that are useful in rock climbing, giving you the realistic rocky feeling.

Rocky Mountain Climbing Holds are used for both personal and commercial purposes.

They are about the size of a baseball, with hole diameter in the holds being ¼ inches. These holds should be used on wood with a thickness of about 1 ½ inch.

P.S: Screw sets do not come with hardware.

Climbing holds are made using Recycled materials like Polyester, Vinyl Ester, Vegetable oil, Epoxy, polyurethane, etc. These materials are non-toxic.

They are made in the United States and shipped directly to our customers. Note however that the bonding materials used in the holds may smell.

To stop this, just soak it in warm water. The smell will be gone. The holds are strong and can withstand any weather conditions, be it hot or cold.

They are also available in over 100 different distinct shapes for you to choose from.

How to install rocky mountain climbing holds

With this climbing gear comes all the necessary hardware for its installation.

This makes it unique from the rest. Installing it is very easy; you just have to drill a hole in the side of the silverback mount included in it, but the back mounts into the wood using a hammer and screw in the rocks using a big Allen wrench.

You can easily switch the holds without pulling down the wall. With these few steps, you can easily install rocky mountain climbing holds.

Unique Features

Rocky Mountain Climbing Gear is designed with unique features that stand it out from its competitors and also give users a great experience. Below are some of these product unique features:

  • Rock Climbing Holds have 50 large screws on them.
  • It gives you a realistic feeling and texture like that of a rock.
  • Manufactured using recycled materials.
  • Military personnel, boy scouts, parents, and gym houses often use it.
  • Capable of withstanding harsh weather conditions in outdoor use.
  • Lifetime Guarantee is assured. It is 100% American.
  • They are rock climbing holds of standard quality.
  • They are designed for use in secure climbing.
  • Manufactured using recycled materials.


The Rocky Mountain Climbing Gear comes with lots of attractive features that stand it out among its competitors.

These amazing features are its pros and I will mention a few of them below:

  • It comes with hardware for installation
  • It is manufactured using materials that can be recycled
  • It comes with a lifetime guarantee. This shows a total belief in its product.
  • It is highly durable and can weather any condition
  • It gives users a natural rocky feeling
  • Comfort and confidence while climbing


Despite all the amazing features of the Rocky Mountain Climbing Gear hold, we still have at least one thing some users do not like about it. One of the cons is mentioned below:

  • Some users have complained that the bolt is not long enough to go through a 2×4 board. However, they still gave it a good rating for other great features.

Benefits of Rocky Mountain Climbing Gear

The benefits of Rocky Mountain Gear are numerous as it pertains to various users needs for purchasing this amazing gear.

Below is a highlight of some amazing advantages of Rocky Mountain Climbing Gear.

  • The product is available in more than 200 varying sizes
  • It is easy to use and install
  • Hardware for installation is available
  • It possesses great quality
  • It offers great value at an affordable price.

Product Quality: These holds are sturdy and concrete, available in different sizes with ranging levels of difficulty, from easy to intermediate.

The holds are specially made to fit the installation hardware provided perfectly. Their appearance is similar to that of a natural rock, with a texture that is quite gripping and handhold grooves included in them.

Frequently Asked Questions about Rocky Mountain Gear 

Below are frequently asked questions on rock climbing and the Rocky Mountain Gear.

What gear is needed for rock climbing?

For rock climbing, you do not need much gear to achieve your goal. With a few basic types of equipment, you are on the right track to rock climbing.

Some of the equipment for climbing rocks include a climbing harness, climbing shoes, and a belay device.

What is Rocky Mountain Climbing Gear?

This refers to equipment used during Rock climbing, manufactured by the brand, Rocky Mountain Climbing Gear.

How much can I get Rocky Mountain Climbing Gear for?

Purchasing holds from Rocky Mountain is a good deal. There’s no better deal for a single hold unit than this. You can’t get it elsewhere. The most interesting prices are available on their Amazon shop.

According to a review by a customer, a large set of holds cost about $1.50 each, with hardware and shipping inclusive. Quite amazing.

Where can I purchase good Climbing Gear?

Quality rock climbing gear can be gotten on the Rocky Mountain Climbing Gear Amazon shop or other websites. They come with extra features and hardware which makes it better than its competitors.

Is there a weight limit for rock climbing?

Our gear can confidently hold pounds of weight. People are urged to engage in rock climbing irrespective of their shape and size. However, the recommended weight limit is approximately 250lbs.

How old do you have to be to climb?

The interesting thing about rock climbing is that it is suitable for all ages with various levels of difficulty. However, children must be at least 3 years of age before they can climb.

Also, climbing children must be under the supervision of their parents or guardian for proper safety precautions.

Is Rock climbing safe for kids?

Of course, it is. You should take your kids for rock climbing often. This helps in developing good balance, stability, making them fit.

They could also learn other lessons as confidence, consistency, and being independence.


Rocky Mountain Climbing Gear is an ideal gear for mountain climbers as it has lots of amazing features for climbers.

Rocky comes in various sizes range, up to over 200 different sizes which offer you great value for your money.

Rocky stands out among the best in terms of mountain climbing gears and you will find great customer reviews online.

This product is eco-friendly and makes use of recycled materials as part of its key materials for production.

You will enjoy a great product from purchasing Rocky Mountain Climbing Gear and with a lifetime guarantee of quality, and you can be sure of a rocky experience!

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