Best Time to Go to The Gym When No One’s There If You Don’t Like Crowd – 2023 Guide

Best Time to Go to The Gym

Early morning, at noontime or after work, what is the best time to go to the gym when no one is there? This question has troubled bodybuilders and gym enthusiasts for eons.

The “Morning People” would say that early in the AM before you begin the rest of your day.

It is the best time because you can start the day refreshed. While the “Night People” say that after work or in the evening is the best time, it isn’t advisable to approach your workday tired from heavy lifting, they say.

Others with a little bit of social life, other than the gym, would tell you that working out during lunch is the best.

It “breaks up your day,” plus there would be time at your disposal to socialize. What does science say? How can we balance this?

best time to do the gym


What is the best time to do the gym?

Getting at 4 am to hit the gym and work a 12-hour shift afterward seemed almost impossible for me.

My husband gets the pre-workout, protein drinks, and lunch box ready so that I have time when I wake.

This was the hardest thing for me to do for three months of my life, but after that, it became a daily routine.

I am proud of my energy level, and my commitment to staying healthy and the body transformation is unbelievable. Ashely Linh (a 30-year-old physician from Bensalem, PA).

The truth is that there is no formula for knowing the best time to go to the gym.

We have to consider some factors like; sleep-and wake cycles (Circadian rhythms), individual preferences, work schedules, and physiological peculiarities.

Is It Better To Exercise In the morning or at night?

best time to go to gym

One can still ask, is it better to exercise in the morning or at night? One thing we can be sure of is that the best time to go to the gym is immediately before the big meal of the day.

You are hitting the gym, primes your muscles to absorb sugar from your meals.

The Best Time to Go to The Gym is When No One is There

However, the best time to go to the gym is when no one is there. Especially during the off-peak hours.

What is the off-peak time at the gym? The off-peak hours are two to three hours before or after the workday.

Each gym has its schedule so you can spot that easily. Doing this would help fight social anxiety.

They are few people there, and it would also allow you access to machines and equipment which are always colonized by the “Big Guys.”

Besides, you can avoid gym stereotypes like these when they are few people in the gym.

01. Avoid Peak-Time of gym

What is the Peak time of a gym? Have you ever experienced a busy time trying to choose a treadmill, elliptical, or weight machine? That you have to stand at the end of a row surrounded by people?

Some may be wearing earbuds or even trying to make small talk with you? That is the gym’s peak time when the gym is most occupied.

It can either be tiring or motivating. Depending on how well you can ride the tide.

02. Different timing for not going to the gym

Nevertheless, there are need to understand different time zone with exact reasons to go to the gym or not.

It is normal to jog from 4.00 am- 6:00 am. Just as it is reasonable to hit the gym around five and leave at 7.

Your body has a clock; I made mention of the circadian rhythm. You can listen to these rhythms which affect blood pressure, body temperature, hormone levels, and heart rate.

This means your body can tell you when to the gym and when not to. You might find that hard to believe.

The morning seems to be the best because several research supports this idea.

If we all believe this, something we all do then without much thought the gym would be at its peak from 6 am to 9 am.

And in the evening, from 6 pm to 9 pm. These are the time zones you should avoid. You should either go before that time or after.

best time to go to gym

03. Avoiding Some Days And Time

Avoiding days or time makes your gym experience worth it. Last Sunday afternoon, I got a severe craving to go to the gym. It was a 24 hours gym, so I decided to do an excellent little session.

When I got there, I was shocked. There was barely anyone lifting, benching, running, or doing anything. The music wasn’t blaring from the speakers — only a single guy on the treadmill.

I smiled to myself. It was what I needed then. When I got home, I included Sunday afternoon in my workout schedule.

The trick to doing this is to think like everyone but act against that thought. People hit the gym on Mondays, Wednesdays, Friday/Saturday most of the time.

These are the days you should avoid. Star yours on Sunday, then Tuesday and Thursday, and do not go to the gym on a Saturday morning/afternoon.

Even the street rat knows that everyone would be attending the workout service.

I would advise that you understand the kind of gym in your area first. After registration, follow the schedule like an obedient dog. Notice the numbers. Then the following week, draft out your gym schedule.

Don’t forget to put your work schedule into consideration. There are times you can skip the gym because you are already active.

Active in the sense that you took a hike or a long bike ride or even a yoga class.

You shouldn’t go to the gym again. Any movement is a good movement. It is not compulsory to lift weight or run on a treadmill to build strength and endurance.

Understand the time and the days if you don’t want to be inhaling sweaty hair from others.

04. Location of Gym

Furthermore, there are several prime Location gyms avoid you should know. Let us face it; there are countless number types of gyms.

They have different sections too, which can be; curves (for ladies) and Powerhouses/powerlifters.

The location of the gym is pivotal to building a workout routine and culture. “The closest gym to me is an hour drive from my home. And I don’t have a car.

Most times, the thought of busing it to the gym keeps me glued to my bed in the morning” – Jurgensen Delhi. Consider a place that is close to where you live or where you work.

