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Greg Burgess

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FTC Guideline Compliance

Per the above, be advised that our site is dedicated to placing all necessary and legally obliged efforts in order to abide by FTC protocols. This includes the principles which guide reviews of products and testimonials attributed to consumers. Also included is the onus our website observes to be a helpful agent in allowing purchasers to make the best buying decisions through the aforementioned reviews and testimonials.

Please note that:

  • The main goal of our site is to afford visitors detailed data, thereby allowing consumers to use said resources to make diligent and prudent purchasing choices
  • This site may receive monetary consideration from third parties, retailers or otherwise, with the intent of selling or marketing their services and/or products

Testimonials and Reviews

All testimonials noted on this site are provided to visitors at both the discretion of the reader and the individual issuing said review. Kindly note that said testimonials are, to the best of this site’s knowledge, provided by consumers who have tried the products/services in question and are issuing recommendations with sincere attempt at honesty and accuracy. Please note that said reviews are not requested and that those who do so provide do not receive monetary compensation for the provision of said reviews, nor were they promised remuneration of any other sort, whether retroactive or otherwise.

Additional Testimonials

Seldomly, our site may include supplementary reviews. These testimonials are obtained through the proper permissions from digital merchants such as Amazon and others such as eBay, etc.

Privacy Policy

This policy details to users how we use personal information which is retrieved by the website. It is advisable to read through these policies prior to using this site and before providing any personal information or details. Should you continue to use this site, please note that this is taken as your accepting the terms and conditions detailed in this privacy policy.

Kindly not that the details of this policy are subject to change without notice. Said changes will be made known to users and will only be applied to information obtained after said changes take effect, never retroactively. The reader is advised to routinely check the policy on our site so as to ensure the true and real comprehension of how any personal information provided may be used by the site.

Caveat to above: The principle of privacy as noted here applies solely to this site. Should you link to any sites through this website, this policy is no longer in force. You are hereby advised to read any linked websites policies as well.

Information Gathering

This section details information gathered by this site. This includes personal details which can be verified, such as location (state/country) address, email, name, postal/zip codes, and others as are submitted by the user, of his or her own volition. Essentially, this personal information is used to efficiently and effectively carry out the request of the user. By providing such information, you grant this site the freedom to use these details within specific parameters. Said dimensions may include things such as adding you to our mailing list upon the provision of your email.

Details on Cookies Acceptance/Rejection

Please note that this site may use cookies, a tracking technology, before the site is accessed by the user. This is subject largely to the features engaged by the visitor. Cookies are used to accrue information such as type of browser and operating system, and detail to the site how the visitor explored the website. In essence, this is to make subsequent visits by the user more efficient and enjoyable.

Cookies can assist in customizing the website for returning visitors. Please note that cookies cannot be used to gain personal details on their own. However, should you provide personal details directly to the site, cookies may be attached thereto which may result in said cookies, if shared with others, being privy to these same details.

Google Analytic Features

Our site uses Google Analytics on a regular basis. This software allows us to track data pursuant to Google’s policy for monitoring traffic to websites.

Sharing Information

Please be advised that our site may decide it is necessary to provide details pursuant to the request of government agencies or other collectives as is required by law. This is to assist with fraud prevention or for the purposes of assisting law enforcement with an inquiry. Such circumstances may arise in the following situations:

  • As is required by legal authorities
  • When the above provisions attempt to protect against illegal and/or fraudulent digital processes and transactions
  • Upon the inquiry into activities pertaining to fraud or alleged fraud. Details provided are not supplied to said authorities or collectives for business purposes, whether they be marketing or promotional, for any reason whatsoever.

Security and Data Protection

All traceable details provided by you to the site are diligently secured, protected, and maintained. Said information is only verified by authorized staff and/or contractors. Said staff and/or contractors have sworn to diligently protect any and all confidential details. All electronic mail such as newsletters or emails affords you the liberty and choice to continue receiving further correspondence or cease said matters through our opt-out option.

Child Protection

The belief of this site is that it is necessary to add security for minors on the internet. Guardians and parents are advised to monitor their charges’ online activities and take the opportunity to prevent potential issues and correct any concerns with online presence. Please note that we do not gather details from minors younger than 13. That said, if a guardian or parent feels we may have said personally traceable details, they may contact us and we will promptly address the concern.

Mutual Agreement and Consent

Through the continued use of this site, it is understood that you agree with our privacy policy and consent to the associated terms and conditions.

Privacy Contact Information

If you are concerned regarding any of the details herein, or do not fully comprehend same, or should you have any questions, comments, or concerns, you can contact us through our Contact Us page.

Please note that we retain the sole right and responsibility to amend the above policy whenever the need arises. Effective changes will be communicated on this page.