Chocolate High Calorie Vegan Keto Protein Smoothie

Chocolate High Calorie Vegan Keto Protein Smoothie – Best Recipe for 2022

Being vegan and following a keto diet can be hard sometimes. Especially if you are looking to gain some weight. Luckily for you we’re back with another super delicious smoothie recipe that is high in calories. It also contains a lot of protein and fat, it’s great for a keto diet. Enjoy! Ingredients 1/2 cup full-fat coconut milk or almond milk 1/2 medium avocado 1 …

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Healthy vegan green cucumber lime protein smoothie

This super refreshing fresh smoothie contains almost no sugar, almost no fat and has a lot of healthy benefits. It has a nice limey taste and is the perfect refreshment for after your workout to get all your energy back. Ingredients 1 cup of spinach (30g) Half a cucumber (200g) Juice of half a lime 250ml of (coconut) water 2 …

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Low sugar avocado strawberry protein smoothie

At Planthlete we love smoothies! It’s too bad a lot of them contain a lot of sugar. That’s why we created another vegan low sugar smoothie. This time with avocado. Avocado makes your smoothie lovely thick and creamy. It almost tastes and looks like a milkshake. Together with some strawberries, which is one of the fruits with the lowest sugar, …

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