Never go to a gym that has a low ceiling and lacks natural light. High ceilings and plenty of natural light can make the gym feel less claustrophobic. Also, the expensive high instrument needs valuable space.

gym time

05. The 24-hour gym

Additionally, the 24-hour gym is one of the best I can recommend. “I head to the 24-hour fitness gym when everyone else doesn’t between 8 pm to 10 pm.

This post-midnight style of workout has been beneficial, and it turns out that a good 40 percent of the personal gym trainer train themselves at this time.

I learn good routines and methods” – Lauren Mass (Gym Enthusiast). The 24-hour gym, just as it sounds, is a gym that runs for 24 hours a day/ 7 days a week.

The door is never closed, and personnel works on shifts. This type of gym is best because it allows enough time-flexibility. You have round-the-clock access.

Moreover, just the thought that your gym membership runs for 24 hours a day gives you that conscious motivation.

Making excuses wouldn’t be your thing because you know that failing to go to the gym is all your fault.

Besides, exercises would be more effective because you are free to go at any time and any day and even at night.

The flexibility and convenience that a 24 hours gym offers can never compare to any.

06. Morning Time

We haven’t established whether Morning time is the best time to hit the gym. We have only proposed the fact that hitting the gym right before taking the strongest and the most important meal of the day is very efficient.

Your alarm goes off in the morning, you have a little battle in your head, but you get up anyway.

The ride to the gym is very peaceful, and the sun is still down you walk to the gym energized and you do some warmups.

The gym is empty, and you do some workouts. You feel excited and go back home, sweating.

You step into the shower, and you are off to work, then you remember the rest of the world is just waking up.

Morning Time in gym

07. Lunch Time

For some, lunchtime is the only time of the day they have the energy to train. Some gyms are equipped with food, and juice bars. You can have a smoothie or a shake.

One of the benefits of a lunchtime workout is that you efficiently use your time. If you have just an hour or 45 minutes to spend in a gym, you will take it seriously.

A 1-hour lunch break is more than enough for you to work out. In reality, you only have 45 minutes since you would have to shower and change clothes. However, the lunchtime workout fits perfectly for the busy bees.

08. Afternoon

Afternoon training makes you balance energy loss. You might be thinking, how does working out- drain your energy balance energy loss?

  • First, you shouldn’t work out immediately after lunch. It wouldn’t be effective because your body is making use of the energy to digest the food instead of channeling it to your muscles. Have you ever felt drowsy after a workout session? Hitting the gym after lunch in the afternoon could be the cause.
  • Secondly, working out in the middle of the day increases your metabolic rate. You would feel the urge to eat more a few hours after your workout. Respond to that urge. Eat a lot, especially if you want to bulk up. If losing weight is your goal, satisfy that urge with vegetables and low carbs.

night gym

09. Evening Time

Working out in the evening time offers some unique benefits. Some of which you may not be able to get in your regular morning workout.

First, you’ll be less hungry. Australian researchers state that evening high-intensity exercise reduces the hunger-stimulating hormone.

Next, you would sleep better. Those working out at night usually have a great sleep. The recent sleep America Poll proves that.

They enjoy more profound and more prolonged slumber, which keeps them rested and prepared for the job of the day.

If you are trying to lose weight, you should reduce stress and get the right amount of sleep.

Charles Elder, MD, MPH says. Technically, exercise in the evening reduces stress, and it doesn’t induce it as we all think.

10. Class Schedule

The class schedule serves as an excellent source of motivation. If you are comfortable with others around you, gyms have regular classes just for you. Yoga classes are beneficial. However, your class schedule shouldn’t encroach into your personal goals and programs.

11. Talk To Staff

Talk to the staff about everything and anything. They are there to help you. That is the essence of your gym membership fee.

It is also a blessing if your personal trainer is one of the staff at the gym. You would anticipate every meeting like Rob in this video

Dealing with a crowded gym

There are several ways of dealing with a crowded gym.

  • First, mark your territory. If you see a piece of equipment open, you grab it or toss your towel over it.
  • Make sure you have alternatives. If the bench is occupied by a “Big Guy,” you can make use of the dumbbells.
  • Become strategic with your workout. Move two 15-pound dumbbells, and you have the effect of a barbell.

Questions About Gym Time When No One’s There

best time to go to gym

Why gyms are crowded in January

It is the first month of the year. Perfect time to begin my body goals. No junk, only healthy carbs, and a consistent workout routine.

Two weeks into February, you wouldn’t see them anymore. Of course, it is a new year people:

  • Have workout goals
  • Still feel motivated to achieve them
  • Want to join a trend even if they don’t have a purpose.

Those in option three are the first to quit the gym.

Why are gyms busy on Sundays?

Sundays are always quiet. Most people are probably in church or at home.

The gym is rarely occupied on Sundays, as you can see here. At times, the gyms can be busy on Sundays, especially in the morning session and evening.

Why gyms are working on Sundays is because first, it marks the end and the beginning of a new week. There is a “new beginning” spirit that everyone wants.

Verdict Line

Conclusively, there is no actual best time to go to the gym. We have established that it all depends on your schedule, circadian rhythms, and preference. The key is to know what works for you and stick to it.


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